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that according to our scriptures and yours, the Divine Will rules and orders the hearts of princes, and brings all things to the place of their destination. These younkers cannot, with the least degree, without criminating the Divinity, hold themselves excused from the general order of the creation. The several parts I have conversed with since the dissolving the Bull of Pope Paul the 3d, by Pope Clement the 14th, for forming the society into an order of Religious, transplanting them into the original priesthood, to restore amity in the bond of peace to the then distracted church, which met with she desired wish of Christendom, agree that the body was perssectly resigned with Job, 1st chapter, zist verse.. "When he was stripped of all that he had, even his children, by his enemies, naked came I out of my mother-s womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away j blessed be the name of the Lord." In all this Job sinned not, nor charged God foolishly. Men of virtue 'who, with their founder, to prevent the enemy, had voluntarily stripe themselves of all temporal goods, honours, applause, and every earthly advantage, wisely considering that the Flag of the world opposed that of salvation, and to prevent suture relapses, bound themselves in the most rigorous vows, to be and remain naked, chaste, and obedient; also, a fourth vow of particular obedience to the reigning Pope: more could not be granted or complied with. The society was vigilant and exerted themselves for the conversion of the East and


West-Indies. The enemy, sinding himself vanquished, and the infidels resetting to the standard of Christ, made use of his accustomed stratagem, by prompting many who considered the respectability of the body, a sufficient motive to enlarge their temporal glory, by mingling with jhe servants of God, as Satan, you will see in the fame chapter asoresaid, presented Himself with the sons of God, they to give praise and adoration to their Creator. Satan, to molest, vex, and destroy Job, a man, who by his sanctity became his enemy. In your gospel the college of apostles raised the envy of Satan, who observed Judas to possess the love of pomp, riches, and temporal glory, which supplanted the love of the Creator, made use of him as a fit instrument to distil his poison into, to cut off' their Messiah, and destroy the society. So these younkers, as you term them, who pay Latria to the temporal glory of the society, not that they have any predilection to the society in general, or particular, more than Judas to Christ, or college of apostles, fanner than their own advantages lead them; but by a false wisdom brought, as Judas, infamy on their own heads, in which they have involved the fathers with themselves; the one suffers with joy and resignation to the Divine Will, the other part, boisterous, arrogant, impudent, haughty, proud, lofty, self-sufficient, bearing down all things, and placing the idol of their supremacy above all authority., so that this supercreicence presently. gave the alarm, and the' hiqijis sickened the princes and others, who 'T 2 with

with joint consent agreed to expel the society from their several states, or kingdoms. France, Spain, and Portugal, &c. actually drove them out of their dominions, and not only solicited the Pope to disband, but ressused Catholic subordination or to communicate with the chair of Peter, on any other conditions. The general schism had made some progress, and the case now lay besore the Pope, whether the unity and peace of the Church be preserved by unbodying the society, or not? Clement the 14th was lest as a general hemmed in by a superior army, had no alternative, the conditions were positive, unbody the society, composed of the subjects of our difserent states, whom we have expelled, purely for being of that body, or you, by contumacy, like a foolish king, sacrifice the nation to the humour and whim of his minion.

Club. The society no doubt could claim a regular and legal process against the malecontents; the Pope was absolutely injustice; had he with the courts of Rome, France, Spain, Naples, Vienna, Portugal and other departments of the church, not been in league, and all the matter was brought to an issue, Clement should have reinstated the society in their birth-rights and immunities, with a sharp and spirited reprimand to the Princes for their cavalier and arrogant behaviour to so great and wise a community. Your Eminence will be pleased, therefore decide as the facts have come besore your sublime and most wonderssul supre

.-•joffi*;-? i;j Stivw -ndihr. ;Vjsi »A r... J Ignatius.

Ignatius. I should think myself culpable is I kept silence in so weighty a matter, which through the ingratiating spirit of the worlds influencing some of us of the society who became religious on worldly views, under the sanction of the most r• spectable body then in the church, whose sound went throughout ihe earth i.myself being a herald of the inserior pjrr, ih lieu of the greater glory os God. Our bnast was, the learning, sagacity, writings, extension, . labours, regularity, superiority, influence, granducrs, wisdom, both in spiritual ana temporal concerns, directing the minds of the great, and assuming an air ot singular dignity an.., preeminence, love os show, or thirst sor commerce, and gloried in the unbounded flow os riches, esteeming ourselves the senate or great council, to instruct, decide, and probe the wounds of all, 'ourselves impeccable. These, with many other improvident and bewitching snares, laid by the enemy, by which us zealots were egged and biassed, presently clouded, and brought on a general and banesul war against the society, to which we, as the zealots at the sacking of Jerusalem, not only opposed the invaders, but their brethren within their own wails; so we kept up the sire against our Sovereigns, and other oppositions without; and withstood the fatheFS, and irreproachable among ourselves, which established a rooted inveteracy throughout the catholic powers, that nc concessions or terms would be • . acceded • to, but unbodying and • withdrawing the commission granted by Eope, to the society; neither were us zealots T 3 disposed

disposed to offer any other overture W reconciliation, but to be reinstated with honor in our foil privilrges and immunities; and we supposed his holiness could do no otherwise than stand or fall> with the society, and which we considered the sinews and nerves, on whose supremacy the church depended; but to our confosion, we were neither nerves, sinews, or supreme in the eyes of his holiness, or any part of the church, save in our own predilection, when our commission was cancelled, as Zealot stigmatized his holiness with injustice, and brayed out threatnings against the court of Rome, and the other pestiserous catholic courts; as we .would willingly have laid our pack on the head of the Pope and court of Rome, bragged with the other courts as asoresaid, in imitation of the Israelites on the head of the scape goat. Leviticus 16 chap. 21 verse. And Aaron jhall lay loth his hands upon the head of the /cape goat,' and confess over him all the iniquities of the children of Israel, and all their transgressions in all their fins, putting them on the head of the goat, and send him away by the hand of a fit man into the wilderness; and the goat shall bear upon him all their iniquities unto a land not inhabited: and he shall 1st go the goat in the wilderness. When all hopes of concession from his holiness, court of Rome, with the other catholic courts and sovereigns, had failed; as Zealots, as rooks gather at the approach of winter, in consultation to determine, as it were, to seek some place of resuge, during the inclement season. But not being willing to be biassed by each other, we

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