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A surface is bounded by a line

A line is bounded by points.

The intersection of two lines is

If a line is extended, its parts w

direction, and if it is extended
distance which the length of
then be in the same direction,
or straight line.

A straight line may be supposed

direction, and to any distance.

If a line that is not straight betw

of the line will be drawn beyo der will extend from one to th the shortest line that can be di

To continue a straight line in th producing the line.

X To draw a straight line from on joining the points.

х Two magnitudes, which being co

may be said to coincide.

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If one straight line is applied to a far as one extends beyond the will still coincide.

If a straight line be drawn betw line between the same points v

X Two straight lines, in different dire said to make an angle.

XX An angle may be named by a lett

letters distinguishing the lines

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