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and; pointed^aioft gaui;fertjra orry^ocyteraJaffen tO'dohfcend job nppose toy rnigk«y iraris ^ndwwijjro Pop3r•,vGentrej andgrand L^i ate, whlrchl waaqw str* j luihoiaind link*, in. one; bonds, the! tutoJ mightyr, etnpires of both.R«sbTmati©msrno; i;l 23lb.fCD ,Aad yet vkh all iyaur boasted; grrnifi J deurs, and mighty armies, a6 Haroari.ehyi*dn Mordecai's humble tranquillity, so yon; stnyyc and arc piqued at poor Ignatius's herx>iccdea*hh and restoration your palled^ yet Unquersebidar/' able lust, avarice, envy, and a train' of unsbrtdiedi inclinations, that human nature is susceptible! 5 i yodhave (pig like) made it your study to seast and gratisy, as you boast, from your infancy 66! your present superannuated stage of decrepidity.^: be warned; the day of your Jise is far spentyftheo cvening is arrived, and night close on. your heels, when, without a speedy change of morals*; > I much sear you will go empty, with your grey hairs to the grave, and in the regions of death howl your eternal lot. . •• •• 1 . v ., 0; ,.=> 1

Club. Rabbi, your sorward speech is no ways gratefol in the ears of the new philosophers of this our enlightened and northern hemisphere; but to charge the lord of the mighty empires of resormation with being wrong, is beyond all dispute unprecedented, unpopular, degrading, frightsul, old fashio'ned, unpleasant, hard favoured, innovating, insane, untractable, disrelish ing, anatomizing, deadly, no ways usesul to genteel society, bringing an old exploded bugbear to intimidate and frighten, as the old women do children with raw-head and bloody bones, or old Harry the'Eighth; so in like manner your. old spiritual malady, stings of conscience, and re

.jost. y 'morle;

romtsej'ftyr Tfrhati OThytrjioih# ftoo^icibreafiws Batc offiwwting theiCrea'torvi srnol ;l»iw^ deprivedubis> ptfsTenpef which wn»w ph ia;csbpher heard ly Jwisl^efi; rrex^to behfcrdv nbnbe' plagued w>Wi his cbreatsy i caresses, or tormaOTs,'ftout to>iertjoy the ^good thmgjEprHfent? ^t'rhe ntfktiisei ifariy, pjAfliaile nfcw pleasures' to succeed this, that we may witho\Jtmbansrmeot inebriate, and enjoy .e«;h otherii this should;he the language or garland jf sweet• persume*;' presented; tofiquir; jjoi.d'BWstifsaihcry , hfesd and chief of rhe new philosophy of this 'our enlightened age and northern hemisphere.

'l.Mtber. One hundred and fifty vears was the life of old Par, and, I think, one hundred .and sixty; the age of one Gibson, myself seventy-five, or theirke os that, do ye mungey; now, supposing'the'Case thus, look and observe my compilation, then cry out, his sellow is not, G Israel, rrry .fldn is stretched by firm, hard, and substaro. • rial flesh; as the head of a drum braced for battle, so that with every requisite I enjoy, I have not, or the like of that, arrived to the zenith or meridian of lise. Odds bobs! I am lusty and strong, and can roar out a song. All things duly considered, 1 am the great one of the earth; I bless my stars for the instantaneous exaltation, inflallaiion, superabounding excellencies, with unparagoned attributes, which sorm memiirJi grace, the darling of the universe. Whilst I remained an humble dependant and parson of the old resormation,I was much embarafled and overwhelmed with qualms ,isearsT stings of conscience, and remorse or lowness of spirits whenever 1 enveloped my ou:ward man in the sweets of the slcsh, or transgressed Moses's commandments;

