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Isaac; Gen. 27: Isaac deceived by 22. Take some subject, as de Jacob; Gen. 28: Jacob's flight to pravity, regeneration, faith, re Padanaram; Gen. 29:-31: Jacob pentance, humility, patience, the in Padanaram ; Gen. 33: Esau pa- general judgment,

&c. and collect cified by Jacob; Gen. 37: Joseph as many passages as possible, sold into Egypt; Gen. 46: Jacob's that appear to relate to that subremoval to Egypt; Gen. 49: Death ject. It may be useful for each of Jacob; Gen. 50: Funeral of Ja- member of a class to collect pascob; Ex. 1: Israelites persecuted sages upon the same subject, and by the Egyptians; Ex. 2: Birth of then exhibit them together. Moses; Ex 3: the Burning Bush; 23. It may be of very great adEx. 4: Moses sent into Egypt; vantage to write dissertations in Ex. 5:-12. Plagues of Egypt; answer to such questions as the Ex. 12. the Passover; Ex. 14: Pas- following: What is the scriptural sage through the Red Sea ; Ex. account of Abraham ? Jacob? 20: and Deut. 5: the Ten Com- Joseph Job? Moses ? Idolatry? mandments; Ex. 32: the Golden the Sabbath? Regeneration ? &c Calf; Lev. 10: Nadab and Abihu; &c. Num 1: and 26: Numberings of 24. It may be of unspeakable Israel

j Num. 13: the Twelve utility for 6 or 8 persons to unite Spies; Num. 16: Korah and his in a society, to aid each other in Company; Num. 21: Fiery Ser- pursuing the most eligible me pents; Num. 22:24: Balaam. ihods of studying the scriptores.

To these, hundreds more may 25. The method of learning an be added; and the exercise of swers to such questions as. M making them will be found highly Dowell's, Cummings's, Lincoln's, useful. In repeating these, either &c. is undoubtedly excellent. And part of the ticket may be men- the method of Bible Class instructioned as a question, to which the tion is probably better still, where other becomes the answer. This teacbers and pupils are sufficientmethod enables us to turn instant- ly advanced. ly to any chapter, which we have It is by no means recommended, thus learned. It also familiarizes that any person should attempt the mind with the most important to pursue all these methods at scripture subjects, and greatly as- the same time.' Some of them sists meditation.

may be bost pursued at one time, 21. The scriptures should en- and some at another. If a person gage our daily and abundant me- can devise a method, that he reditations. Ps. 1:2. This is the gards as preferablo to these, that crowning method. This will aid may be the best for him. In or. all other methods, and receive aid der to succeed in any method, we. from them. If at any time a pas- should embrace it with fondness, sage is particular y impressed and pursue it with persevering upon the mind, we should, if pos- ardor. Much more depends upon sible, devote a little time to medi- this than upon what method we lating upon it.



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Subbath School Book Repository,

No. 50, Cornhill, Boston.
Fisner's Youth's Primer, with cuts, per clozen, 62 00
Victims of Pleasure, or the evils of Sabbath breakiug, 2 00
Skelch of my Friend's family,

2 Wilbur's Biblical Catechism,

3 00 McDowell's Bible Questions,

3 00 History of Marten and his Scholars at a Sunday

School, by the author of "Two Lambs, &c." 2 00 The Student's li alk, or a Sabbath in the Country, S 00 Rural Rambles, with a Frontispiece,

2 50 Questions on the Bible,

2 40

Per hundred.
On Filial Duty, an affectionate address to Young
People, l:y Rev. Mr. Ward,

8 00 The Polters' Common, by Mi's. Sherwood,

8 00 The Little Manufacturer,or History of Saralı Wright, 8 00 Military Blacksmith, and his daughter Marion, S 00 Hedge of Thorus, by Mrs. Sherwood,

8 00 Emerson's Evangelical Primer,

8 00 Cogswell's Doctrinal Catechism,

7 75 Little Henry and his Bearer, by Mrs. Sherwood,

7 (10 Hymns for Infant Minus,

8 00
A Visit to a Sabbathi School an instructive book, 50)
History of Jacobi Newman, the Shipwrecked Irish boy, 1 50
The Troublesome Gamin, Or, Employment for all;

and the flidden Treasure, or the Way to grow
Rich rod Wise,

$50 Eaily Piely Recommended, by Rev. Richard Cecil, The Rairibow, and The Sunbeam,

4 50 The History oi lionest Ruger; founder on fact. By a Clergymnai,

4 50 Sunday Evening; or, the listory of Joc Bennett, and his frieni Ilomas,

4 50 Address to a Child on continuing in a Sabbath School, 2 00 Do.

do. on leaving a Sabbath School, 2 00 Class Papers,

per sheet, als Do. do.

4. Hymns on Sheets, forty on each, Certificates of Merit, 18 on a sheet,

6 Do. do. copperplate 12 on a slieet,

12 Do. do. colored,


4 51

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