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Creator, none bus himself could make reeondlia*

Mo/es. To the law and the prophets the Iiprd youi* GW is one God.' This article is^the prime afld first principle of the law; thereWe, -lean-. fi&i be touched, but must remain one, and Ja the singular number, without infringement.

Soy. This is the ground and sundamental article' of the christian religion. These are the words of Christ, in the 12th chapter of St. Mark. Here, O Israel, the Lord thy (sod is one God. And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole foul, and with thy whole mind, and with thy whole strength . This is the first commandment; and the second' is like to it. 'thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments Christianity is established. The Father, the Son,, ancT the Holy Spirit, are one God, in Three Persons. One Father, one Son, oiie Holy Spirit..

Moses. This is inconclusive and irreconcilable. The Father rt God, the Son is God, arujL the Holy Spirit is God. This destroys the singulifand brings in the plural number, which Israel never can admit! , • *

tSoy. One Father, not three Fathers ,0^'\ Son,- cot.l- tWree^ SorisH oHc(' Holy Spirit, Ikath^e Hoty Spirits,. which 'comprise one Ooa^^ G^efe'r ft chapter, In the beginning God c/eat-s^ e&H&1tedvens and the earth, and- iheA earthi J^qs.^ .tvhhd'utform and void jand-d-dxsiififs wasf upon the, fm-ej-&^diepi arid \6tsMrt( of God^ovedipts

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se/ Ifr man. Explain who •his Spirit^pjf

God ,is, MSj.the, pJural Us. ' ... -. \ 'Moses.\ This is unfathomable,., and notvwithift the narrow lirpits of ow faculties., to qomprsr hehd. Who is. he. that d^res search into the depths of the, Almighty, or alter his prepept&r' his revealed will remains unalterable, which actuates his servants and teaches them.divin© truths. , v t.-.TM'

Luther. Him that dives into Majesty,•will; be oppressed with Glory; I cannot tell what this boy aims at; young man, you should pay a proper respect to your elders; this is some superstition, or priestcraft, that he picked up amongst incoherent and wizardly crew. Consider^, child, that I am seated on the Throne of Grace, and Moses, a Doctor in Israel. I theresore decide that we be not oppressed, or put ourselves in jeopardy of dismay, or being hipped,, which generally with us, on our fide the vkter, ^brings on a fit of despair, and frequently ends, being champions, in the use either of a razor, knise, pistol, halter, or some other fashionable pleasantry, and not seldom by water.. It is, theresore, resolved, on my return, tQ'issue a decree to mulct every incendiary, that rrsay inslarfie with religion my .good people, bjr which decree the minds of the turbulent will be animated to try the merits of their cause, and as

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sefiiis to increase and fill my treasury, which will be a great saving: whilst with the thunder

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©fi6ur;vokie we prockirn/ <srt Remnant ef aU palt^tsaved, I find myself transported and b#-frHe n^fclf In a- ravery or phrtniy, so-that thfe tears of joy trickle down;my cheeks;fDp fadmAjitstering to you both the medicine of .recoti:t&titft&kii°-r.. ct'O 1 vr.i C 'noi'-f/fi -mig loBvitis ,° ^q;Jln- the 15 th chapter of Genesis, Almighty 'God makes his Covenant with Abramj andoin ,the 17th.renews it, changes his name Abrarti into Abraham, being made father of many nation's-, and -seals and confirms the covenant -withr'Cfrcumcision. In the aad chapter, Almighty God, by His Angel, calls to Abraham otot of Heaven, the second time, and faidV By .myself have I sworn, faith the Lord, for because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld ihy Sun, -thy only Son; that in Hefting I will bless •you, and in multiplying I will mult ip ly thy feed )as ibestars of heaven, and as the sands on thesta 'fidre; and thy feed shall possess the gate of His enemy, and in thy feed shall all the nations of Abe ^eaftb be blessed. You will note, that this Sesd Offspring -is in the singular numbers o&ince •'trsls-covenant andpromiseis near four thousand ^yfcaYsV -Remove Jesus Christ and hisvcovenant, "Which is Christianity, and in spirit contemplate -tffie state- and Cdmptetion, or fiilfiHingj6|i<his 'Tdtfp-ttirei:i ' tfcsfjlB vigns Hb aiead rbidw Snir3Ma/ifc ^Deplorable, rtnilscraMd sandsiabjbct state I am absorbed and loll in a labyrinth, of ufrn*ritcaciesv; bew^3e>ed//*unf6undfidgoppr)d&d 3%itK;rferVi'oerini«ffi difejdtresvgdaftosafadniper

