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which pusillanimity prevented, and rendered the seed of salvation (that you have planted in every rational being) from profiting by an increase of merit to claim your mercy through the infinite ransom you have purchased us with, abortive. O my God, the scriptures that you deposited with our fathers to enlighten our understanding and guide us in an unerring direction to the altar of redemption, on which you, my Lord and my God, was pleased to be immolated, I have made use of to my own destruction and by persuasive allurements enticed and settered many in the shackles of impiety, blaspheming our God, whose Majesty we received our being to adore. O my Creator, my Saviour and Redeemer, my God and my All, your blessed name be for ever adored, and if your creature was capable of infinite adoration, O my God, I would with my whole heart and powers of my foul lay it with myseit' buried at your sacred seet. My Jesus, my Lord and Messiah, how could your justice, my God, so far give place to your mercy as to screen and suffer so base a reptile to go on for a series of years depreciating your adorable and most sacred Deity with impunity. True it is, my Lord, as the scripture tells us, thac you will have mercy and not sacrifice, and in this your miscreant creature is this scripture verified. O my God, can I ever cease thanking, praising, loving and adoring your infinite goodness, pouring oui my soul and devoting the small remains of lise in the love and service of your omnipotent Majesty, and so. row lor the impious years B b I have I .have lived. I will, now turn my eyes ureui this child of'the devil, unworthy to lick up the mire of the infernal lake, actuated by-vain conceit, erroneous and irreligious principles, from which proceed a restless and malignant, .zeal^ja firebrand, irksome and irreconciteable; with this setid monster you grew up and made your league'.. What distant clime have you not trod in quest of that very peace your callous heart, as a 'still-born foetus, was not capable of perceiving j though you were continually with every enticement invited to its banquet.

Proverbs, chap. 9. Wisdom hath builded her house, slie hath hewn out her seven pillars i she hath killed her beasts, she hath mingled her wine, she hath also surnished her table j fiie has sent forth her maidens; she crieth upon the highest places of the city. Who is simple, let him turn in hither j he that wanted understanding, she iaith to him. Come, eat of my breaxi. and drink of the wine which I have mirigfed. Forsake the foolish and live, and go in .the. way Of understanding. He that reproveth the fcbirnef, getteth to himself shame: and he that rebuketh a wicked man, getteth himself a blot. Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: reriuke ^a wise man, and he will love you. Give instruction to a wise man, and he will'beyic wiser: teach a just man, and he willincreaftin learning. The sear of ihe JLord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowleqgexof the ^ HoTy is understanding. For By' me your -days mall be multiplied, and the years of your- isle

? mail be increased. If thou art wise.' thOu shalt

I);:.-- .-.\-'* . 'a; ,•.- '.o,-oi 10 nonl£q 331: 5s

^bori r. .} .!. U


be wise sor thyself; but is thou scornest, thou alone shalt bear it^''

Man being invested with tht most noble quaTiVy_of free.will, to reject, or accept at pleasure, the divine seed being sown in hrs heart, nis salvation depends on himself. O misadvised culprit, to restrain and mortisy your passions and various inclinations, that your lise might pass unsullied, emaciating your body and restraining your will from common necessaries, that the poor might sind a resuge, and in you a common father; what other delight have you ^fe,eked from your youth, and considered it your duty to sort with the needy and bear their burthens to inculcate religion in their hearts, 'root out vicious habits,. and in all things make them happy; and this not confined to your own nation, but universal, the whole stock of the human species. And yet vain man, the Imperial or Royal duty from which the other should proceed and draw its effects, you have not alone slighted, but thundered forth from a. malevolent and mischievous heart, the most spitesul and wicked blaspherriy; so that while your morals and duty to your neighbour remained unirn'peachable (your wicked instruction excepted) yo» were in a far more wicked and detestable 'state, than the reproba e angels or devils. They 'stood part of the Celestial Hierarchy, and thro' t^h^excellency of their superior quality were worthy' the immortal thrones they were seated '^n'^ ^ut contemplating as they conceived their .^r^vo(^ble,sub;im ty, and being struck with a 3lpcret passion of fohdnels at the exquisite arid 3tf Bb 2 spotless ffodess beamy, height of magnificence, with crowns, and exceeding great weight of glory they had attained to. dazzled those high intelligences, and formed a secret attachment which was the nurse-egg that produced self-love, pride and rebellion. Their wages are a total seclusion from their Gcd, stript of thefr captivating ornaments, taken from their thrones, and mecimorphosed into frightsul fiends of hell. Man being, at the fall of the angels, created to fill their vacant thrones, that there might be-noexcitement to pride (the cause by which the angels sell) was vested in a humiliating garb composed of slime. In this dirty coat he was to remain until a reasonable trial should be the test of obedience and reverence to the Divine Decree. Satan observing these dirty creatures and judging they were formed to fill the thrones from which himself and associates had been degraded, resolved with contemptuous scorn to allure them into the snare themselves had been entrapped, and reasonably considering the disparity, betwixt an angel and the man of mud, contrived his fall in due progression adequate to the disparity. He theresore made use of the most vile reptile (by which subtlety he retains the name of the old serpent) to accomplish his plot. In the garden of delights man had free access and his enjoyment unrestrained, but the tree of knowledge, which as a test of his Obedience to his Creator he was forbid to taste. Satan; made- use of this stratagems by twining about the tree of knowledge in the presence of I.Ævey sittyitifig! he* *£) the : banqtrtt;; wrho, t d 8. , observing observing the delight of enjoyment painted rior theicountenance of the serpent, and that he survived the pleasure, was raised by Curiosity* arid desire to try the experiment which nurses egg proved fatal, being of the same species with that of the devil-s self-love, pride, and rebellion. Let us view these created gods, Great Luciser or Satan, prince of the first tribe, who, besore his godship, was one of the most bright, glorious and resplendent princes of the heavenly hierarchy. new habited in.thecoatof the most vile reptile, and with the brotherhood ap: condemned to eternal perdition. Man-s fall entailed an equal punishment on himself and posterity. The humiliating state of man presented no enticement, to his fall, which renders him less excusable; but Ihame and remorse obtained at the Divine Tribunal, mercy and the promise of a Meffiah to reinstate him in his original birthright. The promise, after two thousand years, was settled in the samily of our sathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Continued in the tribe of Judah, and allotted to the lineage of David 1000 years besore his manifestation* The Royal Prophet, in his Psalms, speaks sully ape] in the most clear terms of the Divinity of the Messiah, his Priesthood, his offering bread and wine^ his lise of humiliations, sufferings, death, resurrection, ascension. and - seating.his. glorious humanity, on the Kight-Hand of his* Fathen The Lord said unto my Lord, ''.Sit thouroh rjrvy.Right-Hand untii I make thy enemies thy foot-stool..", . The latter pirt of this prophucy tp,pk, place forfy years after Israel put owdvidfr ^.n,vmldo B b 3 siah

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