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tonnatural jargon that ever since Noah's ark. ens tcred the world, your brood of Jackanaps, simple coxcombs, bewitched to your unnatural lusty what is it you wish to exoose? why, truly, the fruit and punishment of an unnatural connection which 1 am told reigrs predominant in. you new philosophers, and which is now con^.; vincing, look at ir, a venereal of the most black kind, a cancer; and without exaggeration, cancer, ipider, crab; it bears the face the three, or in troth, the cancerated Spider Crab. • • , J Luther. Sit down and write quick, this is as, prophecy of the sirst magnitude, in which protestancy and new philosophy are linked, and suture harmony and union depend 5 Spider, emblem of wisdom, the vkais of philosophy, Crab the most delicious morsel, another, and the most principle clue, which both protestancy and new philosophy can be united in, being the ground and main pursuit of both religions., Here it is, I will unite them. Cancer, one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac, limiting the fun's extent and tract in our northern hemisphere, and with her tropical line commands thus far proud luminary, but no farther.' Up,, this suprnne sign, Cancer, the fon displays her brightness, brilliancy, lustre, and superabundance of all her greatness, is sorce, power, beneficence, and, in brief, the sulness of blessings, to the new philosophy os this our enlightened age and nor;hern hemisphere, and community, at large. My regulaiions, on my return to the great capital of the world, will be in the most conspicuous part, fay St. James's or Hyde-. , t, »2$> J ^ .f *

Park, to have erected a 'magnificent triumpha' arch, fixed Upon a point near the sursace of the (earth, on which it . can be twirled about; la that this unparalelled phenomenon, jprodigy and grand luminary of the new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, shall from one to two o'clock, every Thursday, throughout the year, unless' some cause prevent the exhibiting, the display and full-fraught, fondamental fongency ana unknown novelty unto this our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere.. In the centre, over the arch, shair be a circular hole, of a proper size, so as to fit my lower face, from whence will be displayed the centre of union, as a bright sun, or foll moon, exposed with its treasure, or inestimable jewel, grand link, that unites and binds in brotherly love my two flocks, protestant kids, and philosophic pigs, the treasure of bewitching delights, Cancerated Spider Crab, we may, without any impeachment of our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, call it the wonder of wonders, mystery of mysteries, great bulwark, gordian knot of union.

Which secret knot', like serpents, twine'
And twist in one, both goats andswine.
My elder flock, of pretty kids,
And new-born race of lovely pigs.

The whole apparatus shall be displayed in the most gorgeous, sumptuous, and splendid. ap

Q^. pearance. pearttnce, 'but without cost; ¥Msia$ being &rrtf eve*--has been an invariable rule throughou*tliseri in my conduct, -and I should tfofrfider h ao^i*-' pardonable breach to part with money for anymatter, cause, or thing whatsoever } 'it iswirthe^ stance from my forefathers; we place our great relation, as I have sometimes heretofore omentioned, Doctor Tillotson, as a beacon, from .whom we are sworn never to retract. Every handicraft lhall think himself much noticed fifttlfc well contented. All things shall be dontf with exactness and order; beautified, embellished, and adorned with trophies of knight-errantry and seats of chivalry, of this our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. The prime or impnre excrescences Cancerated Spider Crab fiiall displays life^bfflt liancy, richness and celestial glory painted ift strong colours, fay, the outer part or border of the face yellow, in imitation of an immense fun-flower, glittering of golden rays* the-crab red, with its mouth or centre of union-black?, which will expose each part sully and to advantage, particularly to the ladies and gentlemen that cannot, through the great concourse of people, get near; but by glasses and addition of paint aforesaid, seast and banquet on this delicious object of enchanting delights; during the hodr of audience this great luminary shall with gradual pace be turned round, to grant both kids and pigs, my dearly beloved'the heart-selt wish of their fouls. We-next 'artfitie to the'most substantijd ancFefi>ntiar^oinf, Wfrifch is the philosopher-s stone, strong guards oT tshe

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eacJv;;d^y•4 the second, say two hundred and rtfeytfs so. that the whole, yearly, will make a;;pnet<y saving, &c. ha, ha, ha. That the whole be conducted with princely magnisicence and pomposity, which grandeurs will grapple, ain«ti .'a« bird-lime do flies, catch the mind, or spider, emblem of wisdom, the same insect, iq^ her gurious trammel, beat down and put to. difc&ay all , spiritual gainsayers, and bring the whole world under the banner of our great and TBbctofiouS triumph, when my decrees shall blaze., abroad and scatter, mist, doubts, megrims .and sears, instal the day-star (Cancerated SpiderrCrab) of this our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, an4,ssat it;#>n the throne of Majesty. So be it, ©r;the like of that. That we may give you a Feiat glimpse., a grand display of various in-ftEumtnt£, military^ and all kinds of music, 'both vocal and instrumental, sounds shall rend ^h€;Vftst.regions above, and set all nature aghast; the human heart will drop like wax placed be^^[a.fwnace, from whence, as the terrible *if#g|fcs of proud Ætna and Vesuvius, in their W&$fk violent, frightfol, gnashing, freaks Jos :;fcei?geaBcej vomit an,d spout rivers of fire, ~ttiiojg%vjv,id and limpid torrents, rolling in ra?pi4i,strfi*ms,. fof rn, ipa^ch,,/^yr, joogcjj.and!, wir ;i^er^wa^g ^yninfe ctipu^c



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