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O be ever active in laudable pursuits, is the dif tinguishing characteristic of a man of merit.

THERE is an heroic innocence, as well as an

heroic courage.

THERE is a mean in all things. Even virtue itself hath its stated limits; which not being strictly obferved, it ceases to be virtue.

Ir is wifer to prevent a quarrel beforehand, than to revenge it afterwards.

Ir is much better to reprove, than to be angry fecretly. No revenge is more heroic, than that which torments envy, by doing good.

THE difcretion of a man deferreth his anger, and it is his glory to pass over a tranfgreffion.

MONEY, like manure, does no good till it is fpread. There is no real use of riches, except in the distribution: the reft is all conceit.

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A WISE man will defire no more than what he may get juftly, ufe foberly, diftribute cheerfully, and live upon contentedly.

A CONTENTED mind, and a good confcience, will make a man happy in all conditions. He knows not how to fear, who dares to die.

THERE is but one way of fortifying the foul against all gloomy prefages and terrors of mind; and that is, by fecuring to ourselves the friendship and protection of that Being who difpofes of events, and governs futurity.

PHILOSOPHY is then only valuable, when it ferves for the law of life, and not for the oftentation of science.



a friend the world is but a wilderness. A MAN may have a thousand intimate acquaintances, and not a friend among them all. If you have one friend, think yourself happy.

WHEN Once you profefs yourfelf a friend, endeavour to be always fuch. He can never have any true friends, that will be often changing them.

PROSPERITY gains friends, and adversity tries them.

NOTHING more engages the affections of men, than a handfome addrefs, and graceful converfation.

COMPLAISANCE renders a fuperior amiable, an equal agreeable, and an inferior acceptable.

EXCESS of ceremony fhews want of breeding. That civility is beft, which excludes all fuperfluous formality.

INGRATITUDE is a crime fo fhameful, that the man was never yet found, who would acknowledge himself guilty of it.



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