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What temptations have I been assaulted with ? and how have I acquitted myself under them?

What ground have I gotten of the sin that doth most easily beset me?

How have I governed myself with respect to the little accidents, that daily happen to provoke me?

What opportunities have I had of doing good? and how have I improved them?

What opportunities have I had of discouraging vice? and how have I opposed it?

Am I now in a fit temper of mind for devotion ?

Am I truly penitent for all my offences against God; and earnestly desirous of his pardon and forgiveness? Have I a just sense of God's infinite power,

wisdom, and goodness; and of my manifold wants and necessities, and absolute dependence upon Him?

Am I unfeignedly thankful for the innumerable mercies I have already received ; and stedfastly purposed to make a faithful use and improvement of all the blessings and favours, both spiritual and temporal, which God shall vouchsafe hereafter to bestow upon

? Do I from my heart forgive all those who have provoked and injured me? and sincerely wish and desire the welfare and happiness of all men, as well enemies as friends?


Confession of sin; and Prayer for the forgiveness

of it, and for grace for the time to come. O ETERNAL and Almighty Lord God, Maker and Governor of the world, and our most gracious and merciful Father in Christ Jesus, I humbly pray Thee in and through Him to look down from heaven, the habitation of Thy holiness and glory, upon me Thy sinful creature, now prostrate before Thee to adore and worship Thee, and to own all dependence upon up my evening sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving for Thy many continued benefits and blessings.

I am a sinful man, O Lord, and altogether unworthy to lift up mine eyes to Thine offended Majesty. Of the many days and years which Thou hast afforded me, how few are there of which I can give a just account to Thee, or to my own soul!-O my God, with shame and sorrow I confess, that as Thou of Thy mercy and forbearance increasest the number of my days; so through the frailty and perverseness of my corrupt nature I daily increase the number of

my sins. In how many instances have I offended this day? How far have I been from living answerably to the obligations of my holy profession; how far from walking

before Thee in a due awe of Thy sacred presence, and of the account I am to give of my time, and of the talents committed to my trust! - - Lord, my own heart condemns me; and Thou art infinitely greater than my heart, and knowest all things: but, O merciful God, Who willest not that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance, give me, I beseech Thee, that repentance unto salvation, which Thou wilt be pleased to accept Who triest the heart. Work in me an entire hatred of my sins; and enable me to offer unto Thee the sacrifice of a broken and contrite spirit, which Thou wilt not despise; and whereby I shall be entitled to the benefits of that allsufficient sacrifice which Thy blessed Son, by the oblation of Himself, hath made for all penitent and returning sinners.

And, O Lord, I pray Thee, let the consciousness of my great sloth and unfaithfulness hitherto in all the parts of my stewardship excite me henceforward to a more diligent improvement of the talents Thou hast put into my hands. Make me ever mindful that I shall one day be brought to judgment, as for all that I have done in the flesh, so particularly for those peculiar advantages I enjoy above many others; and O let these terrors of the Lord effectually persuade me

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to a cheerful employing of all I have received, to those ends for which Thou hast bestowed them. Teach me so industriously to husband the precious time Thou lendest me here, as may be in order to a blessed eternity hereafter.

And grant that, by the assiduous practice of every part of my duty, I may arrive at such a habit and relish of it, as may enable me to subdue and mortify all sensual inclinations, and may make me feel and know that the ways of religion are indeed ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace; and that in the keeping of Thy commandments there is great reward. Lord, grant that I may seek before all things to be approved by Thee as a good and faithful servant, and to be an instrument in Thy hand of bringing others to the obedience of Christ : and this I beg for the sake of the Same, Thy Son Jesus Christ our Saviour; Who with Thee, and the Holy Ghost, liveth and reigneth, one God, world without end. Amen.

General Intercession. O BLESSED Lord, Whose mercy is over all Thy works, I beseech Thee to have mercy upon all men. Give Thine enlightening grace to those that are in darkness, and Thy converting grace to those that are in sin.

Look with Thy tenderest pity upon the universal church: O be favourable and gracious unto Sion ; build Thou the walls of Jerusalem. Unite all those that profess Thy Name to Thee by purity and holiness, and to each other by brotherly love and charity.

Have mercy upon this wicked and ungrateful nation: pardon our many grievous sins and provocations, which cry unto Thee for vengeance from every part of the land. Pardon our unreformedness under the judgments wherewith Thou hast visited us; and our ingratitude for the mercies which Thou hast been


up the hearts of Thy servants whom Thou hast set over us in church and state, that they may be zealous and happy instruments of promoting Thy true religion and virtue, and may be blessed in their deed : O grant us evermore princes to rule in righteousness, and pastors after Thine Own heart.

Have pity, O Lord, on all that are in affliction : be a father to the fatherless; and plead the cause of the widow; comfort the feeble-minded; support the weak; heal the sick; relieve the needy; and administer to every one according to their several necessities.

Bless all whom I have injured by word or deed, in soul or body, goods or reputation : of Thine infinite mercy pardon these my sins, and remove the evil effects and influences of them wheresoever they have reached. Reward all that have done me good, and pardon all that have done or wished me evil; and work in them and me all that good which may make us acceptable in Thy sight.

Vouchsafe, O Lord, to pour down the best of Thy blessings upon my *

and all my relations, friends, and neighbours : hear, I beseech Thee, our prayers for each other; and graciously unite our hearts more and more: enable us to consecrate ourselves entirely to Thy service, and to be true to Thee in all our holy vows and engagements : grant that we may mutually provoke each other to love and serve Thee; and may grow up together before Thee in Thy fear and love during the short remainder of our lives here, and that we may hereafter meet in Thy heavenly kingdom, to rejoice together before Thee for ever and ever. Amen.

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General Thanksgiving. O MOST gracious and most bountiful Lord, Who art good, and doest good, and art pleased in mercy; I desire to bless and adore Thy holy Name for all the manifestations of Thy goodness to me and all mankind. I bless Thee for making us after Thine own image, capable of knowing, serving, and enjoying Thee for ever; and for restoring us, when lost, to the hope of immortal happiness by the sufferings and death, the resurrection and intercession of Thy Blessed Son Jesus Christ; Who came into the world to redeem us from the punishment of our sins by His blood, and from the power of them by His grace; and by both to bring us to His glory.

* Here name those you are more particularly bound to pray for.

O Lord, I thank Thee for all Thy spiritual and temporal blessings to my friends, relations, and benefac. tors. More particularly I adore and magnify Thy mercy to me, Thy most sinful and unworthy servant. I bless Thee for the use of all Thy present good things, and for the hope of the future ; and for Thy great bounty in vouchsafing to me so many advantages for the comfortable support of my natural life, and the happy improvement of my spiritual state, above what Thou affordest to multitudes of my fellow-creatures. I praise Thee for Thy preventing and assisting grace;

for any good motions Thou hast raised in my heart; for being kept from any wilful sin, or en. abled to overcome any temptation. I thank Thee, O Lord, for every degree of holiness, and for every increase of knowledge in divine or useful truths.

Blessed be Thy holy Name, O God, for Thy renewed goodness to me this day; for Thy patience and long-suffering towards me notwithstanding my continued provocations; for the protection and guidance of Thy Spirit and providence; for delivering me from innumerable accidents and dangers; for all the benefits I have received; for any good I have thought, or said, or done.

Lord, give me grace to use and improve all Thy blessings here, that they may be an earnest to me of those richer blessings which Thou hast prepared in

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