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570 OBITUARY.-E. Christian, Esq.-C. S. Lefevre, Esq. &c. (June, and the Laws of England, in the East was thus enabled to act with more effect, India College, Hertford, and a Commis- as a magistrate for the county of Haits, sioner of Bankrupts. He was formerly where he usually resided. Fellow of St. John's College, B. A. 1779, Mr. Lefevre sat for the first time in M. A. 1782, and was distinguished for parliament, for Newton, Hants, in 1796. his classical acquirements, having ob- in 1802, he was returned for Reading, tained the Chancellor's medal in 1779. and also at the same time for Bodayn

It is said to be owing to the instiga. in Cornwall; and having thus an option, tion of this gentleman ibat the Univer- he preferred a seat for a borough in the 'sity of Cambridge stepped forward to neighbourhood of his country resideuce enforce in the behalf of its own and (Hecfield,) to one in a distant county. other public libraries, the oppressive de- Mr. Lefevre conimanded the North inand of eleven copies of every work Hants Cavalry during the late war, was printed in the British dominions, which a member of several of the great comby the statutes for the security of copy- mercial companies in the city, and we right are directed to be deposited pre- believe a partner also, in the house of viously to publication at Stationers' Hall. Lefevre, Curries, Raikes, and Co. CornThis heavy tax upon Literature, which bill. In the country, he spared no had hitherto been considered as optional, trouble as a magistrate, in the discharge was, by the conduct of Mr. C. and his of the multifarious but important details coadjutors, rendered imperative and un- of that station; and whilst he was in avoidable.

Parliament, was a useful member, geneHe published:

rally speaking on all questions relative “ Examination of Precedents and Prin- to the poor laws, wbich bappened to be ciples, from which it appears that an brought under the consideration of the impeachment is determined by a disso House. lution of Parliament,” 1790, 8vo. ; In 1820, be lost his election for Read. “ Dissertation shewing that the House ing, and bas not since sat in Parliament. of Lords in cases of judicature is bound by precisely the same rules of evidence MARMADUKE Lawson, M. A. as are observed by all other Courts," March 10. At Boroughbridge-ball, 1792, 8vo. ;

" Blackstone's Commen- co. York, aged 31, Marmaduke Lawson, taries, with notes and additions,” 12th Esq. M. A. late M.P. for Boroughbridge, ed. 4 vols. 8vo. 1795, 16th edit.; “ A and one of the Justices of the Peace for Syllabus of Lectures delivered in the the West and North Ridings. He was University of Cambridge,” 1797, 8vo.; Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, “ Charge to the Grand Jury at the As- and bigbly distinguished for his classical sizes held at Ely, March 9, 1804, 4to.; abilities, being the first University scho“ Account of the Origin of the two lar, on the Pitt foundation, and one of Houses of Parliament, witb a Statement the Chancellor's medalists in the year of the Privileges of the House of Com- 1816. When in Parliament he rendered mons," 1810, 8vo. ; Origin, Progress, himself conspicuous by a ludicrous, and present State of the Bankrupt Laws almost a burlesque species of oratory; in England," 1812, 2 vols. 8v0 ; “ Iu- the eccentricity of which was not relisbstructions on a Commission of Bank- ed in a young member, thougb in an rupt," 8vo. ; “ Treatise on the Game old one it would perhaps have enlivened Laws," 8vo.; “ Plan for a Country Pro- many a dull debate. A pamphlet or vident Bank; with Observarions upon two from his pen displayed niuch hu. Provident Institutions already establish- mour; and it was not easy to say, wheed,” 1816, 8vo. (see vol. LXXXVI.i. p. 610.) ther on the subject of cruelty to animals,

&c. bis reasoning was more grave or CHARLES SHAW LEFEVRE, Esq. M. P. facetious.

April 27. At his house, in Whiteballplace, London, in the 64th year of his

WILLIAM LAMBE, Esq. age, Charles Sbaw Lefevre, Esq. formerly May 16. Ac bis Chambers, in PumpM. P. for Reading.

court, Temple, aged 72, William Lambe, The name of this gentleman was ori. Esq. Barrister-at-Law, Bencher of the ginally Shaw ; the addition of Lefevre Honourable Society of Gray's Inn, and took place in consequence of his mar- an active Magistrate for the county of riage with an heiress. He himself, after Sussex. Mr. Lambe was admitted a studying at Cambridge, was bred to the member of Gray's Inn, Nov. 1, 1774. bar, having been entered a member of He was, we believe, a pupil of Sir George one of the loos of Court, but never prac. Wood, who lately retired from the Bench tised, at least to any considerable extent; of the Court of Exchequer. He subseyet having been induced to turn his at- quently practised as a special pleader, iention to the laws of his country, he and bad several pupils, among whom



1823.] OBITUARY.Clergymen deceased.

