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the transfer expenses paid out of my capital being £9, 4s. 7,d., what is the effect on my income?

41. What sum will be left out of the amount realized by selling £1000 stock standing at £91, if enough be set aside to clear £43, 125. in 13 years at 3 p. c. per ann. ?

42. I have £26,080 to invest, and the 3 p. c. are at 80; I wait 11 days for a fall, but the funds rise steadily p. c. per day, and on the 11th day I invest, and am now compelled to pay a brokerp. c.: what loss of capital do I sustain by my delay, and what will be the amount of my annual income from the investment?

43. Explain the following extract from the Times:-' Consols, which left off last evening at 943 to 1, opened at 94 to, and remained without variation till the close of business;' and find the alteration in the income of a capitalist who has 200 shares in a railway bought at £100 a share, by his selling them all at £46 per share when they are paying 2 p. c., and investing in the 3 p. c. at 92.

44. Required an annual income of £460. I have my choice. of investing in three per cent. stock at 873, or in shares costing £233 each, on each of which a dividend of £7, 13s. 4d. is paid annually; what sum must I invest in the former, and what in the latter, to produce the required income?

45. I bought into the 3 p. c. standing at 921, and sold out again when they had risen to 962, improving my income by investing the proceeds in 5 p. c. stock at par to the extent of £183, 15s. per ann.; what amount of stock did I purchase in the 3 p. C., and what had I to pay for it?

46. To what fraction of 10s. will 18 of a farthing in the £, on the income derivable from investing £7927, 10s. in the 3 p. c. at 943, amount?

47. If I possess £1000 stock in the 3 p. c. consols, purchased at 96%, and sell out when they have fallen to 823, how much do I lose on my purchase money, and what interest shall I receive for the sum realized by the sale, if I invest it in 5 railway stock at par?

48. Wanted an income of £61, 55. million of money must be invested in the 3 at 93, to produce it?


What fraction of a per cents., standing

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78 galls. leaked 29 p. c: what <casa? 7875 p. c. on a million and three

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a tumbler containing 1 of a gill be watch originally contained 20 galls., but had

24 - 4 of spirits be diluted with 37 galls. of water, what are the percentages of spirit and water? 15-16 a tradesman takes off 9 p. c. for ready money in what should he be willing to accept down for a bill

Find the percentage of each ingredient, and the quantity ingredient, in 11 cwts. of adulterated coffee, each which contains 3 ozs. of chicory.

gardener sows a drill 44 yards in length with a quart the plant fails partly, and on transplanting he finds es a row of only 108 feet long: what does he lose

15. If in a school of 360 children, 27 play truant, and 63 are sick, what percentage of non-attendance is due to truancy and to sickness respectively?

16. If the duty on an article be in 5 consecutive years 19'3, 20, 17 ̊5, 23°1, and 18.6 p. c., what is the average yearly duty per cent.?

17. If 1185 parts of copper be added to 715 parts of tin and 100 parts of zinc, what is the percentage of each metal in the compound?

18. The population of a country amounts to 26,584,000, and increases at the rate of 10 p. c. in every 10 years; what will it amount to in 30 years?

19. If the population of the globe be eleven hundred millions of souls, and 3,300,000 of these be Jews, 172,700,000 Mahometans, 337,700,000 Christians, what is the percentage of each?

20. Between 1821 and 1831 the population of a certain town increased by 24 p. c., and in the last-named year amounted to 62,093; what was the population in 1821?

21. A grocer uses for a lb. weight one which weighs only 1575 ozs.; to what extent per cent. are his customers defrauded?

22. Find the percentage of alloy in sterling gold, if 10 dwt contain 21 grains of alloy.

23. What percentage of 89 is 056, and what percentage of the square root of '04 is the square of '19?

24. An army consists of a number of men equal to the quotient of 72 by 0045; what percentage of men may be killed so as still to leave a number equal to the square root of 225 millions?

