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worm that glides along the sursace of our mdsther earth, enjoying true selicity, when and where presented j then will shame and violence be cast out, and love and enjoyment succeed j then will the senses seast, and the passions be glutted with virgin honey.

Club. His lordship might be anxious for your return, we will theresore dismiss you with this advice, to apply as his case seems philosophically, to crave the assistance of the midwise, it being a similar case with the fair stx irv travail. To some experienced old woman, who we suppose by the assistance of a greasy or oily clyster, prosusely injected into the anus of this great prelate, it will be necessary to touch over the pipe slightly, by a little tincture tantaridise, in order to enliven the palate and other parts adjacent, and cause a quick sensation and titilation, which will give vigour to the philosopher, and by a sudden and vigorous exertion, with the assistance of the midwise, deliver himself from those savages*

Host. There comes Rabbe Moses, is you will give me leave I will let him know that you would be happy to make some enquiries in which your Light is much interested.

Club. We wish the Introduction.

End of the Tmth Conference,

Eleventh' "*'• 'i *' ^ .1 . s ' . • . . %.'•.,. r'

'I '• I I •' I I .

Eleventh Conrerence.

Mops. QENTLEMEN, your will.

Club. We wisli, understanding you have been from your youth in search of the philosopher's stone, to make some enquiries which we persuade ourselves will cast much light on our new philosophy, of this our enlightened age and hemisphere.

Moses. Upon what sirm have you placed your philosophy.

Club. Our firm is Materialism.

Moses. To sec forth the lustre and brightness of virtue or good morals, and the filthy and wicked tendency of vice and immorality, I much approve, and the wickedness of our age require found philosophy to stem and beat down beastliness.

Club. You favour the old fashioned christian philosophy which restrains our passions, and puts us in a state below our sellow creatures, which man considers as a high insult; we act: modestly when we crave the liberty granted to our neighbours.

Moses. You have, and stand at par with your neighbours, why, theresore, do you complain unreasonably?

Club. So far are we from enjoying the sweetness of society allowed our neighbours, that they roll and glut themselves, whilst we starve with hunger.

O 2 Moses.

Moses. What are the enjoyments granted to your neighbours, which you are debarred from.

Club. Many, too numerous to be summed.

Moses. As doctors and philosophers, no doubt you will root out vice and impress virtue.

Club. Our philosophy is railed upon this express condition, to root up the jtwo greatest enemies man has been settered with from the commencement of Christianity, shame and remorse j and restore liberty of will. - ,

Moses. Pray explain yourselves, what is your liberty of will?

Club. To be put on an equal sooting and level with our neighbours, who enjoy what man covets.

Moses. You speak mysteriously, not being candid, who is your neighbour?

Club. Our philosophy is founded and consists in candour. and theresore no mystery; our neighbour is the different and various productions of our great mother earth, who are all clothed in simplicity; we^mean no more than our natural and pristine state, enjoying our will as nature dictates without restraint, sear of ofsending each other, shame or remorse. ) i

Moses. You ther\ would wish to be Adamites, an old condemned heresy or sect of christians who went naked and committed every wickedness with impunity. God forbid such villains should ever insest the world again. You wish, to be ranked among the beasts that perish, and 1 sear much worse, one man neighing aster another. Nefarious tribe, where will your wickedness n.ess end? I sear, in what respect sorbids the utterance. And this you boast and brag is the the principle and tenet of your new philosophy os your enlightened age and hemisphere, and this the ruling passion of your polite circles, which they purpose introducing into, as you term it, the Great World, to rank yourselves as an army, but without order, good manners, or distinction among horses, mares, cows, bulls, dogs, bitches, ram.cats, and she-cats, sows, boars, jack-asses, she-asses, snakes, lizards, lions, worms; in a word, the whole produce of beastliness, purely sor no other cause than to gratisy a wicked and depraved appetite; but this taking its rise and backed among persons of rank and literature, far surpasses my conception to account sor.

Club. As our superior abilities, in this our enlightened age and hemisphere, have sound that our brains are gods, and that these gods die when we lose our wind, and turn into dust as we do, the whole being composed and engendered from matter; this being so, it will be phrenzy and fretsul to our manhood not to make every effort for enjoyment whilst our wind remains inclosed in our body, or lungs play. Upon the whole, man is neither more or ;less in dignity than the earth-worm that creeps and glides on the sursace of the earth. the hypothesis of our new and enlightened philosophy.

Moses. You outstrip the savages on the Cape of Good Hope, whose cloathing is the entrails os' beasts hung about their waists, which serves O 3 for for covering, victuals> and nosegay; they use no dressing by fire. These entrails are what they covet, every thing more is not known than what pure nature has allotted. But we do not find among these savages that wicked and abandoned lise that leads you to herd with beasts. Your Brain God, is desseated by the Brainless Torroise, which, among the brute creation, according to inspection, comes the nearest in sagacity to reason, in her care, vigilance, watchsulness, subtlety at the time of propagating and preserving her progeny from being destroyed by the turtler, their adversary. To dwell on the observations that has come under my personal knowledge would be tedious, let this, therefore, suffice, that instinct impressed actuates the brute creation, and the foul man dependant on the will and permission of theirGreat Author, .who gives laws to His creation, from the supreme or spiritual intelligences to the minutest atom.

Club. The brain is the seat of wisdom, it is the source and origin of will, memory and understanding; without brains no image or idea can obtain formation.

Moses. Admit what you advance to be true, that the brain is the principal seat of will, memory and understanding, theresore, the supreme part of the material nature of man is the brain-, but man being of two natures, spiritual the soul, and material the body, the soul, which animates the body, resides in a more perspicuous and clear manner in the brain, from which lodge she persorms her operations, evidently shewing the brain to be pare singled out for he?

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