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by the doctrines of fallible men; and imbibe new notions of sacrifice as unscriptural, and ,wide of truth, as the old one, -which we have been compelled to resign.

In the course of the following criticism, upon the works of these two Authors which treat of this subjectI have, 1 think, made it evident, that the notions of the symbolical nature of sacrifices, exhibited by them, are utterly unsupported by scripture-evidence, and both of them chargeable with absurditys and ill consequences; and, particularly, that the one, whiclf is advanced by the Author of the essay on thk nature, design, and origin of sacrifices, t& such, as can, by no means, be brought to any agreement with the manner of the oblation and disposal of piacular sacrifices.

To my criticism upon Dr. Taylor's notion of the meaning and design of fewish-sacrifices, I have subjoined an examination of his sentiments about the sacrifice of our Lord fesus Chrijl; which appear to me to be no less uncommon, than unsupported by scripture-evidence.

In the execution of this whole work, I have used all just freedom: and have, every where, Jludied to express my sentiments in a plain, intelligible, and unartful manner; and t& Jay nothing but what is pertinent, and nets Jary to set the subject in a jujl and clear light. I have, likewise, been particularly careful to give a fair and jujl representation of the sentiments of my Authors, in their own words; and to guard again/I every offence againjl good manners. How far I have succeeded in my design, I leave to be determined by those who have a capacity for judging in the affair.

If it should be objected here, what end can the being at so much pains and labour, in pulling down false schemes, answer? Had it not been much better to have favoured the world with the true one? To this I answer, that false schemes^ plausibly and artfully erected, blind the human mind; and, therefore, must be demolished and removed out of the way, before the truth, symmetry, and beauty of that which is the true one, can be properly attended to, and duely perceived. The rubbi/h which covers any eld foundation, mujl be removed, before the foundation itself can be seen, or any building erected upon it with sasety and firmness: and the greater the quantity of rubbish is, the more labour, in proportion, mujl there be bejlowed in clearing it away, sr the builder cannot proceed wifely, and with any rational pro/peel of success. The more avenues to error and falsehood are shut up, the more quickly and readily doth that, which leads to truth, discover it

But it may be said, the common, popular notion of sacrifice has, it seems, been discovered to be a cheat; and the new ones, which have been offered to supply its place, are deemed to be a lie what then must men do in the mean time? How are they to regulate their faith, with regard to sacrifice?Answ. The scriptures are the alone repository of revealed truth, and of all true, religious faith: for which reason, men ought to search them carefully and diligently, uiitill they have discovered, from them, what they are tq believe in this affair. In these sacred volumes alone, a declaration is made, and a description given, of the true end, design, and use os sacrifice. And whosoever applietb himself, with due care, and a fair and honest mind, to the study of them, and is so happy as to be led, by them, info a right train of thoughts, will, most certainly, discover the true end, design, and use of sacrifice. And when he has once got the true scripture-notion of these, he will find it to be a notion that is abundantly supported by evidence, and will endure the Jeverest scrutinys of right reason; a notion which carries no absurdity in it, nor draws any

ill ill consequence after it\ a notion which, if J mistake not, will plainly point out the reason of the institution of piacular sacrifice, and of the continuance and use of it under all dispensations of religion, ever since the lapse of Adam and, at the same time, shew, that this species of sacrifice doth, at present answer, and has, always answered, its real end and design, notwithstanding pieris ignorance of, and many mistakes about the nature of it. the execution of his design, but even given us a wrong and unscriptural idea of the meanings design, and end of sacrifices, I intend, if life and health are continued, to resume that worky put the materials of it in order, and make it public likewise, provided I find the world in any disposition to receive and encourage it.

I affirm these things with the greater assur-> ance, because the scripture-doctrine about the nature and design of sacrifices has been my particular Jludy for many years, not only since, but before, the two pieces, which are the subject of this criticism, were made public. About the time that Dr. Taylor published his scripturedoctrine of atonement examined, I had some thoughts of publishing my sentiments on that subject; but, upon hearing that the Dr. was then about to communicate his thoughts upon it to the public, I gave up all thoughts of carrying my design into execution, even though I had collected many materials for the work; as not doubting, but the world and myself would receive full satisfaction in. this affair frem such an able hand. But, being fully satisfied, that the Dr. has not only failed in

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