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The death of the Messiah put the seal and completion to she first covenant; settled, confirmed and established the second, which explains the prophecy; that in the middle of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease. The last of your prophets confirms the rejection of the Jewish sacrifices and worship; and introduction and confirmation of the new. Malachi 1 ft chapter, I have no pleasure in you, faith the Lord of Hofts, »«/fer will I accept an offering at your band; for. from the rising of the fun even unto the going down of the fame, My Name shall be great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shall be offered unto My Name and a pure offering; for My Name floall be great among the Gentiles, faith the Lord of Hosts.

Moses. The arguments you bring to prove the legal right of Jesus Christ to the Messiahship, and consequently Christianity to the new covenant, are our own scriptures, which we cannot ressuse our assent, to. All Israel expected their Messiah, according to the prophecies, ac the time Jesus Christ appeared; but have always rejected him with scorn, and, theresore, condemned him to the most shamessul, igno» minious death, destined for none but malefactors for the most heinous crimes.

Luther. He was obstinate and a gainsayer. If persons will make themselves obnoxious to the higher powers they must take the blame on themselves, and not lay it on the guardians of the laws. I am resolved, on my return, to give no respite togainsayers of any description whatsoever, but immediately to send out the edicts

or or penal laws to scrape and glean both body aod goods; so that I hope in a short time to find myself the darling of all nations. I am resolved also to pare, clip, squeeze, and prune my court of Doctors Commons., 1 will put them on a religious diet. It is the advice of the faculty that vegetables are productive of much health and long lise s by an abstemious resorm I (hall reduce the number to one-third, and, putting them on a small income, will make a great saving to the treasury, and likewise a very large amount will be brought into my coffers by an act of justice and charity, in bringing besore my spiritual courc all Doctors, Proctors, and other abdominous, unwieldy, and paunchbellied, hungry wolves, who gather where they have not sown, and whose hearts are flint.stones. Another resolve is to clear St. Peter's, my church of the abbey, hor se-armoury, St. Paul's, and other places of religion, or otherwise from all images or idolatry whatsoever, to give reasonable room to my darling flocks to attend divine service, and bring large sums, by setting those idols to saie at common vendue, and amazing other riches may be acquired by prudent, watchfol and religious litigations.


Boy. What were the crimes hid to the charge of Jesus Christ?, :do eew .TvkttsX'

oj Mofes. Seduction, blasphemy, magic, and a common d;scurber and seditious culprit, which crimes and many others rendered him hatesul and obnoxious to all but a sew vagrants, like himself, who were his followers, end paid no obedience timer to the law of God or man. xo - i Lutbir. . Luther. These are heavy charges, and stand foremost in,the little regard us protestants pay to his worship; sew of my cloth pay a*sy; onbse respect than what is absolutely obligatory to keep our livings; our new phildsapby Jiyi lthe whole aside, convincing ourselves there Is no spirit, but that productions of what kind-ibevePf animal or vegetable, &c. return infielsfrom whence they were produced. And so be- itj Man-s nature is to eat, drink, and enjoy him-' self. , . .: >cnm

Boy. What were the seductions proved against Jesus Christ? .

Moses. Seducing Israel from the cemmandments ajid ceremonies of their law. - ";.;"•) ol

Boy. Pr,ay enter more minutely in this charge?

Mojes. Breaking the Sabbath, by doing cures and healing every disease; making the deaf tt» hear, the blind to see, the lame to walk, cast* ing out devils, curing the lepers, paralytics^ raising the dead, with many others. By what authority his disobedience, though commanded by our chies-priests and others, never would declare, suffering his disciples to go through the corn-fields, rubbing and eating the corn, and eating in common without washing their dirty hands. All these and many other misdemeanors and by choice on the Sabbath.

Boy. His blasphemies, if you will indulge me? - . ,•., . ••,&aih

Moses. Turning himself the Son of God* taking upon himself to forgive sins, sayingi if the temple, that was upwards of forty years in building, was destroyed, he would raise it;ja

three three 'days; Ipeaking against octstdmfi.and dis. respectMly of the sefibes, doctors, and v i

ot Bis: * Mis' magic, is you please ?i' V^';

Moses. 1 call the whole, that seems superna* tural, magic, or flight of the enemy; and his walking on the water as is it Was dryland; commanding the storms to cease; seeding at different times several thousands with three or fouriloaves, and two or three small .fishes, and many other deceptions, which draw the world aster him to make him their king. •

Luther. This I will avow to my dying day, which I hope is ata Jong distance, as I should wish to enjoy the sweat of my brow, you know what I mean, Peter's Chair, to which I bequeath the first.affection of my loving heart, the glory of the king's daughter is within j for, most cer* tainly, she is my elder daughter, and sew princes will equal me either in honour, glory, greatness, or riches. All these aforesaids belong and appertain to one and the same cause; for i poor prince makes but a sorry figure in lise. Yet, 1 own there is a rival sister, as Esau and Jacob, struggles hard in the womb cf my heart, violent competitors sor the birthrights which is the sense of the palate and sed of the stomach. I also am importuned by.a'ditrd^ which wraps me into extacy. O Rachel, O mandrakes; give me Rachel, give me mandrakes^ ofecf .'die. Luther throws; himself back in the « and. sends sorth a deep sigh and groans,' . iBty.'You have explained the accusations of seduction, .blasphemy aradiitoagWy laid^bf M&ti

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