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Devotion. See Worship of God.

Equivocating. See Lying.
Difficulty in being really a Christian, 44. Eternal God, 2.
Dignity of Christ, 5.

Eternal life, 8.
Dignity of the righteous, 12.

Example of Christ and saints, follow. See
Dignity of the church in general, 25.

Live to God.
Dignities among men are from God, 22. Excellency of God, 2.
Diligence in worldly business, 52.

Excellency of Christ, 5.
Diligence in improvements. See Time and Excellency of the righteous, 12.

Excellency of the Holy Scriptures, 1.
Discipline in the church, 25.

Excommunication. See Discipline.
Discontent one against another, 58.

Exhort one another, 15. 25.
Discontents of Israel, 51.

Exhortations in public assemblies, 25.
Discover treason, 22.

Exorcism. See Witchcraft.
Disobedience in general. See Obedience. Extol God. See Praises.
Disobedience threatened and punished, 14. Extraordinary gifts, 25.
Disposal of man's ways by God, 70.

Eye God in amictions, 20.
Dissimulation. See Hypocrisy.
Distribute to the poor, 15.

Failings of God's children, 11.
Distrust of Israel while God was delivering Faint not in times of trouble, 20.
them, 51.

Faith a means of salvation, 9.
Divination. See Witchcraft.

Faith's nature and object, ib.
Doubting. See Faith.

Its farther benefits, ib.
Dreams, 53.

Its fruits and operations, ib.
Drunkenness, 62.

It is the gift of God, 18.
Duties of believers in their afflictions, 20. Faithfulness of God, 2.
Duties toward God in general, 14.

Faithful and true to enemies, 17.
Toward brethren mutually, 15.

Falling away. See Apostacy.
Toward relations in the flesh, 16. Fall of Antichrist. See Antichrist.
Toward all men in general, 17.

False teachers, 28.
Toward the afflicted, 20.

Fasting. See Prayer and common Calami-
Toward persecutors, ib.

Duties toward God under trials, ib.

Fathers. See Parents.
Duties in common calamities, 21.

Favour of God to the righteous in general,
Duties of subjects to governors, 22.

Duty about worldly things. See World.

In time of affliction, 20.
Duty in respect to temptations. See Devil. In common calamities, 21.

With respect to error. See Deceivers. Fear not man, 14.
Duties toward the Spirit of God, 19.

Fear God, ib.
Duties of churches toward their governors Fear lest we sin or apostatise. See Watching.
in Christ, 25.

Fervency of spirit. See Sincerity.
Duties of magistrates, 22.

Flesh of Christ, 6.
Duties of gospel preachers, in general, 24. Flattery. See Hypocrisy.
Duties of pastors of churches, 25.

Follow God fully, 14.

Follow after the Spirit, 19.
EFFECTS of faith, 9.

Fools. See Wisdom.
Effects of God's love to men, 5.

Forgive each other, 15.
Effects of the believer's love to God, 14. Forgive enemies, 17. 20.
Effects of love to each other, 15. 20. Forgiveness in God, 8.
Effects of sin, 4. 14.

Forgiveness of sin. See Pardon.
Effects of the Spirit, 10. 19.

Formality. See Hypocrisy.
Elders of churches. See officers thereof. Formal professors, fierce persecutors, 20.
Election according to the purpose or grace Fornication, 61.
of God, 7.

Forsake sin, 14.
Election of church officers, 25.

Forsake not God or his ways, ib.
Emulation. See Envy.

Fortress, God is to his. See Trust in God.
Enchantment. See Witchcraft.

Free grace, 7, 8.
Encouragement. See Incouragement. Frowardness of spirit. See Meekness.
Enmity of blind zealots against the truth, Fruits of God's love to men, 5. 20.
20. 26.

Fruits of faith, 9.
End of God in the saints afflictions, 20. Fruits of the Spirit, 19.
Enemies of saints overruled by God, ib. Fruits of men's love to God, 14.
Enemies forced to acknowledge their inno. Fruits of our love to the brethren, 15. 20.
cency, ib.

Fruitfulness in good works, 14.
Envy, 58.

