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Certificate Examination Paper
Examination for Irish Teachers
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The Pupil Teacher System
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The Kindergarten

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Certificate Examination Paper. MALE CANDIDATES. FIRST YEAR. - Mental Arithmetic.-1. The remainder of 200,000: 550=

2. The L.C.M. of 10, 15, 20, 35, 45, 70, 75, 100, is
3. 2j-11+52-417=
4. The income-tax on £1,708 at 5d. in the £=
5. The product of 7,088 x 999=

6. Oranges bought at 16d. per score, and sold ls. per dozen, the gain per cent.=

7. 40,208 oz., avoirdupois, reduce to qrs. and lbs.= 8.

41-3 9. The difference between 750 guineas and £730= 10. Simple interest on £330 for 4 years, at 41 per cent. per annum= 11. .0075.00055= 12. The cost of 1,045 doz. at £3 6s. 8d. per

doz.= 13. The length of an oblong, which contains 57,800 sq. yds., and is twice as long as it is broad=

14. The number of cubic feet in a block 3 yds. long, 8 ft. broad, and 10 in. deep=

Alternative Paper.-1. The product of 8,091 x 999= 2. 41,552 oz., avoirdupois, reduced to qrs, and lbs.= 3. The cost of 447 doz. at £1 13s. 4d. doz.= 4. The difference between 860 guineas and £840= 5. The L.C.M. of 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, is= 6. Simple interest on £621 for 5+ years at 5 per cent. per annum= 7. The remainder of 300,000-360= 8. 21-11 x 5,5-42= 9. The income-tax on £1,890 at 5d. in the £=

10. Oranges bought at 15d. per score, and sold at 10 per doz., the gain per cent.=

11. The number of cubic feet in a block 4 yds. long, 9 ft. broad, and 11 in. deep=

+11}= 41-31 13. The length of an oblong which contains 50,700 sq. ft., and is three times as long as it is broad

14. •0095; 00035=

FEMALE CANDIDATES. FIRST AND SECOND YEAR.- Mental Arithmetic, -1. 19 lbs. of tea, at 9s. 2d. for 2 lbs. =

2. Bought 100 eggs at 9d. a doz. and sold them at ls. 11 d. per score, at what profit? =

3. (47 + 43) = (21 – 6) + 111 =
4. How many halfpence in 3 guineas ? =
5. 3,018 articles at ls. 3d. each =

6. Receiving 3s. 3d. a day, and spending £54 155. a year, what can I save per day ? =



12. 31-24


7. Simplify-143



annum =



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8. What decimal of £178. od. is 4s. 7d. ? = 9. What per centage on £520 is £19 10s. Od. ? = 10. Find the average of the following six numbers : 776, 17, 16, 84, 137, 1

11. Reduce to a common denominator jy oo, i} = 12. How many square yards in a court 95 feet x 27 feet in area =

13. If wages increase a penny each day for a fortnight, what does total increase come to ? =

14. Simple interest on £730 16s. 8d. for 5 years at 3 per cent. per Alternative Paper.-1. (13 x 13) - (195 = 13) =

:-1x 2. How many farthings in 2s. 6, d. + 7s. 1d. + 1s. 9fd. ? = 3. 800 articles cost £200 16s. 8d.; find cost of each = 4. 1 lbs. cost 10}d.; find cost of 3,600 lbs. = 5. 100 acres at 5s. 3d. per pole

6. Eggs bought at 15 for 1s., sold at 15d. a dozen; what profit on 100 ? =

7. (9} = 41) * (1 + } + 1.) in lowest terms =
8. (8 = :08) = (5.5 = :5)
9. What per centage on £10,000 is £192 10s. Od. ? =

10. Find the average of the following six numbers, 17, 220, 1, 19}, 81, 1=

11. Earnings 3s. 4 d. a day, savings £20 a year, yearly expenditure=

12. Cost of laying down floor 9 yards. x 7 yds. at 6s. 7 d. per square yd. 13. How many strokes does the clock strike in 14 days (36 hours) = 14. Simple interest on £833 6s. 8d. for 8 years at 3} per cent. =

Female CANDIDATES, First YEAR.-Arithmetic.-1. The distance from the sun of the planet Mercury is thirty-five millions three hundred and ninety-three thousand one hundred miles; of Venus, sixty-five millions one hundred and thirty thousand; of the Earth, ninety-one millions four hundred and thirty thousand; of Mars, one hundred and thirtynine millions three hundred and twelve thousand; of Jupiter, four hundred and seventy-five millions six handred and ninety-three thousand; of Saturn, eight hundred and seventy-two millions one hundred and thirty-five thousand; of Uranus, one thousand seren hundred and fifty-two millions eight hundred and fifty-one thousand; of Neptune, two thousand seven hundred and forty-six millions two hundred and seventy-one thousand. Add these numbers together, and find the average distance of the eight planets from the Sun; give your answer in words, as well as in figures.

2. If the circumference of a circle is three and one-seventh times as great as its diameter, what is the length of Mercury's journey in travelling round the suc?

3. Make out the following bill:-591 yards of Brussels carpet, at 55. 4d. a yard; 623 yards of Kidderminster, at 3s. Cd.; 27 yards of cocoa-nut matting, at 1s. 7d. ; 34, yards of drugget, at 2s. 3d.; 431 yards of Indian matting, at ls. 1d.; a Turkey carpet containing 90 square yards, at 1guineas per yard. Or,

4. Five tons 12 cwt. 2 qrs. 14 lbs., at £1 6s. 8d. per ton; 11 tons 17 cwt. 1 qr., at £7 6s. 8d. per ton; 18 cwt. I qr. 21 lbs., at 57, d. per lb.


