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grace, is so to improve as to receive more grace, and increase in all the blessed fruits which the saving influence of grace produces in the soul.


What does age take away!

Bloom from the cheek, and lustre from the eye, .
The spirits light and gay,

Unclouded as the summer's bluest sky.

What do years steel away?

The heart's fond idol, Love, that gladdened life;
Friendship, whose calm sway

We trusted to in hour's of darker strife.

What must with time decay?

Young hopes, wild dreams, and fancy visions.
Life's evening sky grows grey.

And darker clouds preclude Death's coming night.

But not for such we mourn!

We know them frail, and brief their date assigned;
Our spirits are forlorn,

Less from time's thefts, than what he leaves behind.

What do years leave behind!

Unruly passions, impotent desires,
Distrusts and thoughts unkind,

Love of the world, and self—which best expires,

For these, for these we grieve?

What time as robbed us of we know must go;
But what he deigns to leave.

Not only finds us poor, but keeps us so.

It ought not thus to be;

Nor would it, knew we meek religion's sway;
Her votary's eye could see

How little time can give or take away.

Faith in the heart enshrined,

Would make Time's gifts enjoyed and used while lent; And all it left behind,

Of love and grace a noble monument.

Bernard Barton-.




VOL. IX. 1856.




T. C. Johns, Printer, Wine-office-court, Fleet-street.



The Rock Temples of Mavali 1

Remains of the Great Temple

at Ephesus 5

Theatre at Ephesus 6

Alexandria 7

Links between Quadrupeds, osc. 29

The Platypus 28

Platypus Swimming 81

The Aptervx 32

The White Ants 67

Wonderful Island Builders 86

Our Celestial Neighboursl 13,197,253

The Nautilus 141

The Great Wall of China 169

Wonderful Waterfalls 225

Falls of Niagara 22(1

The Falls of the Rhine 281

Katerskill Falls 283

St. Peter's at Home 30!)