571 was Mr. Justice Bayley. Mr. Lambe Term last ; and had be been restored to was called to the Bar, June 11, 1782, health, there is no doubt he would bave and went the Northern circuit; he was been distinguished as a Pleader. The in respectable practice there for many MSS. he has left behind him evince inyears, and from the good opinion the dustry and talents. Judges and his brethren on the circuit bad of his great integrity and profes

MRS. TAYLOR. sional talents, was frequently selected at April 25. In the 30th year of ber the Assizes as an arbitrator, for which age, the wife of Thomas Taylor, the be was eminently qualified. He mar- Platonist; who for ber exceeding fideried Elizabeth, daughter of Edward lity and affection to her husband; for Hickman, of Old Swinford, co. Worces her maternal tenderness and assiduous ter, Esq. wbo survives him.

endeavours to form the mind of her offMr. Lambe retired from practice in spring to the greatest moral excellence; 1810, and resided at Tilgate House, co. for her liberality, which if her circumSussex, visiting London only during stances bad permitted, would have been term. The writer of this was much be- magnificent; and for her many other nefited by Mr. Lambe's kind and disiu- admirable qualities, was a woman of the terested superintendance of his studies rarest occurrence.

She died from a prein early life.

ternatural enlargement of the liver,

after a long and very painful illness, Col. Henry BARRY.

which she bore with great resignation Nov. 2. At his lodgings in Bath, in and patience. his 73d year, Col. Henry Barry ; a gentleman well known and equally valued

CLERGY RECENTLY DECEASED. among the higher, scientific, and literary circles of that city. He was Lord Raw- Aug. 22, 1822. At Calcutta, the Rev. don's (the present Marquess of Hastings) John Paget Hastings, one of the Chapaid-de-camp and private secretary in lains to the Hon. The East India ComAmerica, and penned some of the best pany's service on the Bengal Establishwritten dispatches which were ment, eldest son of the Rev. James Hastransmitted from any army on service to tings, of Martley, Worcestershire. the British Cabinet. Additional reputa- Dec. ll. At Madras, the Rev. John tion as an officer was reflected on bim Allan, D. D. and M. D. senior Minister by his service in India; on his return of the Church of Scotland on the estafrom whence, before the commencement blishment of Fort Si. George. of the war with France, he retired from March 29, 1823. The Rev. Dr. Taylor, the army.

one of the Ministers of the High Church,

and Principal of Glasgow College. William Roberts, Esq.

April 4. In bis 81st year, the Rev. Jan. 25. After a few days illness, Paul Belcher, LL. B. Rector of Heather aged 36, William Roberts, Esq. Com- and Rotherby, co. Leicester. He was mander in His Majesty's Navy, several presented to the Rectory of Heather in years Flag Lieutenant to Admiral Sir 1775, by Joseph Shirley, esq.; and to that George Cockburn, and Commander of of Rotherby, by the late Samuel Steele the Garrison at the Island of Ascension Perkins, esq. of Orton Hall. His son, on its first occupation by the British the Rev. Paul Belcher, M.A. (of St. John's Forces. His loss will be irreparably felt College, Cambridge), was elected Master by bis widow and three children, and of Ashburne School, Aug. 29, 1796. his premature death deeply lamented April 5. At Ellesborough, in bis 31st by those who served with him; the year, the Rev. William John Mansel, M.A. ainenity of his manners and the good- Rector of Ellesborough, Bucks, and ness of bis disposition baving gained Heath, Oxon, and Chaplain to the King. him the sincere esteem and affection of In 1817 he was presented by the King all who enjoyed the pleasure of his ac. to the living of Heath, and in the folquaintance.

lowing year to that of Ellesborough.

