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between God and men, is the man Christ Jesus. 1 Tim. ii. 5.

Once more. It is said by trinitarians, that the Son, the word of the Father, took man's nature in the womb of the virgin, and that two whole and perfect natures, the Godhead and manhood, were joined in one person, never to be divided, whereof is one Christ, very God and very man, and that this is the Christ who was crucified for us. Yet we are expressly told by the scriptures, that Christ performed his miracles by the help of God; that the grace of God was with him. He himself says that he cast out devils by the spirit of God; by the finger of God; that the Father that dwelt in him did the works. To him he prayed, again and again, for aid, and to none but him. I have yet heard no reason assigned why he should pray if he were himself very God; nor why he needed the grace of God; nor why the spirit of God should be given to him. Nor have I heard any reason assigned why he always prayed to the Father, and directed his disciples so to pray, if there was a person in the Godhead equal with the Father, called the holy spirit; nor do I expect to hear any reason given, nor do I believe that any reason can be given.

These are a summary of the reasons which have induced me to reject; which I do with strong conviction of its falsity, the received doctrine of the trinity, and to hold the Father to be the only true God. But while I do this, I by no means reject Christ, the Son of God. That he spake as no other man spake; that he was, peculiarly, the Son of God; that God was in him reconciling the world to himself; that he is a Prince and a Saviour; that he is head over all things to the church; that all judgment is committed into his hands; that he is ordained of God the judge of quick and dead, and will finally judge the world, I fully believe. That the same mind may be in you and me that was in him; that we may be guided by the same spirit of charity and forbearance that was manifested in him; and that all our measures and motives may be such as to meet with his approbation, is my sincere prayer. SAMUEL EDDY.

[Note by the Publishers.-The references following were inserted in the first edition at the bottom of each page in which the texts were quoted; but in this edition it was found most convenient to place them here together. The first refers to the 11th page, and the reader may easily ascertain the proper locations of the remainder.

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