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5. If the rent of 39 acres 2 roods 20 poles be £148 1ls. 10d., what would be the rent of 6 acres ?

6. A bankrupt's effects amount to 2,548 guineas, and his debts to £3,057 12s. How much can he pay in the £?

7. A gentleman gives away in charity of his income, and pays to of it in rates and taxes; with these deductions he has still £473 13s. Id. left. What is his gross income?

8. Find the value of .416 of 5 guineas; and of 481 of 1ls. 3d. 9. How much must be added to 1 of 1ị guineas to make of £3/?

10. There are two numbers of which the larger is 39:61, and the two added together make 65. Give the product of the two numbers to 3 places of decimals.

11. In what time will £229 10s. amount to £258 3s. 9d., at 5 per cent. per annum, simple interest ?

12. Find the simple interest on £4,258 6s. 8d, for 198 days at 3) per cent, per annum.

13. On what principle will the simple interest at 4:5 per cent. for 5 years amount to £168.778125 ?

14. Describe as you would to children, and illustrate by an example, what is mcant by (a) Interest, (6) Proportion, (c) Multiplication by Factors, (d) Decimal Coinage.

Geography.-1. The shape of the earth is that of "an oblate spheroid. Explain this term, and make it clear, as to a class of children, that the term is appropriate.

2. Name the lines and arcs of circles usually drawn on a map of the world. Explain their uses and importance. What is a “great circle," and how is it divided ?

3. Explain as to a class of children the causes of one of the following:-Winds. Rain and Snow. Tides. Thunder and Lightning.

4. The surface of the earth, viewed as regards vegetation, has been divided into five Zones, named according to the plants which grow in each. What are these Zones and their chief characteristics ?

5. Describe the position, boundaries, productions, trade and manufactures of one of the following counties :-Lancashire, Worcestershire, Glamorganshire, Lanarkshire, Antrim, or Down..

6. Where, in the British Isles, are the following metals and minerals found, and to what extent are they raised and employed :-Iron, Lead, Copper, China-clay, Fullers earth, Marble, Salt, and Slate ?

7. At what places are the following manufactares carried on ? State what you know respecting them. Carpets, Cutlery, Glass, Hosiery, Lace, Linen, Paper, Porcelain, Silk, Soap.

8. Describe the most remarkable places and objects to be seen either in the Isle of Wight, or Snowdonia, or the Lake District of Cumberland, or the Highlands of Scotland.

9. What cities and towns within the British Isles have increased most rapidly of late years ? To what is their growth mainly to be attributed ? Give any information respecting one or more of them with which you are acquainted.

10. Name the chief openings of the sea, straits, and islands on the west coast of Scotland Where are Airdrie, Danfermline, Galashiels, luverary, Kilmarnock, Oban, and Paisley, and for what are they noted ?

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11. What are the chief rivers and lakes of Ireland ? Describe the course of one of the former. Where are Cashel, Belfast, Lisburn, Athlone, Drogheda, Queenstown, and Youghal, and for what are they noted ?

12. What islands are included in each of the following groups : Channel Islands, Islands of the Firth of Clyde, Inner Hebrides, Outer Hebrides? Where are also the following islands:-Achil, Bardsey, Caldy, Islay, Lundy, Ramsey, Ratblin, and Staffa ?

13. Draw a map of the coast line from Solway Firth to the month of the Dee; or, from the mouth of the Dee to that of the Severn; or, from Lizard Point to the South Foreland.

14. Draw a map of the coast-line from Glasgow to the Solway Firth ; or, from Aberdeen to Berwick-on-Tweed, and mark upon it the capes and seaport towns.

1. What are the main circumstances which usually determine the climate of any country? Why have countries on the same parallel of latitude frequently widely different climates? What are isothermal lines?

2. Explain, and account for, any two of the following :-Geysers, glaciers, moraines, oceanic currents, trade winds, and waterspor

3. Name the principal plants and trees peculiar to the warm temperate zone vegetation in the South of Europe. Mention some of the characteristics of Alpine plants.

4. Describe the boundaries, extent, and divisions of the German Empire. Name the principal cities and towns of each division, stating also where they are placed, and for what they are noted.

5. Where are the following cities and towns, and what remarkable objects of interest are to be seen at each of them :-Antwerp, Arles, Besançon, Dresden, Milan, Nismes, Nuremberg, Pisa, Treves, and Venice?

6. Assign the following provinces to their respective countries, and give some information respecting two of them :- Albania, Andalusia, Auvergne, Livonia, Laxemberg, Montenegro, Roumelia, Styria, and Transylvania.

7. Draw a map, and write a description of one of the following countries :-Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Northern Italy.

8. Draw a map of the coast line from Marseilles to Leghorn, or from Leghorn to the Straits of Messina, or from Dulcigno to Constantinople.

9. Name some of the chief provinces of Northern India. Which of them are still governed by native princes, or else are independent ? Where are Barodoes, Benares, Cawnpore, Lahore, Peshawar, and Surat, and for what are they remarkable ?

10. Draw a map of the southern part of Hindostan from the gulf of Cambay to the mouth of the Kistnah River, and mark on it the principal seaports.

11. Name the islands of the West Indies belonging to Great Britain. Describe one of these islands with its productions.

12. Mention the dimensions of Australia, its divisions, harbours, and productions, and give some account of its climate and drainage. Where are Ballarat, Bathurst, Brisbane, Perth, Spencer's Gulf, and Cape Wilson respectively ?

13. Draw a map of one of the following colonies, and write a description of it:-Lower Canada and its adjacent islands, New South Wales, Natal, or New Zealand.

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