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eient, herd* $»a* being delivered from spiritual malady, which chain down the silly urchin with sears^dreads, remorse, frights, with many dread* ful calamities, which dismay, prevent free action and inrercourse of enjoyments, drowne-4 and ingulphed in all sensual and seeling pleasure It is this insatiable and lustful gust we mutually are stretched forward to grasp, and bear away the prize. To conclude, we in body compact, your dutisul pigs and kids, in imitation of the sublime council of Athens (Areopagus) made use of the midnight to present per-obedience, duty and submission, craving your acquiescence to be Lord paramount of the pew philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, We farther intreat your parental indulgence to accept with clemency the title we here beg to instal you. Molt eminent Cardinal, chief, leader, head, centre, and grand Link, that ties and couples the protestants, the first-born kids, with us your stye of sturdy pigs, and, should your Eminence think meet, for peace and good agreement betwixt your herds, kids, and pigs, to insert the sew iines set down, which your dutisul underlings have, with great humility, deigned to offer with themselves downcast at your sublime seet,, r ;:

won bne ,rt.c- \.t-*-- n. . . .t-3%4t;$pmtfials maty be dene away* -... • ..-; -sradnd mutual harmony rest in clay, i - si . .-.r / .ay lo Jlbrm ^di :\ -^v.? -. i^1 . .m.-t

iiilsuthtr.. Th«ts5?pjUsm)aytbe freed and delivered Iri^dewbrPi'tiriscrpple^ .that .might by* and by

?pise>..Jflycfeijig tfce- .psemifefc of&ppainting me

Sire, ®«;nClitcsir5uid Head'fisfiiife' how iphStofoftrrj* of ithis' birr «nlightenedia*g*'and northers herttiv spheres jiBe fix kndwsnto the Great Woildiatlaegfe? and ounriorttferAnemispfiere in particUtarimh'ao your Appointment, 'as aforesaid, proceeds notf fnaim you*; bbf as instruments made choice of f>yeur;great raicther, source and origiacif ©ot new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, egged and pu.flied ori, as it were, by an unknown hand; for observe,. w« ire never to express spiritual influences, being new philosophers of this our enlightened age. and; northern hemisphere, whose whole and sole terminate and rest in materialism. I> theresore,' repeat, by an unknown hand, to appoint' this worthy subject, our dearly beloved in Gdduiosl beg sorgiveness for expreiHons as heretofore^ or the' like of that, as the saying is, ourfifter and help-mate, Mrs. Midnight, as is by aprophetic spirit, another bye-word which I humbly crave• pardon, or the like of that; but, supposing' the case true, this our sister, as I was faying, espied two strange mysteries in the act of delivery;, and this attestation is affirmed and confirmed also, by this our dearly and most beloved brother,; Mr. Host, who are living and faithsul witnesses' to these great, phenomenons, and, .as by inspiration, another bye-word, I crave sorgivenefe# or the Jike ,of that, as the faying; is,.;.doiiy»r mungey, .our sister, as soon as the nature d£nhA> malady required disctosingand layingthe laweei face bare, Ihe cried, as if in extasy,. a prodigy i-i the crab! .J'hold it is impossible, that fanqiflite** ra;c oid.woman, iHikte.infpired

influence, I am loftHm fpfrhv \ h heartily Jtotreat yo»B philosophy's pardon, of this our enlighten edr_age and northern hemisphere, ourssistiec'ijsr ©Onpbilosopher, neither our Host, yet, fion, may cry out, the crab. Forgivr,oi ;bcy seech you, these spiritual interpolations* they unauthorized escape, and flip from meiuasvA kawe often heard my poor father declare, who< would not advance a falsity, that he was mucit hag-ridden, and being told when the hag was; ornhim, to fay, In the name of the Father, and o£. the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, which he. faithfully complied with, the next night, when the hag sprung from him, but being upon the watch, he c.itched hold of her tail and it flipped from.him like silk or cotton. At that instant,, his brother being awake, cned out, "Sam, a.' great cat has passed through the window." This;' window was close lathed er wattled, lest un-i piaistered, for the light to pass through the' spaces,, scarce an inch. My poor father, God, rest his soul, or the like of that, as the faying.; is., was, until the last twenty yeare of his iise^.; a rigid churchman; he would not for hrs hfti have neg'lected having the large family table on.ail and every Sunday throughout the year, regularly placed in the middle or centre of the great hail, as I am now placed, and fixed, by joint conscne and appointment of the realm and church of England, and. you, my dearly belovedin God, another spifttual .flip or escape,.' orviheiike of chat; as the faying is, but then, a«n suppose, do ye mungey,tas a strong ^Bright LmkiftoiBe&irmi iettle^and iivet j?»u .irry: herds

'•Pi iff


.in bht compact, unisorm, firm bodyjiikeifttttrtg fortress. But as I was fayingf ray poonfathw, God rest his sool, I crave platdoftjiinwudingittoe 'spirit, or the like of that, oh your bfrghrrie&j my poor father would have the taWeMd^dftt . all around, ar equal distances, a ricfr displays'tf the most beautisul common-ptaye.r books' ^std the great Church Bible on a stand sor hiitofcJs as parson, where all the family, nnderpaiff"tf a hearty drubbing were obliged to assemble and behave with great decorum, until the . whole service, according to the church of England, by parliament established, was gone through. Some of our books were decorated with a number of cuts, greatly pleased us children, and made great impressions on our young minds, of Jove to Christ and his commandments, which the others did not, mine, I suppose, having none, I sound no relish, but diverted myself 'without being perceived, sor sear of a stroke of the parson's stick, under the table, I being but little was not noticed. . . ''•

Club. Your eminence was pleased toorjservej that the good old parson, your father, God rest his soul, we beg your eminence's sorgiveness on our bended knees, for ihe spiritual flip that escaped, as the hag out of the good parson's your father's hand., but these instances will take place do what we well can to prevent them. You were pleased to mention a change the last twenty years of the good parson's lise, we beseech you to indulge us. c .'

Luther. You must know it is innate arid our family complaint, the love of. money. My

father, ( )

~fathers being Cuftus of the parish, decided a strttterof thest against the offender or culprit,. r^P!b=o brought an action against my father, and faring been a servant of one who influenced the assizes' t>r court, my father was cast, and fined. The end was,.the family religion, and prayer-books, &c. were disbanded and totally : &id aside. My poor father, from that epoch, '< became a strong stickler sor the new philosophy r«f this our enlightened age and northern hemiiphere, changed the spirit and religion into ridicule; but whenever he mentioned the affair <>f the hag, or heard it spoken, he recoiled and became sad, declaring, it was a matter of conviction in which himself was the principle, convinced by an experimental fact, a little besore his death, which was upwards of seventy, blind, and no longer a relish sor lise or money, he jfcemed to return and acknowledge his God. I will now resume the brightness of our illumination, and think it absolutely necessary to give ks proper place of destination on the journals of our new philosophy of ihisour enlightened age and northern hemisphere. Mrs. Midnight and Host, will you draw near, and as my supporters, assist, expose, shew, and explain, as you have been taught by an unknown hand or influence, this great mystery of the lower face, in which face is displayed the crab.

Midwife. How can you be so plaguy nasty, you dirty pig, to expose your filth? If this be your new philosophy of this your enlightened age and northern hemisphere, iris, I consess, . the most-diabolical,, imprudent, ignorant, and

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