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own words, the meaning of the first four lines (from "Ye” to “ Heaven.")

2. What is the force of the Latin prepositions in the following words compounded with them :-Suocour, supplant, depart, despise, differ, transfer. State what the preposition is in each case.

3. Parse each word in the following:-"England has had many heroes, but never one who so entirely possessed the love of his fellow. countrymen as Nelson."

1. Give notes of a lesson on “ The Overland Journey to India," by Brindisi and the Suez Canal. Illustrate your lesson by a map of the Red Sea.

2. Name the chief rivers of Africa, and describe the sources and course of each, as far as they are known.

3. Name four important towns in Hindostan, not including Calcutta, Bombay, or Madras; and describe minutely the position and character of each.

1. What do you understand by Cavaliers and Roundheads ? Explain the leading principles of the two parties.

2. Give some account of the wives of James II. and their issue.

3. When, and under what circumstances, was the Battle of Inkerman fought ?

1. The sum of the angles of every figure is equal to an even number of right angles.

2. The opposite sides and angles of a parallelogram are equal to one another, and the diameter bisects it—that is, divides it into two equal parts.

1. Divide 3 - 8y3 + 12523 + 30xyz by x - 2y + 5z.
2. Simplify:

P - 1

+ +1
PO гр 91

1 1 1 202 + 1 1

(227 + 1)2 3. Solve the equations :-

9.2 + 7

3(2x + 3)

+ = x + 1.

2. + 1 3.0 Pupil TEACHERS AT END OF FOURTH Year.-1. If simple interest at 5., per cent. per annum be allowed, in how many years will £102 10s. amount to £115 3s. 8 d.?

2. By investing £1,400 in the 3 per cents. I gain 41 per cent. on niy outlay. How much stock do I buy, and what is the price of it? 3. What per cent. of 32, is the square root of that number?

4. If tea be sold in lb. packets only, how many packets must I purchase that I may supply 80 persons with #076923 of a pound each ; and what vulgar fraction of my whole purchase will be left ?

5. A man bays 27 copies of a work for £30, and sells • 4 of them at a loss of 3 per cent. He sells the remaining copies for £17.816; how much per cent does he gain or lose by the whole transaction ?

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= 36.


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1. Find the amount of £411 10s. for 1 year at 4 per cent.

2. If a man can reap 3454 square yards in an hour, how long will 7 such ' men take to


6 acres ? 3. A tax of £530 is to be raised from three towns, the numbers of the inhabitants of which are respectively 2,500, 3,000, and 4,200. How much should each town pay, and each person in it.

4. Between the years 1821 and 1831 the population of a town increased by 22 per cent., and in the latter year it was 61,116. What was it in 1821 ?

1. Break up the following complex sentence into simple sentences, beginning a new line with each simple sentence:

“ All crimes shall cease and ancient frauds shall fail,

Returning justice lift aloft her scale,
Peace o'er the world her olive wand extend,

And white-robed Innocence from heaven descend." 2. Parse the verbs and participles in the above.

3. What conjunctions should be followed by the subjunctive mood ? Give four examples, using a different conjunction in each.

4. Point ont which of the following words are of Keltic, and which are of Saxon origin; and state what class of things generally have Keltic names :-Sheep, ship, bread, milk, basket, mop, mattock, pail.

1. Draw a full map of British North America, showing the physical features, and the exact position and boundaries of each colony.

2. Give notes of a first lesson on The Ocean” to an intelligent first class, who know the position of each ocean, &c., but have learnt nothing else. N.B.—No introduction ; and do not put more matter into

your notes than you could bring within the limits of one lesson. 1. How far may any of our existing institutions be traced up to Saxon times ?

2. What parts of North America are under the British Crown? Tell how we acquired them, and explain the improved feeling shown towards this country.

3. What event is known in our history as the retreat from Cabul ? Give some account of it, and of the retribution exacted. Write an essay on

The House of Lords." 1. If a straight line be divided into any two parts, the rectangle contained by the whole and one of the parts is equal to the rectangle contained by the two parts, together with the square on the aforesaid part.

2. If a straight line be divided into two equal, and also into two unequal parts, the squares on the two unequal parts are together double of the square on half the line, and of the square on the line between the points of section,

3. The sum of the squares on the sides of any quadrilateral figure is equal to the sum of the squares on its diagonals, together with four times the square on the line joining the middle points of the diagonals. (In solving this problem it may be assamed that in every triangle the sum of the squares on two of the sides is equal to twice the square on half the base, together with twice the square on the line drawn from the vertex to the middle point of the base.)

