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Club. Yoiir argument seems so canty weight* fortified with reason, to those os little brains; but to us seniors, who possess a' full quantum^ in measure, weight, and quality, is of no fortei You cannot catch old birds'with chaff, neither wtU you frightelv us with raw head and bloody bones, or any other such spiritual share; or artful contrivance, that impress and seduce weaklings and children; but we that have sprung and got quit of your snares, stand searless free from remorse or stings of heart, we were heretofore assailed with, after feasting ourselves on the good things of the earth, which was and is rivetted innate and clenched in the inner recesses of our hearts, from which glut of pleasure, like the bee, we will never recede until for want of breath we can hold out no longer, when we shall return each element its proper gife.

- Host. This membrane, or weS, that I now produce, was all the conten s contained in a small cavity, in the head of a sea toad, or tortoise, the head being all to the cavity solid. This creature weighed one hundred and tisteta pounds, without brains or marrow, the bo;.es being solid as the head, all but the aforesaid cavity.

Club. What you advance reminds us of the surprising latitude travellers assume aud think yourselves entitled to be credited.

Host. What I advance is known to several that will testify the same, and yourselves will be pleased to examine and give testimony thai SrivumliSrtgf but k web consisting bf nothing Att*ethan; fibres. 1'

^ tiUb. What you produce resembles tarantula sheath or web, free from brains or other matted Ot contents. .

. Host. The singular instinct; of the tortoise, iii fctr care at the time of her depositing her eggs, ro prevent the Vigilance of her adversary (the turtle) from robbing her nest, or making a prize bf herself, brings her the nearest to man of any Other animal. Rabbi Moses, whose character you are no stranger to, will give the surprising instinct and many particulars relating to this' animal, and this from his own inspection, in th& West-Indies, where they are produced.'

Chi. Rabbi Moses is a character of distsnfenished merit, on whose veracity we are agreed. We Would think ourselves happy in making se-' veral enquiries from so worthy a character, who, according to report, has been in search of truth to all quarters of the world, from his youths possessed of whatever is worthy praise, in sortune, goodness, refined sentiments, and strong understanding; but there arises a doubt his being of the Jewish persuasion, who are a people not easily deluded or drawn from even error, as they are ridiculousiy so, most absurdly. We will, cast in our minds the utility of seeing thi« good and intelligent man, and is we suppose it not hurtfol to our light, raising doubts that there is a God, and spiritual intelligences, who watch our actions with an eye far more clear and penetrating than the fon at noOn-day, and that man is composed of two substances; one

{piritual,. which they call soul; the other eatth*

Jy, the body. The soul, being the intellectual and superior part, is,tq rule and keep the body in a state oppressive to the senses, and opposite to the pleasures and allurements of this lise, to consider this lise and pass through it* a pilgrim, prmanof sorrows, expecting pleasure and eternal comforts when death separates our twofold nature. All blemishes, which they term sin, are to be rigorously accounted for, and punished in the next lise, if we were convinced that giving him a meeting might not cast some blemish or shade our enlightened and bright philosophy, we should be disposed to see him to make enquiries.

Host. You were all instructed, when young, in the religion of your foresathers, i suppose, christians.

Club. We atknowledge your supposition, though we are of different countries, and were of different branches of christians, to be trne; but being men inclined to various powersul passions, which could not be gratified without remorse and stings, we were not disposed to sufser, embraced the Enlightened blclsingv the brains, in a torrent of light, poured on the head of man, in this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. O my> what a blaze!

Host. I will hold you a rump and dozen. as the faying is, that you are twelve, bu. nOt one trained Calvini ft.

Club. None.

Most. Presbyterians are instructed to render lise comfortable, by fl-tying the old man with

the the sword of the spirit, that is, to appease the flesh, by giving it the full sway and defire of 'Jier wishes, that we obtain liberty of spirit. This is a faithsul faying, "Mortisy the works of rhe flesh, by destroying the old man. If you the flesh, you shall die* but is you live to the spirit, you shall be saved: so that there is no condemnation to the spiritual christian j for, let him do what he will, he sinned not: for all things are lawful to him by the art and cunning of spiritualizing all fleshly actions, so that whilst we enjoy, we live. O my, what sweetness!

Calvinifts, like goats, rut out of measure,
Bleat out in spirit, a twofold pleasure j
But to you half men, you lose all merity
Jlnd half your pleasure, thro' lack of spirit,
For quitting pastures you were once train d in,
And disown your souls, and turn then nothing.

Club. Envy, despair, presumption, schism, heresy, contention, Pride, railing, insidelity, gluttony, hatred, lechery.

The above heads, is we understood right when we had an idea of God, was opposite and contrary to the Divinity and forbid under pain pain of eternal punishments. This was the cause, as we could not resrain to embrace our slew philosophy, in order to strengthen ourselves for enjoyment without after-claps or b\t-, ings of conscience. We acknowledge your lenient medicine, is any efficacy can be drawn from it, would have much weight to our return Into the' christian bosom; WuT, acc'oFding'ro some philosophy, if you should prove to have a foul, you will be in much more dan«er of reprobation than our new philosophers, .we deny him, you acknowledge him and make him an accomplice, partaker aud partner in the very deeds that he detests and forbids. You cry, it is well done, a twofold pleasure, spiritual and earthly; in short, and to be bries, if impudence has any merit, Calvinism is a child of paradise. 0 the misery of an infatuated and conceited, vain pride*

Conceited monsters, of a twofold race, .%. Enthusiastic tribe, your wizard-s face C Contradict your Lord, and impede his grace, j

Host. I humbly crave your Enlightened-s pardon for my abrupt intrusion on so high and mighty a society, who has it in contemplation to relieve the great world from all impediments which they have been insected with for near six thousand years, on the heels of which bring in reftitude cloathed fn her natural and first-born simplicity, statej dress, condition, and inclination, free from impeachment, shame, or remorse. The earth is man-s and the sullness thereof, wheresore do we ressuse to couple, as if man, and only man, were the captive chained down with more than savage slavery and cruel restraint, superfluity and experience. Extravagance will be exploded, and like our neighbours of every degree, from the. savage who wears nothing more than' pure nature, to the gentle O worm

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