Programmer's Guide to NCurses

John Wiley & Sons, 2007 M02 26 - 576 páginas
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Programming the console in UNIX?

Here's just what you need.

First, you'll get a no-nonsense tutorial guide to the nCurses version 5.5 library, taking you from basic to advanced functions step by step. Then you'll find an A-to-Z reference of more than 175 nCurses functions, cross-referenced and illustrated with examples. With this all-purpose nCurses reference, you?ll:

  • Learn techniques that can be used to program Linux®, FreeBSD®, Mac OS® X, or any other UNIX-based OS.
  • Program, control, and manipulate text on the terminal screen.
  • Control interactive I/O, organize content into windows on the screen, and use color to highlight text and organize information.
  • Use a mouse to further refine input.
  • Create nCurses programs using your choice of editors.
  • Find hundreds of quick, easy-to-understand programming examples.

Author Dan Gookin is known for making technology make sense. Buy this book and you'll see why.


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Dan Gookin's Programmer's Guide to NCurses is literally the only curses documentation which is worth reading. The internet is littered with vague, incomplete documentation about curses. The book is not new, by any means, but curses has not changed since it was written, so it's still very much relevant. It contains small, focused sample apps on almost every page, making it easy to try out each of the features in isolation. The index is also extensive. This book is one of the small handful of physical paper books i have kept over the years. 

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Chapter 1 The Setup
Chapter 2 Basic IO the NCurses Way
Chapter 3 Formatting Text
Chapter 4 Around the Window
Chapter 5 More Text Manipulation
Chapter 6 Clearing and Zapping
Chapter 7 Keyboard Madness
Chapter 8 Windows Windows Everywhere
Chapter 12 The Joy of Soft Labels
Chapter 13 Messing Mit der Mouse
Chapter 14 A Mixture of Stuff
Appendix A NCurses Library Reference
Appendix B The Alternative Character Set
Appendix C The chtype
Appendix D Keypad Character Codes

Chapter 9 Subwindows
Chapter 10 More Window Tricks
Chapter 11 Dig My Pad Man

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DAN GOOKIN began his career as a computer columnist and magazine editor. Then in 1991, he wrote DOS For Dummies and launched a juggernaut. Among his many titles in that popular series are PCs For Dummies, Word For Dummies, and C All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies. Thanks to his unique style and dry wit, Dan's books are always informative and never boring.

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