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to leave the fins and vanities of the world, and to have the affections regenerated, the mind reformed,

* and the whole man baptized into purity and faithful'ness towards God and man, as to act with reverence, 'justice, and mercy. To care for very few things; to 'be content with what you have; to use all as if you

* used them not; and to be so disintangled from the

* lusts, pleasures, profits, and honours of the world, 'as to have the mind raised to things above, the heart 'and affections fixed there : that in all things you may 'glorify God, and be as lights set on a hill, whose 'shining examples may be conducing to the happiness 'of others, who beholding such good works, may be 1 converted, and glorify God the Father of lights, in 'whom you all would be eternally blessed.' t

§. IV. But if the impenitence of any is so great, their pursuit os folly as earnest, and, notwithstanding what has been thus seriously offered to reclaim them, they are resolved to take their course, and not to be at leisure for more divine things, I have this farther to leave with them from the Almighty, who first called me to this work; 'That tribulation, anguish, and 'sorrow shall make their dying beds; indignation and

* wrath shall wind up their days; and trouble and

* vexation of mind and spirit shall be the miserable

* fruits which they shall reap, as the reward of all 'their wretched folly and rebellion'!' Be not deceived, God will not be mocked: It is so irreversibly decreed;

* Whatsoever is sown here, shall be reaped hereafter.' And just is the Almighty, to make good his determinations upon such, who instead of employing the time given them, to 'work out their salvation with fear and 'trembling',' have spent it in the pleasures of the flesh, which perisheth; as if their heaven were .here. Nor can it seem unreasonable, since he hath thus long waited with Remission of Sins and Eternal Life in his hand, to distribute to them that Repent; that if such will not, to recompence so great obstinacy, and

• Rom. ii. 4, 5, 6, 9. * Gal, Tt. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Z a love love oF this perishing world, with everlasting tribulation *.

§. V. But I am otherwise persuaded of many; yes, I am assured the mercies of the everlasting God have been so extended to many, that this will prove an effectual call to bring them out of the ways and customs of this corrupted and corrupting world; and a means for establishing such, Who hitherto have been unfaithful to what they have been already convinced of. And you, my friends, whose minds have received the Alarm, c whose hearts have truly heard the voice of one cryc ing in the Wilderness, where you have been straying '. from the Lord, Repent, Repent!' to you, in the name of the Great and Living God, I speak, I cry, * Come 'away, come away; ah! what do you do there? Why c are you yet behind? That is not your rest: it is polc luted with the fins and vanities of a perishing world:

* Gird up your loins; eye your Light (One in All) 'Christ Jesus, the fame yesterday, to-day, and for

* ever; who hath enlightened every one: Follow him;

* he will lead you to the city of God, that has founda

* tions, into which the wicked cannot enter V

§. VI. Mind not the difficulties of your march; great and good things were never enterprized and accomplished without difficulty; which does but render their enjoyment more pleasant and glorious in the end. Let the holy men and women of old be your examples; remember good old Abraham, the excellency of whose faith is set out by his obedience to the voice of God, isi forsaking his father's house, kindred, country, &c. And MOseSi that might in probability have been made a king, by faith in God, leaves Egypt's glory, and ^Pharaoh's favours, and chuses rather to sojourn and pilgrimage with the despised, afflicted, tormented Israelites in the wilderness, than to enjoy the pleasures of that great court for a season; esteeming Christ's reproaches greater riches than Egypt's treasures. But, above all, how great was the reproach, how many the

* Rev. iii. to, and xxi, 27. and xxii. 13, 14,15. h John i. 9.


sufferings, how bitter the mockings, which Jesus suffered at the hands of his enemies? Yet with what patience, meekness, forgiveness, and constancy, did he in all his actions demean himself towards his bloody persecutors, "despising the shame, enduring the cross, Kc for the joy that was set before him? And hath lest "us this glorious example, that we should follow his "steps';" which hath in almost every age been imitated by some. The apostles sealed their testimonies with their blood, and multitudes after the example of their constancy; esteeming it the greatest honour, as it was always attended with the signallest demonstrations of the Divine Presence. How memorable' was that of Origen? c If my father were weeping upon his 'knees before me, and my mother hanging about my

* neck behind me, and all my brethren, sisters, and

* kinsfolk lamenting on every side, to retain me in the

* life and practice of the world, I would fling my mo'ther to the ground, run over my father, despise all my 'kindred, and tread them under my feet, that I might

* run to Christ.' Yet it is not unknown, how dutiful and tender he was in those relations. Not much unlike

'to this, was that noble and known instance of latter times, in Galeacius Caracciolus, marquis of Vico, who abandoned his friends, estate, and country, resolutely saying with Moses, 'That he would rather suffer af

* flictions with the first reformers and protestants, than

* enjoy his former plenty, favours and pleasures with 1 his old religion.' Nor is it possible for any now to quit the world, and live a serious godly life in Christ, without the like suffering and persecution. There are among us also some, who have suffered the displeasure of their most dear and intimate relations and friends; and all those troubles, disgraces, and reproaches, which are accustomed to attend such, as decline the c honours, » pleasures, ambition, and preferments of the world, c and that chuse to live an humble, serious, and self

» Gen. xii. 1, 2. Heb. xi. 24 to 27. Isa. liv. 3. Heb. xii. 1, 2.

* Pet. ii. 21, 22, 23.

? 3 '. <kny^

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c denying life before the Lord:' But they are very unequal to the joy and recompence that follow. For though there be no affliction that is not grievous for the present, yet what fays the man of God?" It works "a far more exceeding weight of glory in the endk." This has been both the faith and experience of those that in all ages have trusted in God, 'who have not » fainted by the way; but, enduring, have obtained * an eternal diadem.'

Wherefore, since we are compassed about with so "great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every "weight and burden, and the sin and vanities that do "so easily beset us; and with a constant, holy patience "run our race, having our eyes fixed upon Jesus, the "author and finisher of our faith, not minding what "is behind;" so shall we be delivered from every snare. No temptations shall gain us, no frowns shall scare us from Christ's Cross, and our blessed self-denial: And honour, glory, immortality, and a crown of eternal life, shall recompence all our sufferings in the end1.

'* f~\ Lord God! Thou lovest holiness, and purity '.' V-/ is tny delight in the earth., Wherefore, I pray "thee, make an end of sin, and finish transgression, ". and bring in thy everlasting righteousness to the fouls "of men, that thy poor creation may be delivered tc from the bondage it groans under, and the earth '* enjoy her sabbath again: That thy great name may "be lifted up in all nations, and thy salvation renown"ed to the ends of the world. For thine is the king"dom, the power, and the glory for ever. Amen."

k 2 Tim. iii. 12. 1 Pet. iv. 1 to 5. 1 Heb. xi. 1.. Rom. v, 1 to 4. Phil. iii. 13. Rom. ii. 7.





O A T H S:



Why the People called QJU A K E R S


And those confirmed by Numerous Testimonies

o F

Gentiles, Jews, and Christians,


Fathers, Doctors, and Martyrs.

Presented to the Ki N G and the Great Council of England in Parliament.

'' But I say unto you, Swear not at all. Mat. V. 34.

"Above all things, my Brethren, Swear not. Jam. V. 22.

"Because of Oaths, the Land mourneth. Jer. xxxii. 10."

He ought to Swear neither this Thing nor any Thing. Theognis.
It is a great Good for a Man not to Swear at all. Maimonides.
It is not lawful to Swear, neither in a just nor unjust Cause. Chrysostora.

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