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fcten {jr.btdnfetlow.DO pkrietkev ^hatfiieal po£ sesses me whenever libertyand; na txase, ts or af^^angsn^^titd still hope your intentions T|fe^l®noif;sih*ciJcijTrf..- florid, and it is ^ffiiuirito kffiffpfilny tsreaxh, is that quits, OaH i&i.*frtr\o. u&nehlightened philosophers, of our erdi^fate^ed hemisphere: most: certainly it is a . ♦rtbttiMbUyoan.d bucksomc philosophy: O the ^©ySQf'rftf uf>ger days; no disturbance or Iftfing of conscience, all calm within; and the enjoyment ,to a glut b:im-foll, and running Wer'tif the five pipes; instruments and conductors, or sense into the heart. This, men bfsfearfning and light call heaven, or the folltieJs 'and end of man; no scripture bug-bears, fe'Gfc all smooth water to them that will enjoy. U?et I consess old Moses dropped a story which lias'not a little disconcerted my notion of rea4bfl'; lye proves from the tortoise, that will, Memory, and understanding, do not depend and derive its source or origin from the brain; for the turtle comes the nearest to man, in planing and carrying them into execution sor the preserving their progeny, which goes far beyond the ape, who is considered to come nearest man, which our philosophy teaches, having most brains proportionable to the size. Moses declares the tortoise have neither brains nor marrow. • . i . .. . ? .Heft. I have often heard your new philosophers bragof their proofs from the brains, arid lay dt down as. the ground and fondamental itftfcle of their faith, which raised my curiosity, tearing of the subtlety and prudence of this to s . animal, 'animal, to'oiirchase theoneyouhad one os your dinners dressed in, that worked such wondersul effects both on you and your companion, and which liked ro have bef.n the death of Rabbi Moses. I opened the head, and this is that you fee in the Phial, which is preserved in spirts, all that was contained in the head, and which is nothing more than like a sheath of a Tarantula, or web or membrane, containing neither brains or any other substance. The bones are also as the head, all solid as a stone.' WW Luther. I think it rather a refinement on Calvinism; sor although they use every precaution to stifle the conscience by disavowing sinj unless hatched as a chick, through ignorance and solly, yet, when a soul, or immortality, is granted, we experience an interloper, who lurks about the heart, and, like a busy-bcdy, raising an immediate bustle on the heel of every gratification that is forbid'by scripture or Christianity, this falls in of course. so that we become dupes to the foul we cannot rtfrain, neither can we enjoy. I have, therefore, ever considered the lise of a Calvinist the lise of a dog, who commonly receives his meal with sear of the whip. I am very ill from the flurry you urged me, doubting my veracity in laying besore you the laws, and benign, gentle and meek constitution of Great Britain. I am quite spent, overcharging my stomach, so that 1 can paddle in it ac my throat, and I find not my old friend at hand, strong evacuation • I am swelled and must burst, unless I can blow heartily my sowgelder's born, which would re


Jieve. Take my common-prayer book, and at 'ead you

the head you will read two acts as a of ma.ny more statutes sor the unisormity and universality of our Sion, so that there may be one religion, both in prayer and sacraments, without this consormity; you will there see the penalties to be inflicted. The •st act was enled under our gracious sovereign queen Eli'>eth, the other under our gracious sovereign 'les the Second. So help me God. They happy days. So be it.

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Tenth Conference* changes. Moses, Boy, and Notaries. .

fa..]V /T-ESSIAH confirmed his covenant IV^ with many for one week, caused the sacrifice and oblation to cease, and Himself cue off, and from that period desolation. Two parts of this prophecy are confirmed and remain confirmed at this day. Israel has been without temple or sacrifice, and themselves drove out and abandoned by their God, scattered throughout all nations, hated and despised, and their country desolate. Where their temple stood is placed the abomination of desolation, the worship of the Impostor Mahomet. This part of the prophecy stands open to the whole world, and this from the very time marked and pointed out to us by our scriptures that the Messiah should come, from which point of time you date your Christianity. But, alas!where shall Israel search for the sulfilling of the other two parts of this prophecy? where is the Messiah that is cut off, or, where are the men that He confirmed His covenant with?

Boy. Jesus Christ is the Messiah foretold by all the prophets who at the appointed time came into the world and manisested Himself to Israel and the world. He entered on His Divine Mission at the age of thirty, and confirmed His covenant, according to the prophecy^ wiui many, and in the middle of the week he, was cut off, which was the three years He^as' on His Mission, when you cut him off from the earth, hanging the Lord of Lise on a tree. You have rejected him and he has rejected you. You accused him of blasphemy against God and your temple and being an impostor, and he has shewed himself to be that God you accused him ,t>f blaspheming, and sulfilled the prophecy in ait'its parts: abrogated, annulled, repealed, and translated His old covenant into the second, and 'BeW covenant, which He promised from the beginning, and throughout His scriptures, had a?6ur temple destroyed, and on the ground on 'which your temple stood was erected a heathen, 'ifid ^t this day, a Mahometan temple, or place ^worship. He appointed and confirmed twelve Dnhdps, kno\vn by the name of the apostles j 'one of the twelve He appointed His Vicar, whom he invested with ample power as head and chies, which has come down by a regular succession from St. Peter, who was the first appointed and seated his chair in Rome to the present time. He appointed seventy others also. After His Resurrection, he appeared at disserent h'mes sor sorty days, when he ascended to hea'.v^ri in the sight of one hundred and twenty. He, appeared once to five hundred brethren, and, s)6 doubt, many others. A sew days aster His Ascension, Peter's first sermon added three ?f)£U^ah4 disciples j 'ancT a sew days aster, they increased to five thousand, and in a short period 'tR^'new'' cotenant was extended to all parts of tfie earth. / Their sejund hath ;gone forth into ?lit the 'earth, and their words unto the ends of the world.

M 2 Moses.

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