25. The annual consumption of meat in the United Kingdom being 33,697,785 cwt., what amount of saving would be effected to the community by a reduction of 24d. per lb., and what percentage would be saved by such reduction if we take the present average price of meat 91d.?

26. A certain officer has a salary of £1250 per ann.; what is the salary of his chief clerk, which is 44 p. c. of his own? The junior clerk's salary is 78 p. c. of the senior's; what is the junior's salary per week?

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27. In 1878 the number of deaths in a certain kingdom was 391,369; the decrease per cent. was 8.18103 from the preceding year: what was the number of deaths in 1877?

28. A cubic boiler half full of boiling water contains 500 cub. in. of steam; if the water be boiled down to a depth of only 2'98 in., what percentage of the cubical space of the boiler will be occupied by steam?

29. I bought 5 cwt. 3 qrs. 14 lbs. for £9, 8s., and sold them for £11, 18s. 11d.; what was the percentage of gain, and what the gain per cwt.?

30. (a) If 50 quarters of wheat sell for 77s. 8d. per quarter, and 100 quarters for 78s. 3d. per quarter, what is the average price per bushel?

(b) If the population of Great Britain in 1851 was 21,121,967, and the increase during the preceding half-century was 93°47 p. c., what was the population in 1801?

31. Out of 360 children in a mixed school, 29'16 p. c. are girls, 333 p. c. boys, and the remainder infants. On a certain day of each are present; how many boys, girls, and infants respectively are registered?

32. 5 per cent. on a given sum yields £377083; give 51 per cent. on half that sum in £ s. D.

33. If the ton be diminished 10.714285 per cent., and the ounce avoirdupois be increased 25 per cent., how many lbs. would there be in a ton?

34. John had 3s., and gave away d.; William had 4s. 8d., and gave away 3d.: how much more per cent. of his money did the latter give than the former?

35. People sometimes speak of an acre as 70 yards square. What percentage of error is involved in this assumption, and what amount of error would arise in calculating the area of Ireland (32,000 square miles)?

36. If pure gold is worth £4, 5s. per oz., and silver is worth 5s. 6d. an oz., what would be the weight of a 155. piece, containing 92.5 per cent. of value pure gold, and the rest silver?

37. What would be the weight of the piece in the above question if '92.5 per cent. of weight' be substituted for '92.5 per cent. of value?

38. A ship worth £8100 being entirely lost, of which belonged to A, to B, and the rest to C; what loss will each partner sustain, supposing the property to be insured up to 60 p. c. of its value?

39. If the population of a country increased from 2,800,000 to 3,500,000 in 3 years, what is the rate of increase p. c. per

ann. ?

40. What percentage of 32 is the square root of that number?

41. What was the original population of an island, which was reduced 40 p. c. in 1 years by a plague carrying off 25 inhabitants on an average per week?

42. A sample of bone dressing was found to contain 15.83 per cent. of sulphate of lime. Find the weight of sulphate in 108 tons of dressing.

43. In 1851 the population of a certain kingdom had increased from 1841 at the rate of 73.361818 p. c., and had reached 27,674,352; what was the population in 1841?

44 If a certain article weighing 24 cwt. contain 89 per cent. of copper and the remainder tin, what weight of tin does it contain?

45. A cask containing 2000 gallons of gin leaked to the extent of 27 per cent.; how much gin remained in the cask?

per cent., 2 per cent., and

46. Express in decimal form

5 per cent.

47. If out of a school of 150 children, 7 p. c. are up to Standard VI., and 11 p. c. up to Standard v., how many children are below these two standards?

48. Write in a decimal form 1, 14, 24, 3, and 41 per cent.

49. If iron ore produces 39 p. c. of pure metal, how much cre will be required to yield material for nine 35-ton guns, and 10,467 shells each weighingcwt.?

50. The population of a parish is 2000, of which 3 are males, 175 females, and the rest children. Find the number of each class, and the percentage of each class in the parish.

51. A town contains a population of 5005 persons, of whom

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