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tfiey-^itfwned him with thorns, divMetTSiiT^ soared his garments, but cast lots fdr his vestmenr: this diverted Israel as the loss of Sampsun-s eyes amused the Philistines. This was' done to undeceive the body of the people, who look no sarther than pomp and appearances, and so easily seduced from their allegiances-" ^ Luther. It was the saying of an old hermit, that he profited by the most ignorant, and, li' will profit by your hint, on my return. I will make spiritual bailiffs of all my clergy, dignified or not dignified. all ages or degrees^ re-; ducing the whole into as smalj and necessary.'a body as the nature of things may require.. wft^small benefices, and privilege to take up all dissenters, with the allowance of half the profits.':

.Latter. Reducing the number of clergy, and giving each one, taking the whole on an' average, of fifty pounds each man, according to his proportion of dignity, with their quota of what may be scrambled for from Dissenters and all gainsayers, will keep them and families, who are to put their hands to the plow, in sufficient meat, drink, washing, lodging, and cloathing, which are sufficient for the christian warsare. I lived many years in community with the brotherhood in London, at less than fifty pounds, when we usually and daily had our levee at one or others lodging, and at either a soup or chop-house regale ourselves for our 'shilling for dinner; and at night our pint, with a good fop, at either beer or cider cellar; the cellar in Maiden-lane was my delight; but a good bowl of punch, and a pretty friend sealed

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Ninth Conference. .,, . f.. j: *•

Luther.TTOST, long talking with energetic -.t. -.J. JL zeal for the conversion of a doctor

in Israel, has greatly oppressed and filled my needsul stomach with stagnated and foetid air i so that you will relieve your lord with expeditious, hot and savory meat, such as you know any foul loveth, and attend alone, as I (hall want intelligence and intrust matters of the greatest magnitude to your deposit. What is that exhalation which flatters, recreates, soaks and envelops my whole man. O Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, like a bee ravished in the odoriserous fragrancy and celestial perssumes of these incomparable mandrakes made into a wreath or garland of the most exquisite texture, lulled in sweet repose upon the bed of soft delights, adding new graces, if graces can be added, to the angelic and divine beauties of the delight of my foul.

Host. Your reverence will observe, as you desire to live free cost, which you hinted with a squint over your shoulder, you had done your lise past, but must not be expected in my house; however, I have endeavoured to draw as near your prudence, so that there may be as little between us and as fliort a time as may be.

Luther. Rascallion, saucy Swiss, Calvinian pig, how! know you not my eminence, and the great field 1 am now laying besore you for aggrandizing and raising to honour na only you,


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