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it not commend itself to your judgment and your heart? With all its imperfections, it is not far superior to the life of the man of the world—superior in its aims, in its enjoyments, in its purity, in its loveliness, in its usefulness, in its honor, in its reward? Is not this the life which a traveler to eternity ought to lead? Consider then, that it is a life which, by the grace of God, we all may lead. But above all, who does not wish to die the good man's death? In that hour when all is dark and terrible to the soul of the ungodly, when the worldling who has hitherto been at ease, becomes like the troubled sea, and there is no voice to calm the anxious heavings of his breast,the good man is at peace,-serene, joyful, triumphant ! No one can contrast the demeanor of these two classes of men in that last hour of trial which comes to all, without exclaiming, “let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his." My friends, we must all soon die. He whose loss we mourn, was with us but a little while ago, with a vigorous constitution and robust health, destined apparently to great length of days. He has fallen in advance of many who still linger here in weakness and pain. I had thought that he might stand like the oak, when I should be cut down like the flower. But by what rule God orders the event of death, we cannot tell. We know that it is certain—that it is near;let us prepare for it.

How, when it shall be,—we cannot foresee;
But Lord, may we live, may we die unto thee !

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