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took disserent routs, myself, with others, ingrafted in the resormed churches, where our zeal suffered no controul, and our new flocks heard us gladly; we here inebriated our zeal and flesh, free from scandal, or offence; bur zeal still unsatiated, some of us took ihe second leap into the new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere.

Luther. Hush, all hush. Let us pray, cr the like of that, do ye mungey, as true and faithsul church protestants, to the ghost of old Kobin Wisdom, who lived in the times of Yore, a great man, who tossed the scriptures fr>mY knuckle to knuckle, and rhyme prose into metre, as the saying is, do ye mungey, nincompoop. Let us pray.

Thou once a body, now but air,
Arch botcher of a Psalm or prayer;

From Cafafax come.
And find as, a good lay,
For ever, and for aye.

For all, andsome,
then, Robin, look behind thee,
Lest Pope and Turk, do find thee,
And they should take and rine thee,

And whip thy bomb.
And now go to bed again.

This Father Robin, whose surname was Wisdom, was, perhaps, as you observe, by his epitaph placed on his tomb-stone by another great man, a deceased bishop of Norwich, ThisKobin lies unrivalled; a divine, Whose natural

T 4 gists gijsjty v^Cf^ngs,. ^ee^Sfl^a^ing'^ijritrnntf iq.#ur fhuf^fe ^k^4W^iPvwy.spAC9'w!ui»' pe«i$f ippt^se;,; which ,ncp;ronly with sweet' ps^rt>o.4y itjicklcd. the ears ;of the .people, .buti mejted, the.ii: jbear^, thaf a*, she ©iI anointed Aaron's,. heat},. r.up .down bisbeard andt shirt, so; in'lik'j: fort the halm.of psalmody not only, played '\ Tommy come tickle me" to the ears,. but as the saying js, unloosed'the purse string,; sat many old women onthejr, crutches, that had fox many years been bed-ridden, and perhaps through contradictions and many infirmities, that lurk and attend the decrepit; it never I fay, perhaos, came into their heads to remember, their double duty to their God and to their pas., tors. You will observe, as I was faying, or the like of .hat, do ye mungey, that this great divine, father Robin Wisdom, who could make and rhyme scripture quicker than crows swallow pebble stones, or King the player talk a score to the dozen on the stage, or theatre, was that, as the saying is, or the like of that, do ye mungey, great luminary that raised our theatre, Oe place of worship, to the grandeur and preeminence it now displays over the world.. But as I was saying, or the like of that, to return to my story, do ye mungey, father Robin Wisdom, or the like of that, was, as I was saying a great divine who changed melancholy into malady, and by rhiming the psalms raised mirth \ so that his whole character is, " Laugh and grow fat." But then, and suppose, or the like os' that, as the saying is, do ye mungey, that 1 have one question, which will have great, weight

in the fc*te?.foT decTding^bn tte matter you have have brOtfght befdre my tribunal; it "ever has been '4'fixed rule inherited frorri my bid re-' lation^ bld'Dr. 1 illotTbn; with' his jack-boots' that l have wore ever since, so that the hardnefsr of the bull's hide they are composed of, has raised and btqtieathed me corns as large as turnips; but as 1 was faying, or the like of that,' do ye mungey. 1 A fixed rule I fay and protest, or of that, do ye mungey, is either of, the parties brought before me at any time be a papist, he shall not depart in peace: this is'an' invariable rule wish me of inheritance from my ancestors. So be it, or the like of that, that 4 papist is actually a wild cat, and tome notning is more frightening, or the like of that, do ye mungey.

Club. Your Eminence will take notice, that the Society of Jesus receixrd their commission from the papal chair, and made their Vowj. in consormity to their papa's injunctions. To those vows the zealots demurred, having tasted the sweets of the flesh, with other material delights, that constitute our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. •.It was these great and warlike zt.alots, putting their neighbours irt a weak and seeble state or aspect in conceit, raise! a sa al war. 'J he matter being thus circumstanced, it discovered The society with their p , to be papists, theresore censurable. On the reverse, the zealots demurring agaiust t e person and authority of the Pope, their sovereigns and other powers of the payal chair or hierarchy in-; . . dicate

dicate a strong presumption, though not irt name; yet are they really, and substantially,' brethren, os this our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and norrhern hemisphere, and, as sellow-members, your eminence will vouchsase them resuge, as the hen, under your wing, or, suppose, into your fatherly bosom.

Luther. But then, and suppose, and the like of that, as the saying is, do ye mungey. I will open my mouth in thunder, and put to dismay all gain sayers, arraign the culprit Ganganelli, Sir, the charges you stand indicted are of a twofold complexion, one or the like of that popish Pope; the other, do ye mungey sorsooth, is against the new pigs of the agej your doom I pronounce, look ye hither.

On your back you shall lay
For ever, and for aye,
Alas, a well a day.
Poor Gaffer, he is dead,
The Red Sea is your bed,
Clay cold and chill'd as lead.
Waft him thence, fiends of night.
Club. Bring bottle and glass,
The sentence is .past,
Old Peter's no more.
Sweet liberty, sweet liberty,
Great Luther's philosophy.
Cuckolds all of a row, ha, ha, ha.
Tol de rol, Cuckolds of a row.

Luther. Bring hither the jesuitical delinquents> hold up your hand at the tremendous


bar of my justice, and receive as a lenient sentence, what I shall pronounce, nincompoops; Your crimes are of a fourfold nature. Firsts Your binding your necks to the papal chair; second, Your strictly copying and adhering to the soirit of Ignatius, who ofen declared, tho" the unbodying the society would be the sinrpest dagger to his soul, yet it would be but half 'an hour. Third, The love of heaven to gain, which you not only in general but in particular contemn every temporal enjoyment, and did not even kick against the papal chair, when the bandage of the brotherhood was. unloosed, but accepted your pensions, tho' small, and banishment from the place of your birth with serenity and resignation to the sentence. Fourth, Your deserting and leaving the small number of zealots to withstand and charge the whole catholic power, when you ought tooth and nail to have joined the vigorous and warlike part of your body. Suppose fifty thousand st ong call in a million of us protestants, and as a any twice doubled from both Indies, or the like 01 that, dp ye mungey, for these and your faults, which are too numerous to recount, your sentence is, You shall Me deposited in the hi .irtof the earth, placed in such sort that all and every of you shall fix his right great to? in his leu ear, for evermore, or the like of that, d • ve mungey j take these culprits to their destination, dark fiends of night, do ye mungey, or the like of that. Now ye are freed from these malapert gentry, enemies to the good things and pleasures which delight and tickle pur fancies, or


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