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as are profitable for me. O thou blessed Physician of souls, grant me balm for my wounds, and proper medicines to heal my spiritual diseases. Possess my heart with thy fear, with meekness and reverence, grant me unfeigned faith, a clean conscience, and a true charity, a tender regard to the good of my brethren; let me never favour or forget my own miscarriages, nor ever be inquisitive after, or severe upon, the faults or failings of other people.

O be gracious and compassionate to my poor soul, to my frailties and transgressions. Visit me in my weakness, heal my sickness, refresh my languishings, and revive me from spiritual death. O that there were in me a heart that might always fear thee, a soul that might always love thee, an understanding that might rightly apprehend and conceive worthily of thee; ears ever open to hear thee; eyes ever fixed and intent to see thee. Have pity upon me, O my God, have pity upon me; and from the throne of thy majesty on high, cast down a compassionate look; scatter the thick night of ignorance and error, and enlighten my dark soul with the bright beams of thy Holy Spirit. Give me the knowledge of discerning between good and evil; and help me to keep a constant watchful guard over myself, that I may see the things which belong unto my peace, and carefully avoid all those seducements, that would betray me into irrecoverable ruin. Above all, I beg free and full remission of my manifold and grievous sins, of thee, my Lord, who diedst to purchase it; and that, by and through thee, I may find effectual propitiation, and comfort, and mercy, in all time of my tribulation, and anguish of heart, in all my necessities and distresses, but especially in the hour of death, and in the day

of judgment. Finally, O Lord, vouchsafe to bestow on me everlasting life, not for any works which I have done, (let them be pardoned only and that is sufficient, reward they cannot deserve) but for thy manifold and great mercy, upon which I throw myself entirely, as the only refuge and hope of sinners and unprofitable servants.


Intercession for others.

O Lord JESUS CHRIST, permit, I pray thee, thy unworthy servant to express his charity, by enlarging his petitions, and let them prevail for blessings not only on myself, but others. Grant to all princes and governors, that they may rule thy people in justice and thy fear; and establish the thrones of them that do so, in righteousness and peace. Inspire thy ministers with truth and zeal, that they may agree in a right understanding of thy holy word, and diligently and unanimously prosecute their great work, by setting forth thy glory, and setting forward the salvation of all men. Let thy favour be ever present with thy holy Catholic Church, and every member of it, men and women, ministers and people, all that believe in thee, all that labour in thy love; increase their graces daily, and enable them faithfully to improve and persevere in every good word and work. Assist all thy servants with such kinds and degrees of thy grace, as are suitable to their respective conditions. Inspire all thy people with holiness and truth; may they be devoted to thy service with heavenly-mindedness and purity, and serve thee with fidelity and mutual love. To all repenting sinners grant pardon and consolation; to all widows and orphans, sustenance and relief; to the helpless and oppressed, protection and justice; to all travellers, a safe return home; to all in sorrow and trouble, patience

and comfort; to all who are at sea, their desired port; and to every one tossed on the waves of this troublesome world, the haven of salvation, and the land of everlasting life. Enable those that are strong, to stand; help them that are growing in goodness, to prosper and improve daily more and more; and to all that live in sin, to wretched me in particular, give the grace of speedy recollection, and effectual amendment.

For, O most merciful Jesus, Son of the living God, and Saviour of the world! I acknowledge myself a most unworthy, most miserable sinner; but thou, O Father of mercies, who hast compassion upon all, wilt not suffer me to perish, nor cast me utterly out of thy sight: had that been thy intention, thou wouldst have cut me off in the midst of my wickedness, and not have allowed me space or disposition to repent. Since, therefore, thou art pleased still to forbear punishment, and to grant me thy mercy, give me a heart, as thou hast given me opportunities, to make my peace with thee. Influence my mind powerfully, that I may seek, and desire, and love thee above all things, and fear above all to offend thee, and be careful constantly to please thee.

Lastly, O God, and Father, blessed for ever, I intreat thee for all them who make charitable mention of me in their prayers, and all who have de. sired to be recommended to thy favour, in those of the least and most unworthy of thy servants: for all who have done me any good offices, or are in any degree related to me, that thou wouldst hear them for me, and me for them; and according to thy bounteous mercy, preserve and govern them, and return all their kindness and charity sevenfold

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into their bosom; that thou wouldst impart liberally to all, who are yet engaged in their Christian warfare, the succours of thy grace; and, in thy own good time, to all when they have happily finished their course, the consummation of reward and glory. And, O thou, who art Alpha aad Omega, the beginning and end, once more I repeat that most important request, that, when the time appointed for my great change shall come, thou wilt in mercy stand by me in my last hours; strengthen me in my great conflict, support me in my dying agonies, pluck me out of the jaws of the ravening wolf, who will then stand ready to seize and devour me; defend me from his terrors and accusations, and take me for thy own: so shall I be received into the blessed company of saints and angels, in thy hea. venly paradise, there to rejoice, and live, and reign with thee for ever, who art over all, God blessed for ever. Amen, blessed Jesus, Amen.

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