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ther the child can be born alive; serious apprehensions are entertained respecting the dimensions of the head, and the capacity of the pelvis ; some of the accoucheurs contend the child has a foraging cap upon its head, while the more sagacious know that it must have a mitre and a bob-wig. Naturalists labour under the acme of curiosity respecting this hybrid production, and rather than mutilation should occur of the fætus during parturition, they would have the Cæsarian operation performed upon the Bishop's lady. I assure you the learned of all ranks are busily employed in scientific speculation, all the disciples of Spalanzanni, Bouet, Linneus, and Hunter, are on the tapis, expecting to have solved some abstruse theories they entertain upon impregnation and extra-uterine conception. As Dr. Reece, the Prince of Charlatans, believed in the divine impregnation of Johannah Southcotte, so it is supposed he will be appointed accoucheur to the Reverend Bench of Sods !!!

PHINEAS. Note by the EDITOR. We do not indulge much in squibs of this kind, but in the present instance we deem it fair game.


The offer of a Republican is accepted. The Editor will take up the subject which is called “ The Principle of Population," within a week or two, as requested.

The Birmingham business, and the further exploits of the leading Rads shall be noticed in due time.

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Dorchester Gaol, August 12, Year 3, CITIZENS,

of the Spanish Revolution. I HAVE continued throughout the last and the present volume of this work to date from the Spanish Revolution as a most important era, and the views I bave long formed of its importance become daily more and more confirmed as being correct. It was predicted by many public writers in the year 1820, that the Spanish Constitution would make the tour of Europe. It received a check last year from the Austrians in its progress through Italy, and now it appears, a further attempt is to be made to strangle it on the place of its birth. This projected attempt bids fair to involve the whole of Europe in a war. The despots of the Holy Alliance see the necessity of staking their all against the progress of liberty, and to make a great effort to root it out, and restore uniform despotisms throughout Europe. They bave tried every species of intrigue, bribe, and cabal, to overthrow the Constitutiou in Spain, and finding that all have failed, they appear resolved on open war.

The mo. ment then is arriving when every Republican in Europe will have a sacred duty to perform, something more than to write and talk. If the members of the Holy Alliance resolve to march their armies into Spain, they must be met on the first movement, and manfully met. If the Republic cans of Europe are sought to be exterminated by these despots, there must be no delay or besitation to prevent the

Printed and Published by R. CARLILE, 55, Fleet-Street.

overthrow of all chances of liberty for another century, they must be met at the first step by the former with the same spirit as the Republicans of France met them in the close of the last century, and in the same spirit as the Greeks are now combating the Turks. It will be an important moment if war be declared, and I can see no real obstacles to the success of the Republicans. Surely, what France did single-handed, the whole of Europe, south of Germany, can do united. France was beset on all sides, and she conquered the whole continent of Europe, from Petersburgh to Lisbon, and kept it in subjection many years: what then may we expect when they calculate on the support of Spain, Portugal, Italy, and even Great Britain and Ireland ? The first battalion of Frenchmen that could cross the Rbine would rouse all the youth of Germany in the demand for free and popular constitutions, aud if the chilled hearts and blubber-filled stomachs of the Russian soldiers are insensible to the advantages of the Representative System of Government, I see no difficulty in drive ing them back beyond the borders of Poland, there to rue their degraded condition until they feel sufficient sense to sbake it off and seek a better, in imitation of their southern neighbours. In the next European war, every crown in Europe will be staked against Republicanism, and the Republicans against crowned beads or monarchical forms of Government. The battle will be for nothing short of this, and that from the conviction, on both sides, that the moment for the last struggle has arrived. Watch then the proceedings of the approaching Congress of Despots at Vienna, and let the fire of Republicanism kindle in your bosoms, and increase in the same ratio as they wish to extinguish it. To me it appears the last opportunity to the present generation of men is about to be offered to establish the liberties of all Europe upon the base of Republicanism. The Republicans will have victory or death forced upon them without seeking it, and when this begins, I think they can have no hesitation make the necessary struggle for

the former. The first step towards successful resistance will bring them the assistance of the whole continent of America, for surely the Trans-Atlantic Republicans can never remain neuter in the course of such struggles. It will be a war peculiarly their own: the fleets of Chili and the United States will fly to support the glorious principles of Republicanism.

The Royalists in France unblusbingly avow that the despots of the Holy Aļliance are about to declare war with all the Republicans in Europe. They avow that armies are collecting and preparations making for that purpose. The perjured bigot, the cowardly treacherous Ferdinand of Spain, has solicited their aid to overthrow the men, who, to say the least of them, have been much too liberal and generous and forgiving to him. The irresolute wretch has not the courage of some of his priests to put himself at the head of the conspirators towards the Constitution, he causes both friends and foes to be sacrificed-alike, as they happen. to rise or fall in the struggle, equally unpitied by him. The moderation of the Spaniards seems to mount to ap apathy respecting him. After the revolt of his guards for the purpose of restoring his absolute power, in the beginning of the last month, he should have been deposed, and never again allowed to fill the office of king. From that moment Spain should have rooted all monarchial influence from her Constitution. Nothing short of this measure can restore her peace, and if she be attacked from without; she could then meet the enemy with unanimity from within; a circumstance that seems alone calculated to render the Constitutionalists triumphant.

That the right spirit is breathed by the Spanish Army appears certain from the following address of the militia and regular troops in the garrison and town of Saragossa to the King.


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“SIRE,– Your perjured and unconstitutional conduct, the bad faith of your ministers, the perfidious counsels of the men who surround you, and whom you in vain persist in keeping about you, contrary to the general opinion of your subjects, are the true causes of the misfortunes and disorders which afllict this heroic nation, which bas made so many sacrifices to defend the throne on which it has replaced you. While the blood of the many victims fallen in the late war for our independence is still reeking, the support which the foreign and domestic enemies of our fine institutions have found in your Majesty's Government, bas plunged the whole nation into an abyss of misfortunes wbich threaten to swallow up the Throne and the Nation.”

There is something admirably patriotic in the foregoing sentiments, and when we recollect that Spain was the rock on wbich Buonaparte split, after he had been allowed to take quiet possession of it and till its garrisons with his own troops, what may not such a spirit accomplish against the first attack of a foreign mercenary army whose fidelity will be doubtful upon the first check ? To me it appears a glorious movement for such a war, for the despots will never yield their power without fighting a last battle, and if that battle be not fought in France, it will surely be fought on the Pyrenpean Mountains. MAY IT SPEED!

You will rejoice, Republicans, in the assurance that the Greeks have ensured their success: they have destroyed nearly all the Turkish ships of war. They have revenged the cold blooded Manchester-like massacre of the inhabitants of Scio, by burning the Captain Pacha's ship and the murderer in it. The Turks can no longer cope with them upon the sea and will never venture to meet them again. On the land they are gaining repeated successes, and all the force the Turks can send against them seems to avail nothing. Their success is now past doubt, if they do not fall out among themselves. The provisional government has adopted the admirable method of paying the soldiers in land instead of money. A soldier who serves within bis province re

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