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in your relations in this life, and you will be covered with ever. lasting shame and contempt in the future. If there be, there. fore, any thing solemn and weighty in these considerations, if any thing can be pleaded from the important relations which have so long subsisted between us; if any thing from my age or experience, and all the endearments which have so long united us.; nay, if there be any thing solemn and weighty in the consideration of waking from the dust together, in the inorning of the resurrection, in our account of each other in the judgment seat of Christ, and in their eternal consequences, let me plead them with you, dearly beloved brethren, with all the other motives which have been already exhibited, that ye zealously attend to the duties to which you are so solemnly and pressiugly exhorted.

With reference to you, my beloved brethren, in the new setilements, I cannot but persuade myself, that considering my long care and labours for you, and that you are now placed next, in my care and affection, to the people of my own dear charge, and this occular demonstration that I am still labouring for your, and your children's most important interests, ye will receive this address with candour, and that deep attention, which its solemnity and moment demand.

My apology for addressing the public on these subjects is their high and general importance ; My advanced period of life, my ignorance with respect to the time of my departure, and desire to render all the service, while I live, of which I am capable, to the churches and my fellow men: The necessity of an address of this nature at the present time: the benevolent design and tendency of it, to second the wishes and strengthen the hands of my reverend brethren in the ministry, to render their labours more successful ; to call up the attention of the saints, encourage and stimulate them to duty: to recover sinners from the error of their ways, and to hide the multitude of sins : to do the most essential good to individuals, to families, and to the community at large. It is therefore hoped, that it will be well received by all, into whose hands it may come.Should any imagine, notwithstanding, that there is any thing assuming or unsuitable in this attempt to do them and others good, I pray them to forgive me this fault.

CONSCIOUS of the benevolence of the design with which I have written, and impressed with the weight of the subjects, I am impelled to beseech you for the honour of God, for the comfort and salvation of your own souls, and of those committed to your care, that you would now hear. Suffer me to plead this with you for the fruit of your own bodies, that your children may set their hope in God, and not be a stubborn and rebellious

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generation. Let me plead it with you for the happiness of ages yet unborn : for the peace and prosperity of Zion: and for the peace, honour and happiness of your dear country. Will not God and your own consciences witness, that you have been instructed, warned, solemnly and tenderly intreated? And if, after all these intreaties, and the clear light which has been set before you, ye will not call upon God, nor educate your children for him, I am constrained to testify unto you, that He, who poureth out his wrath upon the heathen, who know him not, and upon the families that call not upon his name, will pour it out to the uttermost upon you: That he may judge your bouses, as he did the house of Eli, and that your iniquity may never be purged with sacrifice nor offering. Be sure that your own consciences will for ever witness against you, and condemn you. The pious fathers of this country, who were men of prayer, and most diligently and laboriously instructed their children in the docirines and duties of 'religion, and your own pious fathers and mothers, will rise up in the judgment against you, and condemn you. This address, and your faithful pastors and teachers, who have instructed you in these duties, and pressed them upon you, the examples of the saints, the commands and example of your blessed Saviour, will witness against you, and aggravate your dreadful condemna. tion. Yes, the very heathen who had their household gods, and paid their devotions to them, will witness against you. If ye will not ask the mercy of God and obey Him now, I am impelled to declare unto you, in the name of the Lord, that ye shall here. after cry in vain, to the rocks and mountains to fall on you, and to hide you from the face of Him that sitteth upon the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. Dear brethren, the hearts of those who are labouring and watching for your souls, are pained for you. We are filled with fear and trembling lest ye should bring on yourselves the greatest condemnation : lest by your impiety and disobedience, ye should bring the judgments of God upon our churches, and upon the whole land. O that ye would be wise! How would this relieve our anxieties? How would it ease and gladden the hearts of your faithful ministers and pious friends, who are bewailing the impiety and growing apostacy of the present age? How would it encourage their hearts and strength. en their hands? With what pleasing hopes would it inspire them with respect to yourselves, your children, and the rising millions of America ? What animating prospects would it give them, with respect to the growth, beauty and prosperity of the church? What joy would there be in heaven, in the presence of God, and of all the holy angels? How would you and thousands of your offspring shine furth as the sun in his strength, in the kingdom of God for ever and ever? What new and eternal honours would

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be given to our blessed Redeemer ? O let all who love him, ali who love the church and mankind, pray for his smiles on this feeble attempt, that it may be succeeded to these divine purposes.

Othou Almighty and most merciful God, wlio performest all things for thy people, be pleased to glory thyself and thy Son, Jesus Christ, in granting these most desirable and happy effects, for his sake. AMEN.

So prays, and so will pray your souls' well wisher, your aged brother and friend, in the kingdom and patience of our Lord Jesus Christ.

BENJAMIN TRUMBULL, North-Haven, November 20th, 1803.


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