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Ipir it u?!- immun jties the,society weip;ptofiessi©a of, neither without being head and prince of tJbiS; cbuich, could Paul the ,gd, then PopejugifatJtjoQfIgnatius, our original, receive,, authority power to be formed and confirmed, with his dife ciples, a regular and strong fortress^whiGn^riadit' the powers of the earch jealous and helltrerpbJc>; faith this Enterlacing Geminu But,.according to my first position, spirits, no doubt, a^e/cjroafif' ed, but cannot be annihilated, ,as we,obfer^p$iiby the fiends, unless the Almighty, from wj^Oj©; we receive our original and pristine state® osi being, to whom all things are possible,. vkho' created the universe from nothing, and, .-oft word, the whole would return into its prig£flj»l; state; the society iheresore being once confirnned; one compact body spiritual, could not b?.df?' stroyed but by the divine sentence. W^Aj&fc nour and revere the Pope, as vicar of our.Lordj; and placed by him head of the church. The society, on this ground, made a fourth; vqjM- p$ obedience to his Holiness, and in all things expert in our filial duty, considering ourselves entitled, theresore. to every exertion as a claim yoked on our holy Father, being pack-horse; for what else is he but the servant of servants? To arraign the culprit, princes, our accusers, at bis dread tr bunal, reinstate us in Out. patrimony and privileges, and, by .the thunder of his Bul4, • prevent future encroachments. Had Ganganelli acted. as aforesaid, we should 'hayelextolled, exalted, magnified and immortalized the Immaculate Pope Cleaient.XIV* But al?s., Gaoganellij in league; with ,tie import-sof


Rome, Snd others, have spread the neevof in> j&ftitfe, which has, as Shakespeare's Falstaff', entailed on his pate everlasting infamy. Ha, ba, ba, bu, my dear joy. I then put this question. But then and suppose or the like of that, as the saying is, do ye mungey, do ye nincompoop* speak the general voice of the Jesuits To which my spark replied, 1 do not ; the zeal of os younkers is the language or Holocaust I present you, who are, to the disoonour of the society, but a sew younklins j the note of the seniors bleat sorth the old note of Ignatius, the greater glory of God, general mortification of the senses, abnegation, mental prayer, spiritual pleasure, contempt of earthly amusements, hantect; of temporal honours, and love of humiliations, and covetous of being punished and despised, keeping your mind continually occupied on Almighty God, love of chastity, and precepts of the gospels, obedience, with joyfol alacrity, to whatever the Almighty is pleased' to appoint, either by asfliction, or in what manner his Divine Majesty is pleased to try his society $ so that they considered the extinction of the society as a certain presage of eternal glory* but this, as zealots in the cause of justice and glory, as a servile and base spirit, which we used our rhetoric to shew them the utility of a, heroic and great zeal, but received severe reprimands and looked on as aliens to the spirit of the society, and by no means disciples of. our soresathers; so that we could not agree in our spirit; fop we neither agreed nor sympathized with each Oiher. I then came round 'him

him with a how-do-ye-do, suoposing the case or the like of v ii, do ye mungey, as is ftjp.posed ye younklms, from your rntrjrtce into the society, made the spirit of your sounder your pattern, from whom you copy your lives and morals, the greater glory of God, his spirit and f•yings, continually inculca ed from the elders or ieniors to ye younklins, from Ignatius, in regular succession, untd the restoration or return into the land of Promise, the original priesthood, you .being heretofore a chip of the c!d block (the oid priesthood) or, as the gardener hzs it, a layer, la d by Pope Paul the 3d, in his Buil, dated the 27th of September 1540, to stem the impetuosity or torrent of protestancy, which, like wild fire, frightened poor Paul, who, as the faying is, made a blanket of Jesuitism, to desend him from those fiery darts, or the like of that, do ye mungey. I beg your excuse, these little interludes, which I am accustomed long since to, of breaking in, or protracting what i would wish to be understood, that is, or the like of that, observe, do ye mungey, setting the case, thus, as I was facing, Pope Paul the 3d formed a society called Jesuits, and crmmissioned them to instruct the weak and Lnorant m the rules and knowledge os the Catho;ic Religion, to stem the torrent of schism, heresy and infiaeliry, and preserve unity in the bond of peace. According to our greac apostle Paul, the then Pope's namesake, or the like of that, do ye nrtfrhgey, master Wisacre, from the asoresaid date 27th of September 1740. These lads receiving their authority from his Holiness, presently multiplied and became conspicuous, colonizing in every state and nation, they, as Nebuchadnezar's Tree, displayed its branches throughout the earth, and, with surprising agility, and numberless seats of chivalry, about the grand epoch or period of the protestant greatness, from the year 1760 to #770, both empires keeping pace with each other, arrived to the goal, as tight a match perhaps as ever stepped at Newmarket; let me consider the distance, or the like of that; take 1540 from 1760, will leave you 120 years, with the besore and aster selvage or fagenda, which will spin some years, or the like of that; but .as I was saying, or the like os that, both societies kept pace and ambled together exceedingly well 220, or is you would rather have it, 230 foll years, and, in all likelihood, as they both are Cousin Germans, springing Out of One common stock or grand-dame, that, as the one has disappeared in its original Catholic Mother, the other'crumbling will soon sollow. »y Moses.. Your Reverend Hefo is a picture persectly corresponding to the sehismatical tribe, in ithe time of our Law-Giver, which subject 1 dwelt upon in a sormer Conserence, the Tree you noted the dream osNebuchadnezar, with the visiohs and predictions of the prophets, shew that, kingdoms rise and fall according; to their periods, stated by the Divine decree. Your scrip.titre breathes the fame spirit, your Saviour tells; not to be anxid%7 sor your God will provide, that not a sparrow can cease to live', dr .leaf shake, indepent of His Divine Will; so '.i•H. "T thac

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