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We have selected some in this Chapter whose signification might not appear so obvious to all. There are also very many negative assurances which prove what will be the happiness of mankind under that blessed dispensation, some of which are as follows:

Israel shall be “no more pulled out of their land; the Lord will cause evil beasts” (probably wicked men)“ to cease out of the land; and the beast of the land(the man of sin ?) shall not devour them; they shall be far from oppression and terror; violence shall no more be heard, neither wasting nor destruction within their borders; the voice of weeping and the voice of crying shall no more be heard in Jerusalem; they shall not labour in vain and bring forth trouble; the inhabitants shall not say, I am sick;" but “ their souls shall be joyful in the Lord, and their spirit shall rejoice in God their Saviour.”

As a recapitulation, we refer the reader to the following Scriptures:

Ezekiel xxxvir. 22–28; Amos ix. 11–15; Isai. LXI. 2—11, viz. “ To comfort all that mourn, &c.

Zechariah xiv. 6—11; Isaiah lx. 15—22; lxv. 17–25; See Psalm Lxxxix. 11–18; Isaiah Lxvi. 22-24.

These contain subjects of the highest importance, and of the deepest interest to suffering humanity. They are expressed in strains of unparalleled beauty and excellence, and afford an exquisite feast to the expectant disciples of Christ. Such is their variety, and such the wonderful precision of the symbols selected, that we are lost in admiration of the wisdom which inspired them!

In addition to the blessings of peace, and the due cultiva-

tion and production of the earth, we must suppose that a free unrestricted commercial intercourse will be general throughout the world. We may conceive, also, that new institutions of various kinds will be established, differing widely from the present, in point of extensive utility, and perfection : that the many wicked, immoral, and frivolous professions, trades, and occupations now practised, will be wholly abolished, or rather, will be extinct and unknown.

Moreover that no filthy nor unwholesome cities, towns, nor villages, will be tolerated; but that the excellence and cleanliness of the habitations of the happy inhabitants will be so ordered, as to be perfectly conducive to health, and purity, and thus promote domestic comfort and enjoyment. · It is possible, if not probable, that an increased excellence in the productions of the earth may supersede the use of animal food; yet, with the exception of the sacrifices of Ezekiel's temple, (which some interpret literally,) we find no direct intimation on this subject.

General knowledge will be so extended, that progressing even as at present, its increase will be incalculable, and thence how easy to conceive the facility of communication between the various regions of the globe, indpendent of the great geographical changes which will have probably taken place.

The amusements, exercises, and recreations of children and young persons will be altogether innocent and inoffensive; many planned perhaps by their elders in the best and wisest manner, will be conducted in perfect harmony and peace.

Mankind will possess a sound and healthful state of body, sustained by a renewed and invigorating atmosphere; but health, both bodily and mental, will be farther preserved by

the abundance of suitable provisions, by temperance, and cleanliness, by concord and cheerfulness, and by the absence of all unruly and inordinate passions. Human nature will still possess its wants and its susceptibilities; but men will be alive to whatever constitutes real happiness, the preservation of which will be fully understood. Mutual regards and mutual aids will be every where reciprocated; and the highest degrees of social enjoyment will be experienced.. : “ As the mind finds refreshment in contemplating truth after being long entangled in the mazes of error, so does it turn with delight from the blackened page of history to the resplendent scroll of prophecy ;from the follies, the pollutions, and the crimes of the world that now is, to the peace, the purity, and the glories of that which is to come; ... and which will be nothing less than the completion, long to us protracted, of the purpose for which it was originally created. ... Till this purpose has been accomplished, no reign of Christ and his saints in another world, no transfer of blessedness to another planet, can remove the painful impression of defeat; and the promises—that 'the people shall be all righteous, and shall inherit the land for ever;' that Christ shall reign on the throne of his father David, &c.,—must for ever go unfulfilled."* “ The belief of these things,” as Dodwell has justly observed, “was one principal cause of the fortitude of the primitive Christians; they even coveted martyrdom, in hopes of being partakers of the privileges and glories of the 'The First Resurrection.”

“We cannot blame the Christian for the ambition which would lead him to expect great things in the inheritance which has been purchased for him by the blood of the Redeemer; . . . but we do blame him for the ambition which,

* Apology for Millennarianism.

e greatest

disregarding the word of inspiration, and his own capacities for enjoyment, and overstepping all intermediate stages of glory, would place him at once in the midst of the effulgence of the Father. ... It is not the heaven of heavens that requires houses to be built, vineyards to be planted, and fruit to be eaten. It is not in the heaven of heavens that children will be born and die. ... It is not in the heaven of heavens that any shall grow old, or show their mortality by filling their days. No: it is the same earth, but a new earth; whose inhabitants shall regain an antediluvian age and a primeval righteousness."*

“The doctrine of the Millennium gives us the most exalted views of the redemption of sinners by Jesus Christ. From the tenor of sacred Scripture it is easy to perceive that this is the greatest work of God, ...-that to which all others are subordinate,—and that for which all other works were made ... When the Millennium arrives, it will display the redemption of sinners in all its splendour. This grand truth will be" then “distinctly understood. Sanctity of character, loyalty to God, benevolence to the whole family of man, . . . and an extraordinary degree of happiness will be” universally "extended, . . . All the difficulties and objections of men, with respect to the government of Jehovah, will vanish as the shades of night before the rising sun. As soon as the seventh angel sounds his trumpet, the mystery of God shall be finished.” +

See the following passages : 1 Peter v. 1, 4; 2 Peter 1. 11; 2 Cor. 111. 18; 1 Peter iv. 13; Rom. IX. 23 ; Rev. ii. 12; Rom. 11. 7; 2 Tim. iv. 8; 1 John 11. 2, 3 ; 1 Cor. xiii. 10, 12; 2 Peter 1. 4. * Apology for Millennarianism.

Bogue's Discourses on the Millennium.-See Supplement, No. XII.

and tha Millenniunt



Revelation xx. 79. When the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison. And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle : the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city : and fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them.

We are not informed of the length of time required to organize this formidable revolt “after the thousand years are expired;" but it will probably occupy a considerable space,—“Satan having successfully deluded our first parents by setting before them the prospect of obtaining a higher degree of Divine knowledge,_“Ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil,”—he now resorts to similar devices. The hearts of our first parents being then uncorrupted by temptation, they were unconscious of the nature of falsehood, trusted to the delusion of the Tempter,-and under this pleasing hope forgot, or disregarded, their obligation of obedience to their Creator, and the heavy penalty attached to its violation. But now all “ the motions of sins," all the corrupt inclinations of man, consequent on the fall, are awakened by the Destroyer. His temptations being no longer restricted, he will excite the ambition of a chief portion of the inhabi.

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