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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1834, by

J. S. AND C. ADAMS, in the Clerk's office of the District Court of Massachusetts.

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In presenting this volume to the public, we do not feel that any apology is necessary. The reputation of the Author affords ample assurance, that a selection from his · Miscellaneous Discourses and Reviews' will be well received.

The productions of Dr. Humphrey bear the impress of a sound and vigorous mind, acting under the excitement of a love of truth and goodness. His views, although often very original, are never of that startling character which induces an immediate suspicion of their correctness, however much there may be of ingenuity or brilliancy to create admiration. On the contrary, they have the image and superscription' of practical wisdom. They come home to the business and bosoms' of men, with such a strength of conception, definiteness of purpose, clearness and energy of language; with such an unostentatious simplicity, yet with such shrewdness and sagacity of illustration; with such a lofty spirit of enlightened christian benevolence, and such an affectionate earnestness of appeal ;—that the Author has long been justly esteemed one of the most impressive and useful writers in the clerical profession.

He has not, however, confined the labors of his pen to the immediate sphere of his professional duties. He has taken a wide view of men and things. Hence the present

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