Fruitfulness therein is from God, 18.
Epicures. See World.
Equality of the apostles, 54.

Gentle toward all men, 17.



Gifts extraordinary, and how they used them Hold fast to God and his way. Sæc Perse-

in the church, 25.
Given up of God to hardness. See Hard- Hold fast in suffering times, 20.

Holiness becometh saints, 14.
Giver of knowledge, and all grace, is God, Holiness of God, 2.

Holy Ghost is God, 3.
Glory of God, one end of his afflicting his What the Holy Ghost testifies about
children, 20.

persecutions, 20.
Glory reserved for believers, 35.

See Spirit of God.
Glory not in ourselves. See Humility. Honesty toward all men, 17.
Glory in God and Christ, 14.

Honour God, 14.
God, his name and attributes, 2.

Honour saints, 15.
His greatness, majesty, perfection, and Honour magistrates, 22.

absoluteness: his Providence, ib. Honour parents. See Parents.
God's speaking of old by visions, dreams, Honour all men, 17.
&c. 53.

Honour of the saints, 12.
God's governing all things in the general, 2. Honour each other, 15.
In disposing of men's ways, 70.

Honours amongst men.

See World.
God said to repent, how, 31.

Honours or magistracy are of God, 22.
God knoweth the devices of Satan, and Hope in God, in general, 14.
wicked men, and overrules them, 20.

In time of trouble, 20.
God upholds his in, and delivers them from When our case seems desperate, 47.
trouble, ib.

Human nature of Christ, 6.
Goodness of God. See Bounty.

Humble behaviour toward all men, 17.
Good men, their character and behaviour, 10. Humbling of believers, God's end in af.
Good to all, 17.

flicting, 20.
Good in men, though little, commended and Humiliation of Christ, 6.
rewarded, 48.

Humiliation for sin, 14.
Gospel, its efficacy, 24.

Humility in man, ib.
Governors. See Magistrates in general.

God takes notice of it, is pleased, 48.
Grace of God free in calling us, 7.

Hunger after good. See Invitation to come
In pardon of sin, 8.

to Christ.
In justification, ib.

Husbands, 16.
In reconciliation, ib.

Hypocrites, hypocrisy, 26.
In giving

eternal life and salvation, ib. Their reward, ib.
Graces of the Spirit freely given of God, 18. Hypocrites, ze pus persecutors, 20.
Grave. See Death.
Graven images, 38.

IDLENESS. Sce Industry.
Greatness in the world. See World.

Forbid to the righteous, 17.
Greedy of gain. See Covetousness.

Idolatry, 38.
Grieve not the Holy Spirit, 19.

Jesus the Christ, 5.
Grieve not the afflicted or persecuted, 20. Jews' murmurings, 51.
Grieve not the meek by offences, 15. Ignorance of divine things in general, 36.
Grounds of comfort and support under per- Ignorance of man by nature, 5.
secutions, 20.

Ignorance of the dead about things here, 68.

Illuminations. See Knowledge.
HAPPINESS of saints. See Glory reserved Images. See Idolatry.
for believers.

Imaginations. See Thonghts.
Hardness of man's heart, 68.

Imperfection of God's children, 11.
Hard to be a Christian indeed, 44.

Imposition of hands, 25.
Harmless and honest toward all, 17. Impotency of man in spirituals, 18.
Hate sin, 14.

Industry in mens' callings, 52.
Hatred. See Envy.

Inclinations in saints to sin, 11.
Haste, not to be neglected in spiritual im- Incorruptibleness of God, 2.
provement, 45.

Incouragement in affliction and trials, 20.
Hear rebukes, reproofs, willingly, 15. Incouragements to come to Christ for all
Hearken to the counsel of God, 14.
See Obedience.

To look to God when our case seems
Heart of man given up to hardness. See desperate, 47.

Indifferency in religion. See Sincerity and
Heaven's glory, 35.

Heavenly mindedness, the saints' duty, 14. Indifferent things in worship, 15.
Heathens persecuting saints, 20.

Integrity. See Uprightness.
Help the afflicted, ib.

Infiniteness of God, 2.
Help the saints in general, 15.

