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so throughly amend their ways and their doings, that we may be indeed Thy people, and Thou mayest be our God, and rejoice over us to bless us and to do us good from generation to generation. Save and defend Thy servant the king; make him an instrument of Thy mercy and glory here, and a partaker of both hereafter. And, O Thou, Who art the Lord of the vineyard, send forth, we pray Thee, painful labourers into Thy vineyard: endue them with Thy grace and beavenly benediction, that they may both save themselves, and those that hear them.

Have mercy upon all that are in affliction of mind, body, or estate: give them patience, comfort, and sure confidence in Thee : sanctify Thy fatherly chastisement to their profit; and in Thy good time deliver them out of all their troubles. Assist all those who at this time are drawing near their dissolution, and so fit them for the hour of death, that their departure hence may be in peace and in Thy favour. Bless, I beseech Thee, all my relations, all my friends, and neighbours; and especially let the hand of Thy blessing rest upon those most dear to me. Bless O Lord, I earnestly pray thee, my

the * committed to my care, and all those who remember me in their prayers, or desire to be remembered in mine; grant them health of soul and body; preserve them from sin and error; make them Thy faithful servants; and defend them evermore with l'hy heavenly grace, that they may continue Thine for ever, and daily increase in Thy Holy Spirit more and more, till they come to Thine everlasting kingdom, for the sake of our blessed Saviour. Amen.


General Thanksgiving. AND, O gracious God, as I depend upon Thy free bounty alone for the supply of all my wants, so I

Here should be named those for whom our prayers are more particularly due, as wife or husband, parent or child, &c. &c.

for *

desire to magnify and bless Thy holy Name for every past and every present mercy. I thank Thee, O Lord, for my being and preservation, and for a nature capable of everlasting happiness: for my health and reputation : for my friends and benefactors, and especially

and for all the helps and opportunities Thou affordest me of growing wiser and better.

Above all I give Thee most humble and hearty thanks for Thine inestimable love to mankind, in purchasing to Thyself an universal Church by the precious blood of Thy Son Jesus Christ: for admitting me into the privileges of it by baptism; and sealing them to me anew in confirmation and the Lord's Supper, [t and for advancing me, Thy most unworthy servant, to the great dignity of the priestly office, and for whatever sincerity or success has accompanied my labours.] I give Thee hearty thanks, O Lord, for Thy long-suffering and patience, Who hast not cast me off, or punished me for the many grievous sins I have committed as I most justly have deserved; I bless Thee for Thy restraining grace to withhold me from any the greatest sins; for Thine exciting and assisting grace to enable me to do any the least good; for all internal and external comforts; for the means of grace, and for the hope of glory; for this night's preservation; and for bringing me to the beginning of another day.

What shall I render unto Thee, O Lord, for all the benefits Thou hast done unto me? O my God, I desire to offer unto Thy Divine Majesty myself, my soul and body, to be a reasonable, holy, and lively sacrifice unto Thee; most humbly beseeching Thee so to dispose and govern me, that in all my thoughts, words, and works I may ever seek Thine honour and glory; and press forward towards the prize of the high calling

* Here should be named those for whom our prayers are more particularly due, as wife or husband, parent or child, &c. &c.

† For the use of the Clergy only.

that is before me, in faith and patience, in humility and meekness, in mortification and self-denial, in charity and constant perseverance unto the end: all which I beg for Thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ's sake; to Whom, with Thee, and the Holy Ghost, be all honour and glory, world without end. Amen.

OUR Father, Which art in Heaven &c.
The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ &c.

Another Prayer for the Morning.