Tnents; for, though a pracestant^' J had/not itbe knack of coining new tenets; to givieipeacry os relieve the mind ; which untoward weaknessgol suppose, or the like of that, do je mungey^iwas the original spring of the new 'philosophy iof thi& our enlightened age and northern hecnifglwfle. Ignatius, my coz, relieve me, your lord ami Jine} who am exhausted and borne down by theexaeedirtg great weight of glory that is come uponime, a happy hagges, as the faying is, do you mdn•. gey, or the like of that. But then, and suppose, you will answer me, or the like of that, do ye mungey. Most mighty monarch seatedoa nhe supreme throne of glory, and cloathed in ithe robes of majesty, wielding the sceptre of power, which bends all things to your nod, it is not ber. coming me, your vassal, to assume even to. live in your godlike presence; the aspect os your grandeurs melt and chill my heart. My dearest, begotten in the bowels of charity, how is ititta your great and heroic courage, and dauntless foul should recoil and fall back in my presence^ and not in these regions of death : this is a fresh acquisition to my immensity. Iam curious to be insormed of the manner and different stages you have passed through in lise j first, no doubt you passed in childish actions, then as has tome besore me in Jesuitism at their dissolutionf your body at least tome of you took un. brage at your then Pope, sor disbanding your society, who, as you considered yourselves, his body guard, chies order, the more honorable andfiibjtct^tO no controul butyour own superiors; your general you considered now do me, or the like of that, Pope and supreme of your society,

and crown tk therhead of the pope, as the faying

iSi or Æhejhke of chac, do ye mungey. A great kgiciaasof your-society, a sew weeks besore I eameonrnyitravels, in company with myself and fojkr'ofoupmiaiifters usrd a variety os vaguesubteB^uges to screen the society, and condemn poor Clemens j his argument went as he wished to prove that a spirit is immortal, consequently canr.ot be or suffer annihilation, even thoughcrimw nabahishe used much subtilty, art and cunning, (opcove and confirm by the fiends, who, though continuing their faction, still remain in power j upon this ground he placed his battering ram, and when he,had stored himself with a sumpuous dinner, he began, and did so ribroast Ganganclli that he kept us the whole evening in one continued.roar; he is the most artful wag that, as we consessed, ever wore a breeches. One while he endeavoured to shew the exploits of Ignatius, when an officer in the army; his undaunted couraget, which act finishes with the being vanquished by. the enemy, after playing off a thousand seats of chivalry j and a broken leg: this first act continued from five to six; in the course of which he found it convenient to take off six bumpers. He then eniers on the second act with his hero, taking up the lives of flints, whilst bed-ridden, from his wounds, and observed a warsare which he thought both honourable and profitable, as. it .glorified his Creator; and, as a magnet, draws souls to his banner, or sweet yoke of the goipel. After some tmne spent in rigorous pennance^ he threw himself prostrate at the seet of the JPopey and obtained his blessing, priesthood, and general of a new order, widi ibis appellation,

"The "The society of Jesus." His constitutions are copied from the lise of Christ, so that whoever would know the lise of a Jesuit will read and understand that of Jesus, from whom they are named. The society presently became formidable, and our great general deputed missioners to craverse the earth, and sow the maxims of the gospel both .by word and example in all hearts, by whose means C hristianity in a short time flourished in countries until then unknown, but to the wild and savage inhabitants, who being brought to the knowledge of their duty, became prudent, docile, dutisul and good christians. It was a common remark that the year the Augustine Friar, Luther, quitted his order, Ignatius of Loyola was called by God to raise an army to beat down that Herald, or Trumpet of the Resormation. The old Friar, to gain disciples, found it proper in p3rt to copy Mahomet in tickling the flesh by this predilection held out the invitation answered the desired esfect:, thousands of all denominations flocked to the standard of pleasure, and in a short time they became formidable to the old Christianity. Let us for a moment view the two competitors, the.old Friar drawing christians to his standard; the Jesuit, Infidels and savage nations, tothe standard of Jesus Christ, both equally great in their prosession. After the two patriarchs finished their

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