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but suppressed by ministers both in and out of the Establishment. It is therefore to be hoped that the few pious and learned, both pastors and laymen, who have so diligently studied, and, in many respects, so accurately expounded fulfilled prophecy,-- it is to be hoped that they, whose minds have been thus so beneficially conducted, and their hearts so graciously attuned to a due reception of them,—will form themselves into a SOCIETY—to promote their universal extension ; that they will unite to dissipate the prejudices of education, and, as instruments in in God's hand, cause the light of the glorious Gospel to shine with renovated splendour.

These scriptural doctrines may be combined with any orthodox form of Christian belief. And such individuals as are most fearful of imbibing erroneous opinions, may, while they pursue their inquiries on this subject, have no cause of apprehension for the security of the creed, on which they rely; because all the essentials of the Christian faith are comprised in, or indissolubly connected with these doctrines.

In availing himself of the labours of others, the author trusts he will not be thought to have drawn too copiously from their writings. His chief design has been to procure for the reader the greatest possible degree of information and satisfaction which could be compressed in a volume of this description, embracing such a variety of topics.

There is interspersed throughout this volume a choice selection from the works of various valuable writers on prophecy. These the author might have presented in an abstract form ; but by so doing he would not have dealt fairly with their authors, nor the public; besides, such is their general excellency and importance, that no abridgments could have proved so useful and satisfactory: objects, which he supposes to predominate in the minds of his readers. In short, it will be obvious that such a work is less intended for the perusal of those who have studied prophecy, than for such as desire to obtain a better understanding of it than they yet possess, i. e., more clearly to comprehend their connexion, harmony and design.

The subject matter of each Chapter is necessarily much diversified, both in feature' and character; but it is hoped, that in regard to their spiritual connexion, they will be found mutually dependant, and to harmonize in the progressive accomplishment and perfection of the grand scheme of Providence which it has been the author's principal object to display and illustrate. The reader is strongly recommended to keep the Bible at hand during his perusal of this volume; as a full and satisfactory elucidation of many portions of prophecy cannot be obtained without a diligent use of the references so carefully selected for that purpose.

No. I. On the Symbols used in Scripture.

Sir Isaac Newton. 371

II. On the Signs of the Times. . . . Dr. Keith. 374

III. On Jeremiah xxv. 15–38. . Rev. J. W. Brooks. 375

IV. On Disobedience to Parents, &c. . . . . Ditto. 376

V. Extract from a Sermon. . . Rev. Robert Hall. 378

VI. On the Papacy. . . . . . Rev. J. W. Brooks. 379

VII. On the Number 666, Rev. x111. 18.

Rev. Reginald Rabett. 381

VIII. Extract from The Protestant Memorial. Dr. Horne. 383

IX. On the Increase of Popery among the Protestant

Churches. . . . . . . . Dr. Gill, 1750. 384

X. On the Prophetic Dates, ... Mr. Habershon. 384

XI. On the Restoration of Judah and the Ten Tribes.

Rev. Mr. Faber & Mr. Begg. 388

XII. On the Millennial Doctrines.

Rev. J. Cox, and Rev. J. W. Brooks. 390

XIII. On Preaching Christ Crucified. . . . . . 394

XIV. On Preaching the Gospel as a Witness to all Nations.

Rev. H. Melvill. 398

XV. On the Separate State.. W. Cunninghame, Esq. 399

XVI. Ditto. . . . . . . . . Rev. J. W. Brooks. 400

XVII. On the Millennium, &c.

Rev. J W. Brooks and Dr. Bogue. 402

XVIII. Extracts from Bagster's Comprehensive Bible rela-

tive to the Temple of Ezekiel...

ve to the Temple of Ezekiel. . . . . . . 404

XIX. Extract from Frey's Joseph and Benjamin on the

building of a temple by the Jews, at their Resto-

ration. . . . . . . . . . . . . 405

XX. Extract from The Physical Theory of Another Life

relative to the Final Condition of the Wicked. 408

XXI. On the Use and Importance of Prophecy.

Rev. J. W. Brooks. 409

XXII. The Unlawfulness and Inexpediency of War, both

Offensive and Defensive, on the Principles of

Christianity. . . . . . . . . . . . 411


Atkinson, Richard, Esq., March, Cambridgeshire.
Ainslie, Rev. Robert, Millman street.
Allan, David, Esq., Compton terrace, Islington.
Appleton, James, Esq., Agnes place, Waterloo road.
Barefoot, Mr. W., Islington.
Balbirnie, John, Esq., Cumming street, Islington.
Balfour, Joseph, Esq., Trinidad place, Islington.
Barnet, E. Esq., Islington.
Beams, W. Esq., Great Knightrider street.
Bickersteth, Rev. Edward, Watton Rectory, Herts.
Berks, Rev. T. R., ditto.
Binney, Rev. T. Kennington Common.
Blackburn, Rev. John, Claremont Chapel, Pentonville.
Blower, J. H. Esq., Cumming street, Islington.
Bockett, John, Esq., Clapham common.
Borsley, David, Esq., Princes street, Finsbury.
Branburg, Wine Merchant, Rotherfield street, Islington.
Bromley, Joseph, Esq., Great Coram street.
Brooks, Rev. J. W. Vicar of Clarebro', Retford.
Brunskill, John, Esq., Stonefield street, Islington.
Bruce, Mr. Barnaby, Islington.
Burbidge, Mr. John, Tysoe street, Clerkenwell.
Bunting, Rev. W. M., Hackney.
Burchell, J. R. Esq., Burton crescent.
Burnet, Rev. John, Camberwell.

Cain, Mr. John, Douglas, Isle of Mann, 2 copies.
Campbell, Rev. John, Kingsland.
Carlile, William, Esq., Bow lane.
Carver, Rev. J., M. A., Islington.
Carver, Edward S. Esq., Hampstead road.
Cartwright, Mr. R., Warwick place.
Caldecott, Andrew, Esq., Cheapside.
Charlton, Mr. W., Hoxton.
Chamberlain, John, Esq., Ipswich.

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