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the rising of the sun unto the,setting thereof. These are scripture proofs, on which foundation Israel places her confidence, and on these scriptures her hope is fixed. Let us revert to reason. If the time marked for the manisestation of the Messiah be elapsed 1785 years. the benefit of redemption is not complied with on the part of the Creator, consequently millions have been, and are at this time, reprobated among the damned, for want of this general relies or universal blessing. Besore this epoch salvation, by a good lise and expecting the happy period, was obtained j but since the lenient promised æra (if Jesus is not Messiah) both Jews and Gentiles are lost and overwhelmed in a chaos of indigested hope, or a senseless, vague, roving and unsettled notion, (representing a vessel in a a storm, placed in the midst of the ocean, without either compass. helm, or pilot, lest to the mercy of the waves) plunged in a general and universal ignorance and unsettledness.

Absalom, Mordecai. You are brethren, and should not frustrate and render ineffectual the business that seated us here, which is, to restore and settle our brother Moses in the hopes of Israel, which we know are everlasting, un-. changeable, and not one jot of the law shall perisli. The dispute betwixt you consists in this. Aaron and Eleazar do not agree with Joshua and Nehemiah, that a true and substantial miracle can be out of the congr gation or covenant of truth. They do not mean but that the senses might be deceived, as nothing is more easy and daily practised, both by pickpockets pockets and jugglers; and this comes under our immediate notice, that are no strollers, having this comfort, never been beyond our neighbourhood, neither do we intend to move until a positive, firm, real, true, and absolute edict from the Messiah, and under his undoubted signature, commands our attendance, and officially to persorm sacrifice and other duties. The promise is of a two-fold nature, that is, local in the first institution, or covenant; General in the second institution. or covenant. Moses was appointed to promulgate the. law. Meffiah to bring all the earth under its subjection. The unruly to be scourged by an iron rod.

Jojhua, Nebemiah, Under this iron rod the unchristian Jews are disciplined, neither of us can call it strange, neither can we censure it harsh; as we have incontestible evidence laid besore us, we mean the scripture prophecies, which are duly sulfilled, both in the christian church, or kingdom of Christ, as also in the synagogue of the Jews. The christian-or second covenant raised to the plenitude of favour and power. The Jew, or first covenart, annihilated, ceased, effaced, buried in oblivion, obliterated. The existence of locality confined to the Jewish nation, (the extent os whose country was little more than the United States) and one temple, or place of worship, with its legislative authority, riter. and ceremonies, was proper to the limited state of the first covenant, to preserve the genealogy and manisest to the world their Messiah. But when the end or completion pletion of the institution was answered (the manisestation of the Messiah) being dead and annulled, is sor ever abolished and eternally rest in a state of vacuity, as it has to our knowledge remained near two thousand years. Let us suppose the revival os an impossibility; how is it practicable sor the sour continents, or all the nations of the earth to travel yearly to Solomon's temple, at Jerusalem, to offer sacrifice, and pay their homage to their Messiah? This would be turning the world upside down, and introduce anarchy and consusion, and no ways correspond with that provident care, order, and rule, we see displayed both in the heavens and this our terraqueous globe. It would not be a pleasing dance to persons of Absalom and Mordecai's cast, who would preser their chimney corner or fire-place. It would be an excellent age sor licentiousness, and be an uninterrupted spur to frce-booters, &c. We beg to animadvert, in sew words, on one or two more points which to us seem as objectionable as that we have just taken our leave of.

1st Query. To whom was the promise first given, and sor what end was it instituted?

Absalom, Mordfcai. To our father Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The institution divine, and the end, to sorm Israel into a pure and holy nation, so as to be a distinct people, the lot of the Lord.

Jojhua, Nehemiah. The promise was given to Adam at his fall, the end, to restore man, and reinstate him in his lost privileges, two thousand years besore Abraham was born; theresore

could could have no respect distinctly to him, or hia posterity,-the institution consequently general, which is proved by the testimony and assurance to Abraham that in his feed all the nations of the earth should be blessed.

2(1 Query. Was the validity of the promise marked out by the scriptures for the manisestation cf the Messiah and sulfilling of, and completing the effect, obtained, which since is seventeen hundred and eighty-five years?

Aaron, Eleazar. No Israelite can give a direct answer to your question. Israel cannot rejoin a negative, neither can she reply in the affirmative. If we say, the promise remains incomplete, we arraign the God of truth, and bring the scriptures into disrepute. If we grant the promise perssect and sulfilled, our priests and rulers, with that part of the Jews who adhered at that time with them, in the rejection of Jesus (who openly declared himself the Messiah) with the generality or bulk of our nation, their associates, and from thence the consederation, who retain the name of Jews until this day, must be reprobated and condemned. There is no alternative. God and his scriptures must be annulled or the Messiah produced.

Absalom, Mordecai. Not one jot of the law shall perish, but shall remain everlastingly.

3d Query. Jojhua, Nehemiab. Will the earth and its inhabitants continue in their state, condition, and regulation for ever?

Absalom, Mordecai. Most undoubtedly. Circumcising and the Law of Moses shall have no change for ever, and when Messiah shall come

to so Zioohefcwil] gather Israel as a.,hen chicks from-aU parts 0/ thj!,-earrth) M&4B%M£ .bap9-k<?eii scattered, and -we shad.. instead osihorief-,- mules and ia. k-asses ride pick-a-pack^-on the backs of Kings and Princes. Judea from thenqefojr •ward will be the garden of Paradise,. an4as Messiah comes to restore man to his innocent state, surely he will plant the T ree of JLisej which we will be caresul to propagate in great abundance throughout the country. Thenish#H we live sasely every man under his-Ovvn Figjxee, and the riches of the heathen shaflyb? brought in great abundance to Zion. "^Xhe Tree of Lise will be an antidote -to prey£nt death. Happy the heathen that can catch hold of the skirt of a Jew. Eternal daysk fuoivsZ Jojhua, Nebemiab. What Messiah does thf prophet Daniel fay, in his 9th chapter*1 should be put 10 death, after confirming the second ;co<venant with many, (and this at the time Jesus Christ was put to death and settled and established the Christian covenant) and that H&e people and their prince that should come should destroy the city and sanctuary, and put an end Jo oblations and sacrifices, even to the consummation, all which was completed by the .l&<h mans? &c. .. - a;.; 's -;. ** ,bioJ

•. Moses. O infinite and eternal God, how can ,3 wretch that hath spun out a lise of fourscore years in the paths of infamy and wiles of Satan, .repair to your dread tribunal for rr^ercy ?, Jj^gfr lost and buried in the depth of horror and confusion. O my God, 1 consess myself -guilty even of stifling the operaraoiuof^j»jr;, H^Q9i I which

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