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First Steps in English Composition
Stewart's Scholastic Geography (with maps)
Stewart's First Grade Free-hand Drawing Cards
Stewart's Book of Music—an easy Grammar of Music

First Steps in English Composition
Stewart's Home Lessons–Geography of Europe
Stewart's Date Book of English History
Stewart's First Grade Free-hand Drawing Cards
Stewart's Book of Music—an easy Grammar of Music

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First Steps in English Composition
Analysis of Sentences, by JAMES CURRIE, M.A.
Complete Key to Exercises in Morell's Grammar and

Steele's Notes of Lessons-Oral Teaching
Stewart's Euclid- Book I.
Stewart's Geography and History of British Colonies
Stewart's History to Accession of Henry VII.
Stewart's Book of Chemistry
Stewart's Mechanics
Stewart's Animal Physiology
Stewart's Physical Geography
Stewart's Botany
Stewart's Book of Music-än easy Grammar of Music

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Currie's Practical English Grammar
Complete Key to Morell's Grammar and Analysis
How to Parse
First Steps in English Composition
Euclid, to end of Book I. --- Algebra to Simple Equations (inclusive)
History-from Accession of Henry VII. to present time
Science Subjects (see end of third year)
Stewart's Book of Music-an easy Grammar of Music
Stewart's Book of Harmony for P. T.'s Examinations in Music

First Steps in English Composition
Meiklajohn's Book of English-Source and Growth of Language
Euclid, Book II.-Mensuration and Algebra, to Quadratics
History from Accession of Henry VII. to present time
Book of Music-an easy Grammar of Music
Carrie's Elements of Musical Analysis
Currie's Common School Education

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Free by Post, for published price in Half-penny Stamps, from W. STEWART & Co., Holborn Viaduct Steps, LONDON, E.C.

Excelsior Buildings, Ridgefield, Manchester.

London Warehouse : 18, Paternoster Row.

John Heywood's New Publications.

Stiff cover, price 6d ; cloth, coloured, is. THE BRITISH EMPIRE ATLAS. Containing 37 Maps, showing the Colonies and Dependencies of Great Britain in every part of the World.

Cloth, 25. 6d. THE BRITISH EMPIRE ATLAS AND GEOGRAPHY. Containing 37 Maps, coloured with 144 pp. letterpress, descriptive of the Geography of the British Possessions.

Fcap. 8vo, 96 pp., cloth, is. 6d. New and Revised Edition. THE PUPIL TEACHER'S GÉOGRAPHY AND HISTORY OF THE BRITISH POS. SESSIONS. By J. S. Horn.

Price is., cloth. MENTAL ARITHMETIC FOR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES. With Answers and Specimens of Examination Papers. By R, Sutton.

Fcap. 8vo., 160 PP.,


THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. With Ilustrations from Scripture Biography and
Scripture Proofs. By R. Sutton.

Fcap. 8vo, 77 pp., cloth, 28. 6d.

By Rev. J. Davidson, B.A., Vicar of Christ Church, Chester. Designed mainly for young persons preparing for Diocesan, Training College, or Oxford and Cambridge Local Examinations.

Fcap. 8vo, 128 pp., cloth, is, 6d. NOTES OF LESSONS ON THE CATECHISM OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. By R. Sutton.

Crown Svo, 160 pp., cloth lettered, 2s. 6d. First Series, New Edition. THE TEACHER'S MANUAL OF OBJECT LESSONS. By A. Park, F.R.G.S., Head Master, Albion Schools, Ashton-under-Lyne.

Price is. 6d. cach, with Key, or complete in i vol., 6s.

Code. Candidates' Book-First Year Book--Second Year Book-Third Year Book
Fourth Year Book.

