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siah to death, according as himself hid told them, which prophecy we see remain in equal? force against the Jews at this day, praying i he christians to permit them to live, though ds vagabonds and miscreants, or vagrants seeking; for rest, but can find none. Fulfilling this scripture, no peace to the wicked, faith the Lord. Isaiah 700 years besore the time of the Messiah describes his lise, miracles, poverty, rejection, sufserings, divinity, destruction of his enemies, call of the Gentiles, and everlasting glory and flourishing state of his church or new covenant. All of the prophets speak very full and clear of the second covenant or universal promise and of her Divine Lawgiver; but Daniel, as we took notice, marked the epoch with the particular circumstances attending it. His establishing the Promise or Covenant of Grace, &c.

Daniel 9th chapter. And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week, and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined, shall be poured upon the wicked. Psalm 40. Sacrifice and ofsering thou didst not desire j my ears hast thou opened •, burnt-offerr ing and sin-offering hast thou not required. Then, said I, Lo, I come, in the volume of the book (scriptures) it is written of me. .

Malachi 1 st chapter. I have no pleasure in you, faith the Lord of Hosts, neither wilL £ accept an offering at your hand, • For from the . . r u rising rising of the fun, even unto the"going downiest the fame, My Name shall be great among^t^ris Gentiles, and in every place incense sharbtra ofsered unto my name, and a pure offerftig^/ for my name shall be great among the heathens, faith the Lord of Hosts.••r••. -'-c *ot It is clear and incontrovertible, by thesefqrp} tures and innumerable other texts ;or Tfcntencei of Holy Wrir, that the Jewish or first covehaM (being imperssect and inadequate to the stating man in his original birthright of salvt4 . tion was only a r'se or preparation to the general or universal amnesty) ceased and was exnnctonr the arrival and manisestation of the Messiah, Divine Leg lla'or -of the second covenant-no^ Law of Grace. The ofsence of our ftrst parents, being a direct contrrul or opposition; against the Deity, infinite justice rendered abfbv lutely necessary and requisite that nothing lef& than an infinite reparation could fa tissy or appease the Deity. This was the cause or reason that the Second Person of the Godhead assumed the nature of man, and immolated a sacrifice of infinite propitiation to arone and reinstate man in his first privileges. This being the state of man, that nothing less than the death of the Son of God could blot out, and appease thd Divine Justice, how can reason be so tar over* ruled and superseded as to suppose that tfacr blood of beasts could make atonement, whets death that was inflicted as a punishment on mart: for this original fioiof our first parents waiVnO more than a removit Out Jos ihis-lise into the; state of the Idarrined, tcowld: neither; rneri^tiQC , B b 4 claim

claitb the , feast alHewtationi or abatement from the rigorous sentence. Beiides>rhe .-scripture and reason which confirm this trifthpnear-twothou^ sand years experience demonstratesthat ihe ad^ herents to the first covenant, who call.theiw • selves Jews, are an abandoned people, bothSbj? God and man. Their temple and sacred-rues are destroyed, prophecy, miracles, and every divine gift, or. supernatural communication (that distinguished the first covenant untTlvthe establishment of the second) by Jesus Christ into the Christian Church, with the prophetic or scripture promises, all which you are a wits ness to at this day. But how many years.o£ anxiety have you deluded yourself, even fourscore, expecting a releasement from your cap*; tivity, with a triumphant return, headed ibyJ your Mefllah, with the spoils of the Gentiles; bearing down all besore you and pasting as an impetuous torrent, roll upon the breadth of the earth to the Holy Land, where all things will be restored one hundred fold more excellent than in the reign of Solomon? But, alas, ;who' can account for man, or comprehend the extent of his folly? To expect your nation-s return to their once happy country, rebuild their ttmple, and restore the sites and ceremonies of the old law or covenant, would be as great a chimera, or wild fancy, as to conceit that the soul remains in man after death. Yet yourself and nation have ever nurtured thjs bantling* nurseling, fondling* or maggpt, proceeding from a a severish and lawless zeal, whicbDnear fwo thousand years desolation and flrotig efforts t; to

( )

to recover your ancient fi^donn^d^*st*te yourselves ih the country given by Almighty' Godltov.yjour foresathers,- restore- your darling city and temple, ri-rs arid ceremonies to their first excellency. Your fathers made a most foi* midable war during two years against the Rot mans, in the reign of Adrian; they were led on by one Lucuas and another, Barchochebas. Thwart told them that he was a star come down -from heaven to enlighten them, who were under the rod of oppression. He was taken, and sufsered condign punishment, and many myriads destroyed. They w?rc interdicted, not sc: much f rom afar to beheld their native soil. Thus marters went on until die reign of Julian the Apostate, w-hen your fas hers being egged forward by the emperor to iebuild the temple aod restore the Jewish worship*, and being assisted by the emperor with ail things necessary for carrying on the building, but :o no effect; for the divine in e position rendered endeavours inefsectual. Wh id the emperor was very desirous to damage the christians, he betrayed his o v.) superstition. Far being much addicted to sacrificing, ne not only delighted in the blood (of sacrifices) himseisy but thought himself wronged, unless others would do so too. But, in regard he foun,. but few men as those, he sent for tht Jews, a .d en-r quired of them,, upon what account tney abstained f om sacrificing, when th lav/ of Mores enjoined it,. Upon-their answering h m, that they could not sacrifice in any ether place, frof Ofity at Jerosdicmyvhe gave, order, that Solomon** mtmVfarnple Hiould be forthwith re-edified 5 in thetnteisim> himself proceeds in his expedition Against the Persians. But the Jews, who sor a long time had been dÆirous of getting an opportunity to have their temple rebuilt, in order to their offering sacrifice, were then very industrious about the work. They also shewed themselves very formidable to the christians, and their behaviour towards them was proud and insolent, threatening they would do them as much mischies as they themselves had sormerly sufsered from the Romans. The emperor, having given order, that the charge of the building mould be paid out of his Exchequer, all things were soon provided; timberj stone, burnt brick, clay, lime, and all other materials necessary sor building. At which time,' Cyrillus, bishop of Jerusalem, called to mind the prophecy of Daniel, which Christ has also confirmed in the gospels, and pre-' dicted in the presence of many persons, that the time would come shortly that one stone' would not be lest upon another in that temple, but that the prophecy should be sulfilled. ', These were the biihop's words j and in the night there happened a great earthquake, which tore up the stones of the old soundation of the' temple, and dispersed them all, together with the adjacent edifices. The Jews were extremely terrified; and the fame of it brought many persons who lived at a great distance to that place. When a numerous multitude were gathered, there happened anothered prodigy; for there came down afire from; heaven,'that conVHw sumed

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