O ETERNAL and most gracious Lord God, the fountain of being and blessedness, and the supreme Governor of the world; I, Thy sinful creature and most unprofitable servant, prostrate myself before Thee this morning in a deep sense of mine own unworthiness and wretchedness, and in the humblest adoration of Thine incomprehensible excellency and perfection. I adore, and most thankfully acknowledge Thine infinite wisdom, power, and goodness in Thy works of creation, preservation, and providence; and especially in Thy wondrous love in redeeming us from the guilt and punishment of sin by the blood of Thy dearly beloved Son, and from the dominion and power of it by the graces of Thy Holy Spirit. I bless and praise Thee, O God, for that Thou hast made me capable of knowing, loving, and serving Thee in righteousness and true holiness; of imitating Thee in all Thine imitable perfections, and of becoming thereby a partaker of Thy divine nature.

Pardon, I humbly pray Thee, my shameful neglect hitherto of my duty and happiness, in not more carefully improving the faculties, which Thou hast given me for the contemplation, service, and enjoyment of Thee my Maker. Pardon me in that I have been governed by sense and passion, more than by the dictates of reason and the precepts of Thy holy word; and that my thoughts and affections have been more intent upon the things of this present life, than upon the things that belong to my eternal welfare. O Lord, I beseech Thee, for Jesus Christ's sake, pardon my great and manifold transgressions of Thy righteous laws; and grant me henceforward so faith. fully to apply myself to the study and practice of all those duties which Thou requirest of me, and hast enabled me to perform, that I may at length recover the original uprightness of my nature, and live up to the peculiar excellency of those powers and faculties Thou hast endowed me with al.

Possess my soul with just and lively apprehensions of the infinite difference between this world and the next. And grant me wisdom to choose the better part, and to make it my first care to provide for my eternal and unchangeable state.

Assist me with Thy grace to raise my thoughts, my affections, and my desires above the perishing things of earth, and to fix them upon Thee, the original and end of all things, and upon those inconceivable pleasures which are at Thy right hand for evermore. And 0 do Thou dispose me every day more and more to make those things my exercise and delight in this world, which will be the chief employment and happiness of that which is to come; and by which I shall be still advancing to a more perfect knowledge and nearer resemblance of Thine eternal and all glorious excellences; Whom to know, and to be like, is our greatest privilege, perfection, and felicity.

Let Thy mercy, O God, extend to the whole race of mankind. Bring all nations to the knowledge and belief of Thy true religion: and to those who profess it already give Thy heavenly grace, that they may strive to adorn their holy profession by a suitable life and conversation. Be favourable and gracious to this sinful land : make us duly sensible of the evil and bitterness of sin, and of the great danger we are

in by reason of the many crying abominations that are daily committed amongst us: and, I beseech Thee, stir up the hearts of every one of us, from the least to the greatest, to turn unto Thee by a sincere and speedy repentance and reformation, that our iniquity may not be our ruin. Endue all orders and degrees of men amongst us, and especially our governors in Church and State, with those graces and virtues which may enable them to discharge their several trusts in such a manner as will be most for Thine honour and glory, and for the peace and prosperity of this Church and nation. Give ear, O Lord, to the cry of the sick and needy, the sorrowful and the distressed; and of Thy fatherly goodness comfort and relieve them according to their several necessities. I commend to Thine especial protection and favour my * -, and all my relations, all my friends and neighbours; grant them all things necessary for life and godliness : let Thy fear be ever before their eyes; and let Thy blessing always rest upon them: guide them with Thy counsel in this life, and afterwards receive them into Thy kingdom and glory.

And now, O blessed God, through Whose mercy alone it is that I have been preserved the night past, and have another day added to my life, I adore and praise Thy holy Name for Thy renewed goodness to me this morning; and most heartily I beseech Thee to take me again into Thy custody; and so to govern me by Thy grace, that I may neither think, nor speak, nor act any thing this day that may displease Thee, or wound my own soul. o let my heart be in Thy fear all the day long; and let me set Thee before my face continually: make it my delight to be doing my duty, and the supreme desire of my soul to be an instrument of Thy glory, and of good to my fellow

• Here should be named parent or child, husband or wife, or any for whom our prayers are especially due.

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