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palace or more immediate residence, as mistress, from whence she displays her greatness. But observe, the Turtle has no brains, and not one animal of the brute creation more sagacious about the preservation of her offspring, which destroys your hypothesis or new philosophy of your enlightened age and hemisphere. Matter was created for man, and man for his Creator. Let us take a short view of the greatness, wisdom and goodness of our Divine Author, and will no more seek sor a sensual, or God made of matter, to indulge our wickedness and false conceptions. Let us consider every part, even the most trifling insect, (with the help of glasses) we shall evidently see the divine pencil pointing out a thousand beauties. '1 he herbs and flowers that fade in a day display numberless beauties, and we rise in a regular progression until we arrive at man, Image of his Great Creator. In him you will see the Infinity of his God. In man you will contemplate your God. He is nothing less than vicegerent, commissioned under the seal of his God to display his Greatness and rule with glory and honour. In man. you will see a prosusion of all that can be wished sor, both philosopher and gentleman of the faculty, find a labyrinth of amazements, which are impenetrable. If we view and contemplate the heavenly bodies, their immensity and number, the unmeasurable space of the starry regions, which produce new worlds, when man's ingenuity improves and strengthens their telescopes to pierce through the immensity of space and. reach those vast luminaries till then unknown, O 4 and and thought by some to beat at too great a

distance to.borrow their light from the. sun j. W<* are lost in immensity, where shall we.end, j -.

Clkb. Immensity ha,s no affinity to map, who is nothing more tlian a mite in the scale of the universe, it may amuse the remainicg frag-, ments of the old christian philosophy, our new philosophy; of this our enlightened age and hemisphere is grounded, on this unalterable and sundamental principle. Touch and enjoy; absence is not known, and would be a crime ijrjr. our new philosophy to mention, theresore, bring forth substantial matter, when you treat with a new phjlosopher of our enlightened age and hemisphere. Your five senses will produce matter which will meet with due respect, and considered meritorious, worthy reward:.the old spiritual philosophy is exploded, and in suture looked on, and who dare introduce it with contempt. A new philosopher of our enlightened age and, northern hemisphere, acknowledges himself a pig and requires to be considered a pig, and in every sense of the word treated as a pig; this and only this will Ihine forth the dignity of a new philosopher, of this our enlightened age and northern hemifpeere: and we have determined upon a resolution as soon as our advice has operated, which is. that a midwise immediately attend our most high lord archbishop, of Canterbury, who, through his great zeal for our new philosophy of our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, have brought on an indigestion, or rather piled and pent up a -whole troop of voracious neighbours in the womb of

a tre

ft tVersteriduolis belly, which threaten serious consequences if hot disengaged, relieved' and set free: we have on receiving an embassdge from his lordship, corrrriffioned his-- lordship-s holts to a sase midwise, order'no a proper clyster of castor oil, arid with the tincture of tantaradin gently rubbed over the pipe to encourage a titulation; all which are to:be administered by' the old woman, into the anus j which medicine will rouse his lordship to make strong efforts to an abolition. and unsheathing his womb of so large a group of savages; when we shall wait on his lordship. praying his,acceptance of precedence to our society of new philosophers, of our enlightened age and northern hemisphere; on his lordship-s acceptance, we will in procession wait on their high mightinesses, praying their interesting themselves with the legiflative body of Great Britain, for installing his lordship with the superior dignity of cardinal, which high dignity will grace our Protestant cause, and being the first in the annals of the resormation, will give great energy and force, and draw subordination to the banner of our new phi'osophy of our enlightened age and northern hemisphere •, when his eminence will issue his decree as follows. To all my substantializing children be it known: I Luther, cardinal, priest, lord archbishop, metropolitan and primate of all England, with all and every part or paijjel theieunto appertaining and belonging, empires, kingdoms, principalities. colonies, with all and every their appendages whensoever, and wheresoever, might,appear

stir, only within the limitation of our great, 'wile, and benevolent mother, from whom and through whom we receive our being, and every bltfssing we enjoy, expect, wish or covet, from this time forth sor evermore, greeting. Be it my.dear and beloved children, with whom I am in labour until now, known, that ye hold yourselves in readiness, according, and in due subordination to this our mandate erected, built, and founded on the sirm principle and bulwark of substantiality, proved, consented and allowed by ihe five senses; that is to fay, seeing or spying, hearing, tasting, fuelling and feeling; which are the principles that form and compose our new philosophy, of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. Item, be k known that we are approved of, and selected by the unanimous and substantial body of new philosophers, of this ou.' enlightened age and northern hemisphere, chies and prime Pig, and first in repute, to watch over, issue decrees, and set ffee from stings and remorse which insect and teaze the heart also shame and dismay which teaze the aforesaid, and rob, pilser, and maim the injured captive: all and every restraint are by the asorelaid commission and authority secluded; so that peace, harmony, good-scilowsmp, jollity, merriment, mirth, laughter, funninels, and in a word every happiness and diversion, with unremitted pleasure wherever we go. Item, No neighbour in suture of the seathered race, to be plucked, or neighbour of the sour-sooted be sheared, but good manners and neighbourly agreement,

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with voluptuous harmony reign free cost. Item, the extraordinary indulgence bequeathed unto the she-pigs, or new semale philosophers of our enlightened age, and wheresoever our enlightened authority extends and commands reach, in addition to pure nature, in dress is, a wreath of flowers about the head, and a jerkin or strait jacket or bandage, twelve inches in length, beginning under or below the breast or paps, and finishing or ending above the mole or naveL The he or male pigs something similar to the jerkin, but different head-dress, fay, a close cotton cap. Item, to remove scandal, misconception or demur, and take away slumblingblocks that may arise either through prejudice, misconstruction, or malici and slander, that I, being first in eminence in protestantism, should be so in materialism. Know ye, theresore, and be lt decreed, that Protestantism protests and prohibits all Catholic or general laws that went and were received until that or their epoch, which we term vagaries and whims of spirit, dreams of old women, in order to give place to substantiality, which firm both protestantism and materialism are grounded upon, and are Cousin Germans, springing from one ocean of sweetnesses. Protestantism is sounded upon this unalterable and substantial fact; that is to say, every man adheres to his positive opinion, which proceeds from his brain. Materialism believes, as thev doi in the brain. Protestantism was adopted by Martin Luther, when the morning dawn of our Bright Luminary, new Philoso-. phy, glimmered and peeped through the black


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