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Abraham, The Early Life of 155

Alexander the Great and the

Jewish Sagu 172

Alnwick Castle 1

Amusements in Colours .... 139

Amusements, Avoid Sinful .. 917

Anecdote of Apparitions 329

Anecdotes of Charles XII... 188

Arab and His Horse, An 41

Atbanasius, Martyrdom of .. 188

Bear. Hard Fight with a Polar 293

Beauty 34

Bible In my Trunk 275

Bible, Burning a 248

Bible, Read Your 166

Bible, the Holy 108

Biblical Facts, Curious 305

Birds and Insects, Winter

Food of 24

Blanket, Origin of the Word 277

Blind and Deaf Girl and Her

Bible 191

Boy's Effort to get Learning, A 2.-,

Brothers and Sisters. Duties of 297

Brother and Sister United in

Death 283

Carcassone and the Albigenscs,

Castle of 57

Character, Importance of a

Good 191

Characteristic-!, Mental 15

Charles XII., Anecdotes of.. 188

Chinese Converts to Chris.

tianity 233

Christ, An Indian's Gift to .. 49

'hri»t. Divinity of 126

Christmas Missionary Offerings 327

Clock. The Old Wooden .... 249

Cobbam Hall and Lord Cobham 85

Colours, Amusements in .... J39

Creator, The Glory of the.... 52

Crowning the Wisest ST

Cruelty, Bad Effects of 82

Daughter, the Nobleman's .. 300

Day's Three Rules, The .... 106

Decision. Religious 167

Destruction of the Inquisition

in Spain 200

Diiinity of Christ 120

Dog. Attachment of a 304

Dos. Sagacity and Affection IS

Duties of Brothers and Sisters 297

i of Cruelty, Sad 82

Jack Knife, The W3

Jews, A Feast of the 19

Jewish Sages and Alexander

the Great, The 172

Jerusalem, Daily Service in

the Temple at 42, 78

Judea, A Scene in 72

Keep your Promises 167

Kerseymere, Origin of ..'.. 277

Kindness: An Indian Story 216

Learning, A Boy's Effort to Get 28
"Leaves from my Portfolio" 84,62
Leeds Juvenile Missionary

Meeting 83

Letter to a Young Man .... 246

Library, How to Get a 145

Lion in the Way, A 188

Lions, Encounter with 181

Linsey vVolsey, Origin of.... 277
Llewellyn Cupido Michels, 294, 840

Locke. The Birthplace of John r41

"Look before you" 228

Luther's Chapel in the Castlo

ofWartburg 188

Han, The Happy 219

Man. Account of the Isle of.. 270

Martin's Nest, The 822


Broad, Phllippu 237

Callington, John Philip 143

Dunkerloy, Alice 76

Hanson, Mary Ann 323

Mowbray, Mary Ann White 12

Searfa, Bernard 184

Sbacklock. Henry 124

Thomas, Miss Mary 96

West, Mary 208

Menabilly Grotto, A Visit to 4

Mental Characteristics 15

Mental Improvements. 70,140,160

Microscope 39

Mind, A Well-balanced .... 16

Mind, A Well-cultivated .... 16

Minister's Great Desire, A .. 92

Monkey, Sagacityof a Wounded 81

Money, The Use of 268

Mother's Grave, My 817

Mother's Rock, The 210

Naaarlte, The Young 129

-Nobleman's Daughter, The.. 801

Obedience to Mothers, On .. 136

Old WinWord's Account of

John Thoughtful 289

Order 808

[blocks in formation]


Bible, The 56

Brother, On the Death of a 280

Child's Inquiry, The 88

Christian Missions 329

Christmas 381

Little Benjamin 307

Meet Me in Heaven 140

New Year's Inquiries 27

Philosopher's Scales, The .. 223

Religion, Importance of .... 88

"Remember now thy Creator" InS

Salvation by Christ 168

"The Lord, He is God" IB

"Thy Willbe Done" 198

Widow of Nain, The 189

Speak not Harshly 279

Polar Be*r, Hard Fight with a -298

Praver, Efficacy of Til

Pride 6»

Promises, Keep your 187

Rabbi Akiba, Adventures of 89

Ragged School, The Little 011'1

who Built a 205

Rattlesnake, The 17

Religious Decision 147

Riches of Satisfaction 9

Robin Lady Bird, The Dis-

contented 98

Rules, The Day's Three Ion

Sabbath-day, Keep Holy tile -50

Sagacity, Animal 55

Sagacityof a Wounded Monkey "Si

Self-discipline 15

Selfishness, Unchristian 100

Sister and Brother United -in

Death 288

Sisters and Brothers, Duties of '297

Sixpence, The Lost 220

Spider and the Fly, The 134

Superintendent of a Sunday-
school, A Few Words from a I6B

Temple at Jerusalem, The

Daily Service In the X2, 76

Touching 8cene, A 292

Trunk, Bible in My 276

Truth, An Illustration of the

Useof <88

Truth and Honesty Rewarded 120

Tyncmouth IBB

Washington turnedPhyaician 181

Weasel, Daring and Ferocity

of the 211

Wisest, Crowning the 'BB

World we Live in, The 1J7

Worsted, Origin of the Word 277

Young Man, Letter Addressed

-to a w..». Hi

[graphic][merged small]

For many ages the Papal or Roman Church has, whenever it has possessed power, heen guilty of the most horrid and perfidious cruelties towards those who have refused to acknowledge its supreme authority. Among others who nave had to endure the horrible atrocities of the Roman Church, the Albigenses, of the south of France, are specially noticed by historians; and with their sufferings the history of Carcassonne, in the south of France, is connected.

This town is in a direct line about 390 miles south from Paris; but is a much greater distance therefrom by the road. It was formerly under the rule of the Count of Beziers; but was, in the thirteenth century, ceded to Louis the IX., king of France.

Carcassonne stands on the banks of the river Aude. On one side stands the old town, which is surrounded by walls,


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