Fcap. 8vo, 272 pp., cloth, 3s. 6d.
SCHOOL MANAGEMENT AND METHOD, in Theory and Practice. By J. J. Prince

Author of “The Elements of Physiography.”. Prepared mainly for Pupil Teachers and Students preparing to be examined for Queen's Scholarships, Certificates, &c. There are nearly 200 Questions previously set at Examinations, with Answers to the same, whilst a

number of Questions for the Student to answer himself are also given at the end. EXERCISES IN PENMANSHIP. By a Professor of Writing. In which the principles of the

Art of Writing are reduced to their simple elements. Engraved on two sides of a small card. This is a veritable multum in parvo on an important branch of every scholar's educa. tion, and which he, and even adults wishful to improve their handwriting, may have continually before them as a model. Price id. each.

The following Catalogues may be had, post free, on applicationA CATALOGUE OF EDUCATIONAL AND MISCELLANEOUS WORKS Containing a list of John HEYWOOD's own distinctive publications, with their retail price. This will be found to embrace a great variety of Educational Works (written mainly by practical authors), and from it heads of Schools and others may select books in almost every branch of study.

A CLASSIFIED AND ILLUSTRATED EDUCATIONAL CATALOGUE, Containing a general list of the leading School Books published, together with the most commonly used articles in Stationery and Materials This Catalogue, comprising 66 pages, 4to size, has been for years appreciated as the best reference list of its kind issued.

Suitable for Presents, Prizes, Libraries, and General Reading.


For any further particulars respecting terms, &c., please addressMr. JOHN HEYWOOD, Excelsior Buildings, Ridgefield, John Dalton Street, Manchester.

London IVarehouse-18, Paternoster Square, E.C. Bankers-Manchester and County Bank Limitett. P.0.0. payante at Deansgate, Manchester.

Grammar and Geography, separate, (New Code), for Standards

II. to IV., 1d. each; complete, 6d. History (New Code), for

Standards IV. to VI.; 2d. each; complete, 6d.

The New Code Grammar seems to have been carefally compiled, and ine subject has been simplified to a considerable extent, and we have no doubt the work will prove useful.

The New Code Grammar has a clear style, & copiousness of illustration, and a multiplicity of examples, three of the greatest merits possible perhaps in an Educational work.- Educational Guide. New

CODE History. Here, in a sixpenny nutshell, we have nearly 1800 years of English History; with not merely the principal events, but the principal battles, the customs, the codes of privileges, the charters of liberties, and even some of the principal Acts of Parliament which played a part in that long period. The book is as full of matter as an egg,-the matter itself is just as digestible.- Educational Guide.

The New Code Geography, Grammar, and History contain the matter on these subjects which the author has bound up with his New Code Readers, and which we had ander review a few weeks since. A very considerable amount of information is arranged :2 separate books for each standard, and they are offered at such a price as will tempt many to buy. They are essentially cram-books, and if nsed judiciously, and if supple. mented by the necessary oral instruction, they cannot fail to secure a safe pass in the examinations under the Code.-Schoolmaster. Major's Penny Standard Arithmetics, graduated in Six Standards,

with Questions already given by Inspectors. Key to each, 1d.

Complete, 9d.; with Keys, Is. New Code Readers, containing all the requirements of the New Code,

in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Geography, and History. Book I., 6d.; II., 8d.; III., 10d.; IV., 1s. 3d.; V., Is. 6d., VI., Is. 60. Specially prepared.

New CODE READERS.—These Readers are specially intended to meet the require. ments of the Code Standards in a compact form. The books present in small compass a mass of interesting and varied information.

Major's New Code Readers. Carefully graduated, and well suited to prepare children for passes in their respective Standards. — Irish Teachers' Journal. Major's Mental Arithmetic, for Pupil Teachers and Schools, 9d.,

cloth, ls. Major's Notes of Lessons, for Pupil Teachers, Students in Training,

Acting Teachers, &c. · Every subject set by Government Examinations for many years 'past specially worked into the body of the

book. 2s. 6d. I like your Notes of Lessons greatly, and you have conferred a great boon on my Papil Teachers. Your Grammar is the only one I have seen that keeps strictly to the code.

The Notes of Lessons will supply a want felt. I like the arrangement much.-H. PERRY.

I am greatly pleased with your Notes of Lessons. Each of my Pupil Teachers has a copy.-Miss Laws, Berwick.