1. Find the cube root of 8a6 36a*v + 54aRx+ 27.06.

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3. Solve the equations :


+ = 42.

8 9
20 = 5

4x + 7
2 + 3

19 3. Find the time between 4 and 5 o'clock at which the hour and minute bands of a watch are together.

1. The extremity of the minute hand of a clock moves 5 inches in 34 minutes, what is its length ?

2. A ladder 38 feet long just reaches to a window 29 ft. 6 in. high on one side of a street; on turning the ladder over without moving its foot it reaches a window 28 feet high on the other side; find the breadth of the street.




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ANSWERS.—CANDIDATES.-1. £64 5s. 1}d. 2. £13 178. 4d. 3. 42 men. 4. £801 12s. 10 d.

1. £70,504 8s. 6d. 2. £113 19s. 03.d. 3. £228, 378 Os. 4 d. 4. £103 3s. 6 d.

ANSWERS.-FIRST YEAR.--1. 2 oz. 2. £2 16s. 61d. 3. 2s. 9 d. 4. £8 10s. 5.652d. 1. 3 farthings. 2. 4,8 lb. 3. £208 18s. 694. 4. £50 16s. 8d.

d Answers.- Second YEAR.–1. £377 4. 2. 11years. 3. £3 lis. 6d. 4. £45 10s.

1. 2,54881. 2. 2014. 3. £1 2s. 4. 18.
1. Is really a part of Euc. IV. 5. 2. Euc. I. 16. 3. Euc. I. 26.

ANSWERS.—THIRD YEAR.-1. £560 12s. 6d. 2. £450; £900; £1,350. 3. £109 2s. 6d.; £12 2s. 6d. 4. 90%.

1. 4,360. 2. io; 9. 3. 15-35 miles. 4. 7o.
1. Euc. I. 32, Cor. 1. 2. Euc. I. 34. 3. Eac. I. 46.

22 + + 1 1. #2 + 2xy -- 5xz + 4y 10yz + 25z? 2. (1) 0; (2)


23 (22 + 1)2" 3. (1) x = 9. 12) a = 1.

Answers. - -Fourth Year.— 1. 21 years. 2. £1,800 at 77. 3. 17}} per cent. 4. 6 lbs.; 5. Gain 2 per cent.

1. £416 10s. 3.1 Lid. 2. 12 hours. 3. £136 lls. 11, d. ; £163 18s. 437d. ; £229 98.8%9d. ; each person pays ls. 1;;d. 4 50095.1, 1.6., really 50,096.

1. Euc. II. 3. 2. Euc. II. 9. 3. Join BF, DF. Because AC is bisected in F :: sum of sqq. on AB and BC equals twice sqq. on AF and BF; and the sum of sqq. on AD and DC equals twice sqq. on AF and DF; :: sum of sqq. on the 4 sides equals 4 times sq, on AF with twice sqq. on BF and DF; or to 4 times sq. on AF with 4 times 8qq. on BE and EF, since E is middle point of the base BD of BDF; also the sq. on AC is 4 times sq. on AÈ, and sq. on BD is 4 times sq.

1. 2a? 3x?. 2. (1) x = 144, y = 216; (2) 3 or -31o. 3. 214 minutes past 4.

1. 14.7 inches nearly.' 2. 49•65 feet, nearly.


2 2 0

on BE.



SCIENCE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Model Answers to Questions already set by Science and Art Department for several past years: Elementary, 6d.; Advanced, 6u. Special terms to Science Teachers and others, for quantities.

Exactly adapted since the advance in the Specific subjects to these subjects of instruction in Day Schools, and used in this direction in some of the largest Schools in the kingdom with great success : Acoustics, Light and Heat.

Physical Geography. Magnetism and Electricity.

Geology. Theoretical Mechanics.

Physiography (Elementary and Applied

Advanced, in one). Mathematics

Inorganic Chemistry (Advanced Animal Physiology.


SCIENCE QUESTIONS (only), 2d. each subject. Inorganic Chemistry,

Acoustics, Light and Heat. Mathematics.

Animal Physiology.

Magnetism and Electricity. LEICESTER CLASS REGISTER, 1s.; Summary, 5s.6d.; Pronounced by the Educational Press and practical Teachers to be the best

got up Register in the market.


Algebra, 6d. and 8d.
German, 9d. and 1s.

