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Theolopico _ Controversistical

Held at the Hague, the id of June 178J,

AnEngfi/h Lutneran, Scotch Calvinist
and Dutch Rabeen;


The Tenets of each are explained in so familiar
a Style, that they become immediately
comprehenfible to the most illiterate and
limitted Understanding,

Printed for the Author, in the Year 178$,



Theologico - Controverfistical Conference,

Held at the Hague, June j, 1785,

Between an English Lutheran, Scotch Calvinist, and Dutch Rabem,

First Conference.

Moses^Si 'O U are protestants?

Luther and Calvin. We are members of the Resormation.

Mos. Both of one communion,

Luth. 1 am of Luther.

Calv. \ of Calvin.

Mos. Luther was the first protestant?

Luth. He was. * Calv, Carnally ; but Calvin spiritually.

Mos. You agree they were the two -first Resormers. .'

Luth. & Calv. We confess it.

Mos. Explain the mystery of the spirit.'

Calv. Rebecca had twin children, Esau and Jacob; Esau's heel appeared, which the midwife tyed a scarlet thread about: this is a type of A a Luther'* Luther's appearing carnall}', with the rags of popery, Esau drew back his heel, when Jacob came forth and obtained the blesfing, who was a type of Calvin, obtaining the blessing of the spirit.

Luth. We shall never be reconciled but in our War against popery.

Mos. Then you are of different Religions?

Luth. Calv. In every thing but what relates to popery, which all protestants are obliged to protest against, accordingtothe-irfirst institution.

Mos. What is the foundation of your Faith?

'Luth.&Calv. GOD, Creator and Preserver of all Things, both vifible and invifible; Eternal and Infinite, in Power, Truth, Justice, Good* ness, and in all his Attributes. Infinite Knowledge of alt things from Eternity tQ. Eternity, that is past, present, and to come, ft for ever ^present with him one Only true God. This God revealed the scriptures, and this is the ground of our Faith and Religion.

Mos. From what time do you date your re-, ligion? .

Luth. & Calv. The day dawned with Luther in 1517; but entered their protest against-the Roman Catholic Church, which was the Old Church, and took the name of Protestants, in

'•529- , '':

Mos. Then the rlate of the protestant religion

was 152,9 after Jesus Christ, your Messiah?

'Luth. & Calv. We confess it, and that Luther and Calvin were our two first Apostles,

Mos From what scripture do you derive this

fundamental article of your Faith?


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