Your Notes of Lessons will be very useful to teachers.-Rev. R. PALOR, R.N., Chap. lain Royal Marines, Chatham.

Exceedingly complete and useful" (Notes of Lessons).-C. H. GEER, St. Laonards.
Major's Daily Spelling Books, in 6 Standards, 2d. each; complete, 1s.
Extra Subject Series, 96 pp. Physiology, Poetry, Geography,

History, Algebra, Grammar, Physical Geography, 6d.; cloth, 8d.
Latin, German, Natural Philosophy, Political Economy, and
Magnetism and Electricity, 9d.; cloth, ls.





frienil in need."

Moffatt's upil Teacher's Course.-Candidates, 2s. 6d.; Year I., 25. 6d.;

Year II. , 3s. Years III, and IV., shortly.

Editors have been selected for writing these books who have special qualifi. cations for the task.

These books contain the whole conrse of instruction for Pupil Teachers. They are carefully and fully written. Examination Papers in each subject are set, and practical hints to Pupil Teachers are given.

We can give vers high praise to this compilation. Boks of this kind are not generally very well
done, but the present work is excellently drawn up. Papil Teachers will not need other books."- The
National Schoulinaster.
Moffatt’s Reprint of Pupil Teachers' Questions set by the Education

Department in 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1879, with Answers to Arithmetic and
Algebra. Price 1s. 6d. for each year.

These are a reprint of the official questions given by H.M. Inspectors at the Monthly Examinations of Pupil Teachers.

“ It is just the sort of ook a tencher finds useful for preparing for examination. Save in one or two minor particulurs, the questions are as applicable to Scotland as to England."-The Educational News. Moffatts Answers to Scholarship Questions, 1878 and 1879. , Price 2s,

each. These books contain full and complete Answers to all the Scholarship Questions, with particulars of Training Colleges, and instructions and hints

for Candidates. The Schoolmaster says—" To those looking forward for the scholarship examinations this will be s Queen's Scholarship Questions, for 1870-1-2-3. Price 1s. Queen's Scholarship Questions, for 1874-5-6-7. Price ls. Queen's Scholarship Questions, July, 1878. Price 6d. Queen's Scholarship Questions, July, 1879. Price 6d.

With Answers to Arithmetic, Algebra, and Mensuration. " No better exercise for those preparing for a Scholarship will be found than in answering these questions" Moffitt's Outlines of Grammar and Analysis. Price 9d. Moffatt's Outlines of Geography. Price 1s. Moffatt's Outlines of English History. Price 1s.

These books will be found useful for Pupil Teachers, Students in Training, and Candilates for the various public examinations. How to Teach Arithmetic. Illustrated in a series of Notes of Lessons,

25. 6d. By T. J. Livesey, author of “Scholarship Answers." This book

takes up seriatim very fully every rule of Arithmetic. The Schoolmaster says-“The work will be specially useful to Pupil Teachers and students in trainii g." Moffatt's How to Teach Reading. Illustrated with Notes of Lessons,

1s. 60. This book takes up very carefully every system of teaching reading,

and enters fully into the whole of the subject. "T:is is a very interesting book, and is evidently the production of a master-hand."--The Irish Teac ers' Journal.

*. We confidently say it is the best book on the subject we have met."-The Irish Educational Journal.

MOFFATT & PAIGE, Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row, LONDON.

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Original Articles on Educational Topics ; Parliamentary, Training Col.
leges, and Board School News affecting Pupil Teachers; Reports of
Science Lectures; Reviews of Books ; Scraps and Items of useful
information on Literature, Education, Science and Art; Questions set
in Pupil Teachers' Government Examinations ; Questions proposed and

answered by Pupil Teachers ; Popular Science Papers, &c.

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Price 2d., by post 2 d., or ls. 3d. for six months; 28. 6d. a year,

H. MAJOR, B.A., B.Sc., Editor, Sherwood House, LEICESTER.

Post Onice Orders payable to H. MAJOR, Leicester, not Nottingham.

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