Infirmities of God's children. See Failings.
Help all men, 17.

Intercession of Christ, 6.

grace, 18.

Invisible God, 2.

Lord's day, 56.
Invitations to come to Christ. See Incou- Lord's Supper, 25.

Love of God in giving Christ, 5.
Joining of members to churches, 25. Love of Christ in giving himself to death, ib.
Israel's restoration, 55.

Love mutual between Christ and his church,
Judge not brethren rashly, 15.

Judge not others, no not enemies, 17. Love of God in afflicting of his saints, 20.
Judgments denounced and executed, 14. Love to God the Father, and to Jesus the
Judgment of the great day, 34.

Lord, 14.
Justice of God, 2.

Love amongst saints, 15.
Judgment righteous. See Magistrates. Love to all men, enemies, and haters, 17,
Just to all men, Christians duty, 17.

Love in its effects and fruits :
Justification not by works, &c. or legal sa- 1. Of believers to God, 14.
crifices, 4.

2. To brethren, 15.
Justification free by the grace of God, 3. To all men, 17.
through faith in Christ, 8.

Lowliness of Christ, 6.
Justify God in affiliction, 20.

Lowliness of man, 14.

Lukewarmness. See Sincerity and Zeal.
KEEP. God will keep his by grace, in Lying, 65.
faith and obedience to the end, 14.

See Words.
Kindness of God, 2.
Kindness of Christians to one another, 15. MAGISTRATES, magistracy, God's ordi-
To their enemies, 20


To all men, 17.

Magistrates, but men in God's sight, ib.
Kindred, our Lord's, according to the Magistrates duty: what they should be and
flesh, 79.

do, ib.
Kinds of love. See the Nature of love. Majesty of God, 2.
King Jesus, 6.

Maintenance of the clergy, 25.
Kings of Israel, 42.

Maintenance of the poor. See Poor.
Kings. See Magistrates.

Malice. See Envy.
Knowledge of divine things in general, 36. Man's first state, 4.

Such knowledge not in men by na- Man's fall, ib.
ture, 5. 18.

Man's state under the law, ib.
Knowledge therein, God's gift, 18.

Under guilt, ib.
Known unto God are all things, 2.

Under the curse, ib.

Man's wickedness since his fall, ib.
LABOUR for heaven, 44.

Man's ignorance in that state, ib.
Labour for the best things. See Incou-, Man's impotency in spirituals, 18.
ragements to come to Christ.

Man's bondage to Satan, 4.
Labour in mens' callings, 52.

Man's sad state hence, ib.
Lasciviousness. See Fornication.

Man's salvation, how, 5.
Lament sin. See Mourning for it.

Marriages. See Husbands.
Last times, 46.

Martyrdom. See Suffering for Christ. See
Law concludes all under sin, 4.

Law's righteousness justified by Christ, 6. Master's duty to servants, 16.
Laws of God to be obeyed, 14.

Mediator, Christ, 6.
Law's curse, 4.

Mediation. See Intercession.
Law's works or sacrifices justify not, 4. Mediation, 29.

No cause of boasting therein, 74. Meekness of Christ, 5.
Laying on of hands, 25.

Meekness of man, 14.
Lean on God. See Trust.

Meekness toward brethren, 15.
Letters written to, and read in the churches, Meekness toward all; yea, enemies, 17.20.

Memory of God's goodness to be recorded,
Letters commendatory, ib.
Life eternal, 8. 35.

Members of churches, their qualifications, 25.
Lips to be taken heed to, 14.

Men, wise, who. See Wisdom.
Live to God, ib.

Mercy of God, 2.
Living God, 2.

Men dead, ignorant of men living, 68.
Long for God's presence, 14.

Mercy toward all men, 17.
Long-suffering of God, 2.

Mind of God made known in dreams, &c. 53.
Look to God always in hope, 14.

Mind or thoughts of men in general, 30.
Look to God if there be but a peradven- Mind; to be of one mind, the duty of bre-
ture, 47.

thren, 15.
Look to him in trouble, from whom it Ministers of Christ in general, 24.
comes, 20.

Ministers or pastors of churches, and their
Look to him as the only helper, ib.

qualifications, 25.


