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sefee the body or corpse of the late philosopher Ignatius, wherever it can be found, and coEpcyH it to its interment. We have ordered them at; seve&precisely.:T'' • :v i.h. tii

vMqse's. What the law privileges must be complied with; I also- grant, that the principles of the Republic, which are Calvinistical, set apart, or separated from the spirit, are the principles of the new philosophy' of this our enlightened age ai.d northern hemisphere. Calvinism disallowing the reality of sin, granting the hody or material part, the full glut of its passions to; the utmost extent, without remorse, or imn peachment to the soul. Your new philosophy, that there is no God, consequently every action is of the fame quality and nature; so that all restraints, preserence, or distinctions, in any matter whatsoever, opposite to the will or inclination, proceeds from meanness, bashsulness, low birth, ignorance, and derogating from the amiable, pliant, condescending, and gratifying tendency, with sweet repose of the senses; the agent that actuates and invigorates the polite circles, and chiefly persons of rank or high birth, in general, they being observed to be more sharp-sighted, who form these circles, that give grace to the inserior circles or theit species in general, who wish to be fashionable y so that, upon mature reflection, you have every advantage in the legislative power. I theresore submit. '- - "Ji

Club. Your remarks are just. Protestancy tots the glimmering dawn and approach of our new philosophy of this our enlighicoedage and ssial northern. -hftrthcrn hemisphere, out of the old spiritual lethargy of christian stupidity and superstition, but remained as one escaped from prison, who sti41 remains with sears and anxiety. In this situation protestancy remained, after her escape from the iron rod of popery, with remorse and ttings of conscience. The Calvinist, in some degree, paved the way for our new philofophy, by allowing the flesh her darling desires, glutted and emerged in the whole catalogue of what popery terms fins, without reproof or reflection on the soul, unless. through ignorance, the foul should conceit a fin, as such, it became a burthen to the foul, which was tthe great impediment that kept alive certain restraints on many weak minds, particularly the fair sex, which barred a thousand sweet odours. But our new resorm takes off and changing the face of those fragments that remained unchanged; so that, .upon the whole, it is no more than a new Reformation on the protestant religion, popery being equally detested by us, as by the old Reformation. We feed on. the protestant kernel, the banquet of the senses, and set adrift the rags of popery, remorse, or idle notions of immortality- , .

Nurse. What tumult or riot* with a clatter at our door ^ bodekins, I will be with them j oddsbobs, we are attacked by a troop of ruffian*. Well, master Gingerbread, what bustle or.set-to are you dinging in our ears? behave with respect or your nose shall be brought to the grind

ftOilfi . ... it

. / Officers, •^uO^R|J^if;S4dey>puss',"we'act according to the charact*•iq©Y bur osfice, If through imprudence or «tfe»i'l crime you come* under the"'lash of our republic,' wefSfre' her veterans to execute her


Moses. Produce your authority, which shall be respectsully complied with. 'I.' ', to .'v ;.'

Officers. Sir, here is oar warrant, to demand, sei2e and convey the corpse or dead body of the late new philosopher, Ignatius, of this our enlightened age and northern hamisphere, and farm sasely convey to the vault where he lost hi* wind sor the cause of truth and virtue, by braving death, according and in pursuance of a complaint lodged by the club of new philosophers of this our enlightened age and northern' hemisphere..

. -Moses. Act according to your warrant; all things are at the disposal of the law. '•1 - T . ••.

Glub. Search the other apartments for the Corpse; bur, until it' is produced, take this Israelite and old woman into custody.

.NAr/e. I will, pett-soggers, scratch your eyes ^>ut, is you osser to come near. I inherit the vigour of the republic, which shall go down with my grey hairs to the grave. A true Cal1Vinist 1 have lived, and a true Calvinist, zooks, old Robin, 1 shall die; pshaw on you, braza.r loons, I will teach you the rudiments of ol& Sterling; have-at-you, Dickey; 1 will give a Roller for your Oliver. So be it,. Major? ''*

Officers. Mighty lords of philosophy of this our enlightened age and bright northern hemisphere, here sits a man in the next apart

R ment, mem, will your lordships order himihto cufto- ,

dy es an accomplice, i . u t b.j

Club. Most assuredly, whoever you oerceive within the walls of the late philolopheiv Ignatius, bring sorth* :1 "»o/ lo

Officers. Here is the culprit? ".sum Horn

Chb. Alack, our brother, who was dead, but is alive; he was lost, but is sound: sorrow ;arid anguish filled our hearts; lise, from death,;pet. animates, revives, and with redundant bri)fian•cy crowns our joy. Who dare kick againftthe pricks, the new philosophy of this our '•enlightened age and northern hemisphere h.Q«fr beloved, embrace your darlings, most valiant champion of the cause of truth and wisdom, Ignatius. Alas, my brethren, you are witnesses' of my death in the cause of your new philosophy of this your enlightened age and northern hemisphere.

Club. We are witnesses to your heroic death.

Ignatius. You are now witnesses of my being alive, confirm your senses in this truth.

Club. We attested your death, and are willing to attest your being alive.

Ignatius. Handle me, and know I am no phantom, but am substantially Ignatius, that stood foremost in your cause. •

Club. We are ready to confirm what you require by our oaths, or other public attestations, srom which we hope to draw great merit so our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere.'''

Ignatius. Iam no longer a philosopher ttf.tHia your.enlightened age, but a poor popWh priest, and humble Ex-Jesuit. Club.

Club. You revive us by resuming your wonted satyrical, jocund and pleasant vein; death) witfe,»lJ its.terrorsj cannot change the wag.

Ignatius. Your accusations, whilst a member of your new philosophy, are too just, and it is mod true, from the date of my quitting the allegiance to. nny God until my death, the spirit of irony, setting all persons or things, that did not coincide with my humour, in a ridiculous light. O the danger that attends man, and but one narrow track marked out by his Creator, in which he will arrive to bliss j all but this leads to perdition and is the production of the flesh, world, and devils, sucked in by reprobate, ignorant, and base minds; who are formed for the pure enjoyment of their God, but being privileged with the noble and illustrious quality of free-agency, abuse this charity of their God, and become obsequious to various obscene, unnatural, and numberless filthy and beastly lust; for it is an inherent quality in man to love, and this, according to nature, should be his God, himself and all other parts of the creation in 'proper degrees of proportion, in due subordination and rectitude to this first and prime love. But when, through misconduct, the pipe, conductor or stream of this pure natural love ceases to stow or communicate, the quality still remaining, a restlessness takes place, the mind beingspiritual cannot cease to act, and for want of its;,proper object, fall as a hungry wolf on every creature, without distinction, that offers thei^»stlpkafttre to his insatiable, burning. and ^H^in*li«^peUt*i- b.uc without that effect the

• R.*.; soul

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