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monitor^ matfki tow time and aprize raalf, as i well-known.cockj the morning watch and time of adion. > Great Luther, high and -mighty liOrdi centre and grand Link x>f the-old and new; Resormations, and whereas Aaron, highpriest of the Jews, wore an Ephod, composed tss/oreand back pans, coupled on the moulders with a i circular hole in the centre, through 'which was placed and appeared his head.; Ttt. like manner the two resorms, the old or backfide, and new or sore side, coupled by brotherly love, with our joint head or common fathery - * placed in the intermediate space or centre, comprize the alliance and form one society, which will be impregnable against Pope, Turk and every other opposcr of what kind or sort soever. This similar complexion engages and demands our first and great Cardinal-s Pontifical robes (he being Head, Pope, or High-priest of the two Resormations) be according to the pattern handed down from Aaron, all which will be finished and our Holy Fa,h'-r habited this nights as ordered, at our common expence, not exceeding a small stipend. The patterns are as follows. Exod. 28th chapter. An Ephod of gold, blue, purple, scarlet, with fine twine liners cunningly wrought, two shoulder-pieees, joined at the two edges, a curious girdle of the Ephod, of like workmanship, two onyx-stones, on which were engraved the twelve tribes, six on each. In lieu of the twelve tribes shall be engraved on the lest shoulder, Old Resormation, and upon the right, new philosophy of this our enlightened aJc and northern hemisphere, our


Holy Father-s Head issuing out of the centric cavern, adorned, bedecked, bedashed, and embellished with substantial requisites, a true copy of Adonis, offspring of Sinyras and Myrrha* remarkably beautiful, and extremely beloved by Venus and Proserpine. A curious mitred cap, engraved on the fronts imitating Aaron-s, but with this difference, that on Avon-s was engraved Holiness to the Lord our holy fathers shall be, Holiness to our Brains. This,.well wrote, will display great magnificence, and draw great respect to our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. A breast-plate also, copying Aaron-s, but with this difference, that on Aaron bore the names of the twelve tribes of Israel upon his heart. Our Holy Father will, on his heart, bear the name, of our incorporated societies, as aforesaid, on the two onyx-stones, placed on his shoulders, that is, the old Protestant Resormation and the new philosophical resorm. Our Holy Father will be sanctified, and being prodigious gross, will display great Majesty enthroned, dressed in his robes, ornamented and decorated in all, and every part, and enriched with a border of bells and pomegranates round about, so that we can never sufficiently admire the strangeness and grandeurs of the new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. We have, in imitation of Aaron-s' sons, ordered, with this difference, twelve suits, instead of three, for the greater glory, a common expression of old Ignatius of Loyola; for, as he would have it, of God, but . us,

us, the new philosophy of this our enlighrened age and northern hemisphere. 'I hese additional suits will add greater glory and honour to our triumph, and with the prodigious communities held ouc to the senses at large, compact and draw the vigorous world with universal concourse to our Areopagus, or midnight sittings or sessions, to receive universal freedom in every inclination that is capable of Titilation. And all, and every the aforesaid blessings commenced .and was settled in common-council assembled, according to our joint consent, you being head, and chies of the committee, besore the almost fatal catastrophe, in which conflict, though the most noble, disinterested, and heroic that has been. known, yet, had not your wind returned, we should have been lest in a dismal plight, incomplete and inconsolable. We shall, with grand shouts of applause, at the midnight watch place you at our head, bedecked, robed, and made sine, in our new dresses, calling aloud on all fides sor illuminations throughout the streets, to join the procession, and with one continued roar, both vocal and instrumental, proclaim the victorious triumph of the new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere.

Loud thunder rears, from pole to pole,

1he war.Jong note, with bells that toll,

Intone grand eclat,' mans no soul.

Echo rejound the pleasing lay,

Man matter is, formd out of clay,

Enlightened philanthropy's day.

Tol de rol tel, tal de ral la a.


Moses. What was dfgustful, you us tell,
Is now fragrant, exhale a smell,
Which leads the gay, end's now the belk.
What times are ours, when scurvy race .c.
Gives law to man, as is the case,
Unlink'd from shame, and void of grace.

CJ cl de rol tol, tal de ral la a.

Ignatius. Hodge-podge rabble, as screech-owls


Like ape lustful, betray the meek,

And virgin rose, you bastards seek.

Myself^ like you, I had no peace, .. .. •

But only when, immerg'd in grease,

Foul lust, I mean, on which I'd feast.

Tol de rol, tal de ral la a.', .;

Your abandoned and reprobate state is truly pitiable, and when I consider myself a chiestain or leader, os your irrational ribaldry, filthy, dirty, and impious philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, Idetest and abhor myself as 1 really amf• the vilest and most perfidious reptile, not worthy the name of creature; unless a fiend, even this far surpaCes mydepraved,degenerateand vitiated state. Had I lost my reason, ignorance would be a barrier to plead my innocence; but .my reason remained and I a rebel reprobated and brought it into subjection, making it a time-server, bearing down remorse and stings of conscience,' icontriving, pleading, conniving, consenting, enjoying and willing, a temporal and base ptea... 1'.. .. . ..\•• •. • .• sure sure of the flefli, preserable to its duty and eter-' nal selicity.

Club. By judging, condemning . and reprobating yourself, you accuse, reprobate, condemn and vilify the new philosophy of this our. enlightened age and northern henhisphere.

Moses, if your new philosophy of this our enlightened age and' northern hemisphere be truth, there is no God; and is no God, there can be no judge, is .no judge, no judgment, and is no judgment, no trial, is no trial, no condemnation, and, is no condemnation, what you have advanced is absurd and obnoxious and disgracefol to reason, common fense and sound philosophy, which proves your new philosophy of this your enlightened age and northern hemisphere to be an impeachment or accusation against reason, truth, wisdom, and sound philosophy, degrading human nature. On the reverse, is there is a God, as all nature bears evidence, but yourselves, mock tribe, your new philosophy perishes; so that, view it at what aspect you will, you will prove it a common dunghill, fabricated by the ignorant and vicious bucks and bloods, to destroy harmony, order, faith and honour, with each other> and live reprobates. Ignatius and I wiil meet you at Luther's, in three days, in th'd morning ac 12.

Scene changes. Moses > Boy, and Notaries.'

Boy. Daniel qth chaoter. Messiah shall be cut off, but not for himself; and tee people of the


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