Bible Secret: An Idiots Guide to the End of the World

iUniverse, 2005 - 124 páginas
Last few days of the world's civilizations.

The texture is that of diamonds, infinitely solid, incomprehensible in its hardness. The color is a dark blue. A deep plateau stretches out in every direction. There stands an individual, a figure of a human. Tall beyond dimensions, (He is) clothed in light. His shoulders are broad. His feet seem as blocks. His hands appear gentle. His face reveals no features. The eyes are felt rather than seen. Surrounding the light that clothes Him is an aura of light blue. Behind Him a deep blue goes back forever. He is the Beginning and the End and has decided the moment when time shall stop. " The rebuilding of the Temple is the key to all of it. The actual events like the war in Iraq, the 11th September, the terror all over the world and the campaign of the UN and other powers in the world to take Jerusalem and parts of the Biblical land of Israel are actually the opening stages of the end time war and all of it is focused on Israel and Jerusalem as G-d shared with us in prophecy."

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement Published: April 2003.

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