Ministers sits complained of, 25.

Oppose errors. See Seducers.
Ministers maintenance, ib.

Order of the church in their assemblies and
Ministers of state. See Magistrates.

meetings, 25.
Miracles of Christ, &c. 41.

Ordinances of God in public worship, ib.
Moderation in all things, 14.

Ordination of church officers, ib.
More than men can bear, God will not put Ordinance of magistracy. See Magistrates.
upon them, 20.

Outward privileges no security against judg-
Mortality. See Death.

ments, 74.
Mortifications. See Departing from sin. Own God in all we do. See Providence.
Mourn for sin, 14.
Mouth. See Words.

Pant after God, 14.
Murmuring of Israel, 51.

Parables of Christ, 41.
Murmur not against God, but wait quietly Parents duty toward children, 16.
for his salvation, 20.

Pardon of sin, 8.
Murder, 59.

Patience of God, 2.

Patience of man in general, 14.
NAME of God, 2.

Patience of saints each to other, 15.
Nature of God, 2.

To all men,

Nature of Christ, as to meekness, &c. 5. To enemies, persecutors, 20.
Nature of the Spirit, 19.

Patiently wait for God, 14.
Nature of man since his fall, 4.

Peace with God, 8.
Nature of faith, 9.

Peace among brethren, 15.
Nature of love, 15.

With all men, 17.
Nature of repentance, 31.

Perfection of saints in Christ, 6.
Necessary uses. See Trade.

Perjury. See Oaths.
Necromancy. See Witchcraft.

Persecutions, 20.
Neglect not seasons for good things. * See Persecuted, see it be for well doing, ib.

Persecuting heathens, ib.
New birth. See Character of saints.

Persecuting Jews, ib.
Note God's kindnesses, 14.

Persecutions overruled by God, ib.
Notable things done by Christ and his apos- Persecuted, one's duty toward God, ib.
tles, 40.

Toward persecutors, ib.

Their comforts therein, ib.
Oath for testimony, swearing, 23.

Persecutors designs are known to God, ib.
Obedience unto God, 14.

Persecutors reward, ib.
Obedience unto rulers, wherein proper, 22. Perseverance, the believer's duty, 14.
Wherein not, 42.

Such shall have grace to persevere, ib.
Obedience to parents, 16.

Of the gift of God, 18.
Obedience to masters, ib.

Piety. See Duty toward God in general.
Object of faith, 9.

Pity in God, 2.
Object of worship, 14.

Pity saints in trouble, 20.
Objects of love, 14, 15.

Pity all men, 17.
Object of fear, 14.

Pleasures. See World.
Object of trust, ib.

Portion of believers is God, 14.
Object of hope, ib.

Pondering of good in the heart, 29.
Object of delight, ib.

Poor's relief, 15.
Observe our own hearts and ways, ib. Poverty. See the World.
Observe the acts of God's goodness, ib. Power of God, 2.
Obstinacy. See Hardness of Heart.

Powers among men.

See Magistrates
Obstinate sinners warned, threatened, and Prayer in general, 14.
punished, 14.

Prayer in church assemblies, 25.
Occasion of evil, flee, ib.

In times of trouble, 20.
Offences to be avoided, 15.

In times of common calamities, 21.
Offences of scandal to be removed, 25.

One for another, 15.
Officers of churches, ib.

For afflicted ones, 20.
How qualified, ib.

For magistrates, 22.
How ordained or appointed, ib.

For persecutors, enemies, 20.
Their maintenance, ib.

Pray still, when all hope seems to be
Their evils complained of, ib.
Omniscience of God, 2.

Praises in general, 14.
Omnipresence, ib.

Preachers in general, 24.
Omnipotency, ib.

Preachers recompense, 24, 25.
Only true God, ib.

Preaching in church assemblies, 25.
Opportunity to be made use of, 45.

Predestination. See Election and Calling.
Oppose all high thoughts of yourselves. Prejudice to be avoided, 15.
See Humility.

Presence of God desired by saints, 14.

gone, 47.

Press after perfection, &c. 44.

Rebuke each other for sin, 15.
Pride. See Humility.

