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ERRATA in the SECOND VOLUME. From Number 101 to 164, read 1 to 64Page, line. sor read 102 27 Six Conferences, Seven Conferences this Christ, his Christ then said, then said I as he well knowing, as he has placed turning himjelf, styling himself

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Eighth Conference.

Reverend Brother in God,

ALL health and spiritual benediction. Amen. Inflamed and sec on fire with holy zeal, to return and as soon as opportunity opens her heavenly arms and unfolds the mystery of blessings prepared for my people, through my means, when seated primate in the metropolitan of my ancestors, to purge and do away all heresy and schism, with every other presbyterian or Calvinistical infamy and diabolical intrusions, creeping, caterpillar like, leaving their filthy excrement wherever they tread, even into our Scriptures and Common-prayer Books, which has so altered, maimed, changed and turned topsy-turvy, lithsome, pliant, limber, nimble, naughty, and the whole an unmeaning and huge dunghill of extravagance, drollery, buffoonery, and humorous jocularity j so that whenever or wherever we appear, we present the face of a Wag, or Merry-Andrew, to all other societies. 1 theresore humbly crave your attendance to-morrow, at the usual hour, to expedite our course of Conserences. Fare you well.


Moses will attend Mr. Luther and Boy, at the usual hour. Adieu.

H Enter Enter the Parties and Notaries.

Moses. I have had from my youth much gries and anxiety, sor the long captivity and deplorable state and miseries of my nation, a common. by-word and proverb in the mouth of all nations, from the rising to the setting sun; no peace nor resting place sor Israel; our temple destroyed, no sensible communication with our God, either by prophecy or sacrifice, upon the verge of two thousand years. Alas! poor nation, once the delight of the Almighty but now the scofF and derision of all nations of the earth, what have we transgressed, or what are Our sins, that we should be thus singled out from being the chosen, to become hatesul, outcast, and abandoned by our God, groping in the abyss of horror and dark despair. These thoughts present themselves continually to my distracted soul, and to relieve myself the study of my lise has ever been in search of truth, and from whence these miseries take their source, that I may apply the remedy, and use my endeavours to reconcile my people to our angry God. Moses weeps.

Luther. I think we have by the assistance of the Almighty, gone through with great temper in the six last Conserences, the discussion of Christianity, and put to shame and dismay all gainsayers, such as Presoyterians or Calvinists, Infidels, Pagans, Mahometans, Anabaptists, Quakers, Papists, Deists, Atheists, Zuinglians, Socinians, Sacramentarians, and I know not


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