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by you, ^ whomyou dedicated an image,as to a God, in an, inland of the river Tiber, between d^e, ^w^ %i4g<?b .with this Latin inscription, Siisipsri J)$p i^^. that .iSttto Simon the Holy Qo^.",,, irlim, theresore, the Samaritans, and somex)f other nations, consess to be the Great Gjpd^fled vworfcip him j as also, one Helena, ajjj^iat ^ime, a constant companion of his, who heretqsore was a prostitute in the stews of Tyre, a .ojLy .of. Phenieia, and her they term the prime nfitigni ^(qr ,firlt conception). Another, one Theudas, who persuaded a multitude of people tqitak* their goods with them and follow him t(?llhlt;r/yer Jordan; sor he said, that he was a prophet, and would by his command part the waters of the river, and asford them an easy passage. over, By such speeches he deceived maay; but Fadus (who was then Procurator of J^ctea) sussered them not to take the benesit of their madness, but sent out a body of horse, who falling on them at unawares, partly killed, and the r^d took alive j and having taken Theudas, they beheaded him, and carried his head to Jerusalem. Concerning the death of Simon, , some say, it was at Rome. An EgypU£Ti likewise rose up a false prophet, who annoyed the Jews, being a magician j yet ,the repute of a (prophet got together about thirty thousand men that he had seduced; and leading them out to the mount of olives, prepared by;f{prce to enter Jerusalem; and, having vanquished the Roman guards, to seize the principality, qvcr the people, .resolved to make them . hisigqaf&nWh^j with him, by violence catered .,d x S z the the city; but Felix prevented his atfiempt, having met. him with' the Roman soldiers^ «rtx& all the people-joined fbdit afflstarœe iri repelling hjs injurious violente-j^so thati xh& aslauft^being made, Ihe Egyptian fled with a few, and n>ost.of his party were stain or taken prisoners." •!. In a similar manner Jesus Christ, frorn what country he received his births there are various, conjectures. Some fay, an Egyptian, others a Samaritan; 'some again, a Galatian j fo^ that it remains a matter of doubt. This man gave himself out for the Messiah and the Son ofG&y, and as I observed in another conserence; was most artsully skilled in Art Magic, which! he also taught his followers; he also drew ntfrhr bers, promising to destroy the temple and building it without hands, and this greatvjsea^kftt three days, a fabric that was forty-seven years in building, forbidding to pay tribute to Caesar, and drew the people from the law of their fortfathers. - Him Israel found necessary to apprehend, and by^ raising the body of the people, compelled Pontius Pilate to crucify him'. These and many other impositions Israel was insested with at that period, being the time;ttterkedrout by.fihe scripture for the manisestation's the Messiah. 5-' net rjnnt\

-Boy. The princes of the earth stand up;' and the rulers take council against the !Lord HM against' His-Christ.! . mq r- to^, 1

gyestion. Didriw-puinces and^rblefs^rake council and put to 'death Simon Magus, ' for claiming- the title of Messiah or Soft of God* 7 .-- rJdi-v>U5 -as •> -. !. .bail aw ,MntJHi0sK

! jB/yi, Did they against Theudas', sor takingupon himself rh«se titles, Messiah and Son©fG©d?

Moses. Theudas claimed the title^of prophet by which we understand the Messiah.

Boy. Did the princes and rulers take council against the Egyptian and put him to death, sor f laiming to be the Messiah and the Son of God? . r: ..'

. Mo/es. He claimed, as Theudas, the title of prophet, and, no doubt, that of the Messiah. £je..made his escape, consequently could not be put to death. Theudas was beheaded when taken, and his head brought to Jerusalem, which prevented a trial.

\j\Boj'iSimon Magus was not arraigned at the judgment scat or tribunal of Pontius Pilate, who was governor of Judah, at the epoch parked by the scriptures, for the princes and rulers to fit in judgment, condemn, and put to death the Christ of God j neither were T.heudfÆjijiOr the Egyptian, which prove my assertion, that it was frivolous and not to our purpose, to bring sorward those impostors and place them competitors, to eclipse Jesus Christ the CrUG Messiah, as Pharaoh set the two magicians, Jannus and Mambres, to ridicule and oppose iVloses, and bring the designs of Almighty God ist$o and disrepute.

Moses. 1 hold it partial to decide upon a rflauer besore it has pasted a preptr examination. Facts must be proved at the bar of justice!,,; to obtain an impartial and .legal sentence. Tihcser men, we sind, is we arc reasonable beS 3 ings, ings, do not correspond with the, .marks the scriptures have pointed out to lead Israel to her Messiah, we theresore class and reject these men with Jesus, whom you call Christ.

Soy. You consuse and reject the Christ or Son of G6d, With the imps of hell, a~d have brought on yourselves the malediction' pronounced by the scriptures, Israel's reprobation, which you are a witness to this day, a bye-w6rd, and trod upon as vagabonds by alienations; and that determined, shall be poured upon the desolate. Daniel 9th chapter.

Moses. The Almighty God has rejected his people from the date the Messiah was promised, thjs Israel knows by near two thousand years rejection j and this reprobation clearly foretold througeout the scriptures, the cause sor rejecting, condemning, and putting to death her Messiah. But from whom is Israel to seek,redress? she has been guilty of the most black sacrilege, fobbed her God of lise, and entailed on herself eternal infamy.—Moses wfcepd±inr/1

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L •. JLnd of the Twelfth Conference, I

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Scene. Luther's apartment Luther jobe^j^tf Jewtjh High-Pyifst, seated in his nigiit^chai,^. for a throne, mounted on two stools,; the (flub robed andseated in great ft ate on his right and rleft. Rabbi Mo/es and the Eq-Jesuit, Ignsttiqs* . ,v;jkfront, facing them. 1'hr.ce Notariesfea^ai

Za/Zw. TP\ E A R Coz, you revive the cockles JLx of my heart, you are returned from an unpleasant jaunt. 1 am told, dear Coz, ystU lost your wind, but being possessed of a larger portion of brains, the God of the new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, you contrived and effected your escape back, to regorge with your beloved .brethren, and duck anew in fleshly gust; yet, happy you, my Coz, that has, no doubt, used sj'aur vigour in the enjoyment of those seas of delights you plunged yourself with the starry nymphs, seasting with iniatiating glut. O ye gods, why am 1 here in the old mire, filth, common stew, or brothel, in which sixty and .more years hard service have rendered irksome. I consess my Eminence is fixed and placed on the high turret or pinnacle of this world, riding on the heads of princes, tramp'ing on the necks of the Great, and using as a sootstool all the tribes of the earth, issuing my thunder against the strong, and pin down with strong setiers all who dare gainsay or squint awry. Dear cousins, I grant, dr.ead and fright will be universal throughout the world, my power being immensity; but the sword os the mighty is boih sharp

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