Recompense of hypocrites, 26.
Priesthood of Christ, 6.

Recompense of wickedness, 4. 14.
Privileges of the righteous in general, 12. Recompense of unbelief, 9.
In time of afflictions, 20.

Reconciliation with God, 8.
In common calamities, 21.

Record the acts of God's goodness, 14.
Profess God and Christ boldly, in general, 14. Redemption of fallen man, 5.
In trouble, 20.

Regard God in his providence. See Provi-
Professors, hypocritical ones, fierce persecu-

tors, ib.

Regeneration. See Character of saints.
Proofs of faith, 9.

Rejoice in God and Jesus Christ, 14.
Proofs of saints in general, 20.

Rejoice in afflictions and persecutions, 20.
Proof of love to God, 14.

Rejoice not at the hurt of enemies, ib.
Promises in general. See Privileges of Relation of God to his own. See Privileges

of saints.
Promises of divine grace, in general, 18.

Relation between Christ and his church, 13.
In particular, for giving of knowledge, Relation of church members to their parti-

cular congregations, 25.
To give faith, ib.

Relations in the flesh, 16.
To make us fruitful, ib.

Relative duties. See Duties.
To enable us to persevere, ib.

Rely on God. See Trust in him.
Of life and strength, ib.

Religions wisdom. See Wisdom.
Promises of the Spirit, 19.

Remission of sin, 8.
Promises to afflicted ones, 20.

Repentance in God, how, 31.
Promises to Zion, the church of God, 25. Report not others failings, 15.
Promises of Israel's return, 55.

Reports not hastily to be believed, ib.
Promises of the things of this life. See Resignation to God's disposal. See Con-
World and Contentment.

Promises of glory reserved for saints, 35. Respect for saints, 15.
Prophecies of Christ the Saviour. See Sal- Respect for all men, 17.
vation in general.

Resort not to such who use familiar spirits.
Prophecying in the church assemblies, 25.

See Witchcraft.
Prosperity. See World.

Restore mutually such who sin or offend, 15.
Providence in general. See God's Sove-

Restoration of the Jews. See Return.

Resurrection of Christ, 6.
Providence to be acknowledged in all man's

Resurrection of man's body, 33.
ways, 70.

Return of the Jews to their country, 57.
Provoke not one another, 15.

Return good for evil, 17. 20.
Public judgments, 21.

Revile not enemies, 20.
Punishing of sin in the general, 4. 14. Revelation. See Scriptures,
Punishing of the righteous for sin, Il.

Revelations of old, by dreams, voices,
Purging of saints, God's end in their afflic-

&c. 53.
tion, 20.

Reverence. See Fear. See Worship of God.
Purloining. See Theft.

Reward of holiness. See Saints privileges

and glory.
QUALIFICATIONS of rulers, 22.

Reward of suffering for Christ, 20.
Qualifications of saints. See Characters of

Reward of sin, 4. 14.
Qualifications of gospel ministers, 24.

Reward of hypocrisy, 26.

Reward of persecutors, ib.
Qualifications of church members, 25.

Riches. See World.
Qualifications of pastors of churches, ib.
Quarrels amongst church members, ib.

Righteous God, 2.
Amongst Christians in general, 15.

Righteous dear to Christ, 20.
Quench not the Spirit, 19.

Righteous in God's sight. See Justification.
Righteousness amongst men,

Quickened by the Spirit, ib.
Quiet spirit in general, 14.

Righteousness, mens' own, will not secure

their state, 74.
Quiet and submissive to God under afflic-
tions, 20.

Righteousness of the law will not justify, 4.
Rock to the saints is God. See Trust.

Rule and greatness of God, 2.
RAILINGS. See Words.

Rule and greatness of Christ, 5, 6.
Rashness. See Moderation.

Rulers of kingdoms, 22.
Reading scriptures, 1.

Rulers of faith and practice, 14.
Reading them in the church assemblies, 25.
Reasonings of God with sinners, 14. Sabbath day, 56.
Rebellion against God. See Judgment for

Sacrament. See Lord's Supper.

Sacrifices before the law, 43.

Toward men,


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