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- -wiflibut assisting the unddrstanding chain, down

the the soul with setters of melancholy and black despair, A.oor .'scriptures' iaid -bfforfinMS, with strict und severe injunctions of implicit and persect obedieoce. O my God, what is map, when fimfcun slns;iyou arerangry with us? what ca^iI fey,oor plead in excuse for the sins of your poor servant and nation? O my Lord, you have.dispersed your people and withdrawn the light of your countenance from us. O my God, Israel has been plunged in some great iniquity which, through our obstinacy, thou hast: destroyed us j .yet?, (J Lord, thou hast lest us a name in the earth, though for our punishment: a name of malediction, tj t.;i .-. . ./. . . r.

Luther. Why this disturbance of mind, reverend scribe? you are the happy man, if such a man can be found; your character is inimitable •, you are known on the Exchange of London by the name of the good Jew j your heart melts, while your purse relieves the indigent; your fortune is affluent; yet poor to yourself, but rich to others. Forty thousand in our funds, and twenty thousand in Holland, is; no trifle, which sums might mightily accumulate, if you will pass them into roy hands, which would ease you of a great burthen and ^ttiqch anxiety; for, be assured your present perplexity is owing to the fall of stocks, .and which bears an angry aspect; but 1 beingvof ftfteæhureh have' daily opportuniries of putting Ifjouic moriey, P both)tib church an<4 state, to high baidwamfagesiu n My;uoum?s§bWtyi whip^-X ;^all ^iq>rn^diaDelyt'grantl;yt»ib atftdr^hsos^er^he ?^beaer;ca^ ii^h^tmai^ifV'flr^dlvgh^'Wdb^ent nwob tnierf3 §nibnjd}-kf3m arij gnijlssis juB?*^"

5slj .

rWatters 8t present, and which makes my returri ttr B^hglana necessary, I have been casting the matter, and have' rated the £40,000 in 'our ftJhdS at £20,000, owing to the fall of stock s ycM will mak«* uji twenty on this side the water;

Total^40,000, at 4 per cent, in gross, yearly\'WAVj£)

Jorthe watchfulness, care, loss or rest*, pror ,: V.\j*

tection, your honour, and my indignity, as ,;

* Primate of all England, '———-> Sioo Uriibreseen contingencies, such as attends war, . '. ,w

* mishaps, tad many dreadrul alarms*. Boc).s. Va'ii Postage of Letters, and other correspondences iflo Invasions and many casualties, not numbered zoo J.^ Your venerable age, small stature, deeay of'

appetite, and poor living; these impedi-v. *fc«nts, and many others of the mind, ren- i :.iiJ \o ders speedful to be put on a regimen of spare jdiet, and as small connection with temporals ^as'may be, so that £50 will be abundant and Cleave a surplus for charitable uses, as I shall i'.'.''V, \> .fee requisite . i«m —— —— ajoa »vs• .

vuooii „,.v , . .^rr.o..

Moses's annuity, or yearly income,

''.o 'vja ;,i.: , . . .•;• ;;.;..£ \.jciq «s;a

jBsly. In the 28th chapter of Genesis, Almighty God confirms his promise of calling aH nations to the covenant of the Messiah; and Jacob went out from Beerslieba, and went towards Haran. And he lighted on a certain place', and stayed there all night, because the sun was set; and he took of the stones of that place, and put them sor his pillow, and lay down to deep, and he dreamed and beheld a ladder set upon the earth, and the top reached


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