Botany, ls.
Political Economy, 9d. and Is. Animal Physiology, ls,

Mechanics (Natural Philosophy), Is.




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A. Physiology ... Elementary, ls.; Advanced, 1s. 6d.; Complete, 25. 6d. P. Geography...

1s. 6d. :

25. 6d. Mathemnatics

1s. 6d.;

2s. 6d. I. Chemistry

Is. 6d. :

28. 60. Special terms for quantities. Mrs Buck's DOMESTIC ECONOMY, 1st Branch, 1st Year. “Clothing and Washing,” by Mrs. Bock, price 3d.; to meet requirements of New

Code, 1880.
Gyecimens, post free, at 25 per cent. discount, direct from


Excelsior Buildings, Ridgefield, Manchester.

London Warehouse : 18, Paternoster Row.

John Heywood's New Publications.


Stiff cover, price 6d ; cloth, coloured, is. THE BRITISH EMIRE ATLAS. Containing 37 Maps, showing the Colonies and Dependen. cies of Great Britain in every part of the World.

Cloth, 2s.6d. THE BRITISH EMPIRE ATLAS AND GEOGRAPHY. Containing 37 Maps, coloured with 144 sp. let:erpress, descriptive of the Geography of the British Possessions.

Scar. Svo, 96 pp., cloth, is. 6d. Nex and Revised Edition. THE PUPIL TEACHER'S GEOGRAPHY AND HISTORY OF THE BRITISH POSSESSIONS. By J. S. Horn.

Price is.. cioth. MENTAL ARITHMETIC FOR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES. With Answers and Specimens of Examination Papers. By R. Sutten.

Fap. 8vo., 160 pp., cloth lettered, is, 6d.

THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. With Illustrations trom Scripture Biography and
Siripture l’roofs. By R. Sutton.

Fcap. 8vo, 277 pp., cloth, 25. 6.

By Rev. J. Davidson, B..., Vicar of Christ Church, Chester. Designed mainly for young persons preparing for Diocesan, Training College, or Oxford and Cambridge Local. Examinations

Fcap. 8vo, 128 pp., cloth, is, 6d. NOTES OF LESSONS ON THE CATECHISM OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. By R. Sutton.

Crown Svo, 160 pp., cloth lettered, 2s. 6d. First Series, New Edition. THE TEACHER'S MANUAL OF OBJECT LESSONS. By A. Park, F.R.G.S., Head Master, Albion Schools, Ashton-under-Lyne.

Price 18.6d. each, with Key, or complete in I v 1., 6s.

Code. Candidates' Book--First Year Book -Second Year Book--Third Year Book--
Fourth Year Pook.

Fcap. 8vo, 272 pp., cloth, 3s. 6d.
SCHOOL MANAGEMENT AND METHOD, in Theory and Practice. By J. J. Prince. ,

Author of "The Elements of Physiography." Prepared mainly for Pupil Teachers and Students preparing to be examined for Queen's Seholarships, Certificates, &c. There are nearly 200 Questions previously set at Examinations, with Answers to the same, whilst a

number of Questions for the Student to answer himself are also given at the end. EXERCISES IN PENMANSHIP. By a Professor of Writing. In which the principles of the

Art of Writing are reduced to their simple elements. Engraved on two sides of a small card. This is a veritable multum i1: parvo on an important branch of every scholar's education, and which he, and even adults wishful to improve their handwriting, may have c ntinually before them as a model. Price id. each.

The following Catalogues may be had, post free, on applicationA CATALOGUE OF EDUCATIONAL AND MISCELLANEOUS WORKS, Containing a list of John HEYWOOD's own distinctive publications, with their retail price. This will be found to embrace a great variety of Educational Works (written mainly by practical authors), and from it heads of Schools and others may select books in almost every branch of study.

A CLASSIFIED AND ILLUSTRATED EDUCATIONAL CATALOGUE, Containing a general list of the leading School Books published, together with the most commonly used articles in Stationery and Materials This Catalogue, comprising 66 pages, 4to size, has beeu for years appreciated as the best reference list of its kind issued.

Suitable for Presents, Prizes, Libraries, and General Reading.


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For any further particulars respecting terms, &c., please addressMr. JOHN HEYWOOD, Excelsior Buildings, Ridgefield, John Dalton Street, Manchester.

London Warehouse--18, Paternoster Square, E.C. Bankers-Manc'rester and County Bank Limited. P.0.0. payable at Deansgate, Manchester.

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