The Palmyra ot the Deccuu .... 3

Ephesus 4

Alexandria 7

The Son's Promise 8

The Upper and Nether Springs 10

Encouragements, &c 19

Burning Bank Note? 24

The Wanderer Found 32

Lecture on Temperance 41

Anecdote of Cyrus 42

Respectability and Honour 4-1

Anecdote of a Roy, tfcc 43

Snares of Intemperance 44

The Monkey, &c 41

Temperance conducive, «fcc 45

A Contrast 03

The Look Out at Mast Head.... 69

Clover Nat "(I

The two Brothers 74

Almost at Home 94

The Eye and Genins 102

Sunday, the Hnppv Day 116

The Old Miller's Prayer 119

Scraps 125

The First-born and the Second 126

When may Children, &c 127

"Esther"—I. Her History 144

„ II. Her Character .. 147

Varietv of Gifts 153

God's Discipline an Atmosphere 154 •'A man that hath Friends," &c. 172

The Mother's Touch 175

Letter from Victoria, Australia. 179

The Four P's 183

The Lost Found 188

Without Christ 202

Childhood's Trust 20S

The Wayside Traveller 205

The Latin Bible 207


The Peril and the Vow 212

'• Too Good for this World " .... 213

Evangelical Preaching 217

Saturn 253

Saturn and his Rings 256

More than Conqueror 260

The Dying Hope. 4c 268

The Influence of Singing, &c.... 271

The Falls of Terni 284

The Falls of Trolhetta 285

The Great Fall of the Purthen.. 280

Scale Force 287

Impenitence Inexcusable 287

The Pimento Tree 290

If no one will pray to me, ifcc... 291

The Trinmph of Envy 294

Do vou want a Friend? 296

St. Peter's 810

A Remarkable Display, Ac 814

The Sabbath Breaker's Mark .. 323


Afflictions 128

The Suffering Christian 128

The Rod of Affliction 123

Disappointments 129

Fruits of Affliction 129

Intercourse 129

The Praying Bankrupt 129


Principle and Passion 25

Martyn's, Missionary, Epitaph. 2(1

To-morrow 26

God Everywhere 26

Getting Ready of Heaven 47

Tho Seven Sacraments 48

The Martyred Blind Boy 49

Whipped for Reading the Bible 61

British Enterprise 52

Attack by Jackals 53

Spiritual Influence 63

No Virtue but in Religion 54

A Parseo Praver 54

A very little Story for Little Boys 79 Illustration of tho Atonemeut.. 80

Crisis of Life 81

The Old Tombstone 83

Tho two Standard Measures .... 100

A Noble Boy 107

Who is lovely ?—A word, &c 108

The hidden treasure, &c 108

Paul and a Church Sleeper 109

Oliver Cromwell 110

An Anecdote (Paul and Peter'.. 110 Tho Old Tombstone, continued 110

Swearing Reproved 133

Quantity of Tobacco consumed 184 Rowland Hill and the Captain.. 134 Doing what I like with my own 134

American Statesmen 135

True Knowledge 135 —t Pao*

The Lighthouse us

'Fruitful cause of Insanity 186

I True Greatness 137

I The Church and the Tavern .... 137

j A Good Thought „ 189

Lost and Found 189

I Aspirations 15g

. Bonaparte's Wounds „ 158

Exordinm to Prajer 162

Temptation „ 153

'"He calls His own Sheep, ise." 163

Advantages of Kushlighte 164

A_ Wonderful Cure 164

Five Consciences K*

The Solitary Hour 1C6

8elf Acquaintanco 166

Political Apostates 167

Independence 167

Correspondence 167

Benevolence 167

Faith and Hope 167

The Light of God's Countenance 167

Woman in Affliction 189

The Beautiful Mystery of Infancy 189

Appreciation of the Living 190

Sleeping in Church. 191

The Youth that was Hung 19S

Honesty 193

- Words and the Heart.. .... 193

Macaulay on the Deserted, Ac.. 193

A Sivarru of Bees 193

I A Martyr for Christ .„ 195

; Archbishop Usher 195

,, Cranmer 195

A Persecuted Christian 19C

! God in Everything 196

Feel what you say Jig

[ Duties of a Mother 218

Making a Needle 219

The Dying German Girl _ 222

The Ragged School Teacher.... 222

Little Willy 222

Longing for Holiness ."'.!!!!"!"! 215

This is Life 246

Power of Truth 246

A Beautiful Illustration 246

Praise 247

Slander without Words 247

Why stand aloof! J47

Comforts of Benevolence 247

Who Chooses the Rod! 248

The Crown 248

The Drunkard's Home 248

The Fact Versified 249

Tartar Villages 250

Nugget 260

Difficulties attending Labour in

Russia 250

Home, to yourself remembered 251

I Plants in Sleeping Rooms 273

Sunset in the Alps 174

Labour , 275

Books '.'!'.' 275

Anecdote of Whitfield 276

The Poetical and the Literal .. 276

A Low Figure 276

One Happy Heart 277

The Ladder ... 277

Crocodiles..., .. 278

Sir J. Franklin's Humanity...! 278

What a Boy can do t 298

Early Rising 299

Who Is to do itt JM

Taking up the Cross 300

The Population of China 800

Protestantism in the World.... Ml

The Dead Faith 30i

Street Education 802

True Christian 302

Too True 80*

Thoughts of Matthew Henry ... 808

A Christian's Belief 304

Effective Preaching 304

Welsh Advice soa

Directions for Spending the Day 305

The Scriptures 306

Diversity of Gifts 806

Feeling and Faith 306

Knowledge 30c

Redemption 806

Communion with God 306

Watch and Pray 306

Unity 306

Polycarp 825

Augustine 326

Rev. James Hervey 326

An Old Man 326

Galilee. 326

Nazareth 327

Judasa 328

The Way to be Happy 328

Dreams 329

*,» 829 I

Angels 330 I

Eastern Shepherds SSI 1

Memoirs 18, 98, 19D, 264, 318 I

The Death of an Infant .......... 27

Montgomery's Last Hymn 55

Destruction of Sennacherib 56

Tho Child's Dream 104

Resignation „ m

The Sabbath Mosn 140

The Heart's Song 168

Advertisement of a Lost Day.... 192

Musings with Memory 223

My First Trial 252

War and Peace 282

Stanzas 279

TheCall jgo

The Christian's Hope in Death 807

Love of Country 808

Lines on the Death of a Toung L«dy SJ2

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