April 8. At the Glebe House, Bungay, George WATMOUGH, Esq. in his 68th year, the Rev. John Paddon, Feb. 15. At bis father's house, at Minister of St. Mary's in that town, to Warrington, Lancashire, aged 25, Geo. which be was presented by the Duke of Watmough, Esq. of the Middle Tem- Norfolk. ple, Barrister-at-Law. This valuable April 9. At Eye, in his 81st year, the young man fell a sacrifice to the ardour Rev. Thomas Couper, M. A. He received of his mind, in the study of his profes- his academical education at Clare Hall, sion. He was called to the Bar by the Cambridge, where he proceeded to the Society of the Middle Temple, in Hilary degree of B. A. in 1764, being the 2d



572 OBITUARY.Clergymen deceased.

(Junt, Sen. Opt. op the Tripus, and was elected lege, Cambridge, where he took the deFellow. In 1767, he proceeded to the gree of B. A. in 1797 ; M, A, a do He degree of M. A. In 1781, he was pre- was presented to the Vicarage of Bunny sented by the late Sir T. C. Bunbury, in 1801, by Sir T. Parkins, bart.; and Bart, to the Vicarage of Great Barton, the same year to that of Ruddington by Suffolk; in 1773, to the Prebend of his Grace the Duke of Devonsbire. Leighton Ecclesia, in the Catbedral of May 3. At the Deanerv-house, Gurt, Lincoln ; in 1774, to the Prebend of the Very Rev. William Foster, LL. D. Weeford, in the Cathedral of Lichfield ; Dean of Kilmacduah. and in ...., to the Rectory of Billingford, May 4. At Greenwich Hospital, aged with that of Thorpe annexed, in Nor. 85, the Rev. John Cooke, M. A. many folk. Till within a few months of his years one of the Chaplains, and one of decease he continued, as far as bis health the Directors of the Hospital, and Reca and advanced term of life would allow, tor of Dinton, Bucks. He received bis in the conscientious discharge of his academical education at Trinity College, pastoral duties. His memory will long Cambridge, where he proceeded B. A. be cherisbed by those who were 1761 ; M. A. 1764. He was presented quainted with his worth; and his loss to the Rectory of Dinton in 1773, by bis deeply felt by numbers, to whom he was late Majesty. In association with the a kind and constant benefactor.

Rev. John Maule, Mr. Cooke published At Rome, the Rev. Thomas St. Clair in 1789, “ An Historical Account of the Abercromby, of Glassaugh.

Royal Hospital for Seamen at GreenApril 19. Suddenly, without a sigh, wich," collected by permission from the Rev. Henry Prichard, aged 71, Rec- original Papers and Records, and embeltor of the Consolidated livings of Felt lished with engravings. In 1799, he also well, Norfolk. He was of Brazen-nose published, “ A Voyage performed by the College, Oxford, where he took his de- late Earl of Sandwich round the Media gree of M.A, July 16, 1774; and was pre- terranean, written by himself; with Me sented to the above livings in 1778, by moirs of his Life," 410. Some letters his late Majesty.

addressed to Lord Sandwicb's son, and At Greenbithe, near Dartford, Kent, to Mr. Cooke, from Bp. Douglas and Sir the Rev. Chas. Robt. Marshall, Rector of Alex. Cochrane, in consequence of this Cold Hanworth, co. Lincoln, and Vicar publication, will be found in Nichols's of Exning, Suffolk. He was of Lincoln Literary Anecdotes," vol. IV. p. 498; College, Oxford, M. A. April 30, 1789, vol. IX. p. 746. Mr. Cooke has left a and B.D. May 9, 1799. He was presented widow, at a very advanced age. to the Rectory of Cold Hanworth in 1802, by Mrs. Craycroft; and to the Vicarage of Exning in 1806, by the Dean

DEATHS. and Chapter of Canterbury.

LONDON AND ITS ENVIRONS. April 20. Aged 46, the Rev. John

Lately. In London, aged 49, John Mes. Hughes, B. D. Senior Fellow and Senior

rin James, attorney-at-law, son of John J. Bursar of Jesus College, Oxford, where

of Bristol, gentleman. he took his degree of M. A. July 9, 1802;

May 1. In Lambeth, Major Wm. Henry' and B. D. June 28, 1810.

Bayly, Royal Marines. April 26. At Monmouth, the Rev. Thomas Prosser, M.A. Vicar of Cwmdee, Hall, esq. of Portman-sq. and dau. of Hon.

May 7. Margaret Salter, wife of David Breconshire, and Lecturer to the Alms

Forster Alleyne, of Barbadoes. houses on Mr. Jones's foundation in that town. He was of Worcester College, Frederick Adolphus Somerset.

May 19. At Brentford, aged 25, Mr. Oxford, where he took his degree of M.A. May 21. In Sidmouth-place, P.W. LongMay 6, 1781.

dill, solicitor, of Gray's Inn. April 28. At Fersfield Parsonage, co. May 22. At Lambeth, C. Hyde, esq. Norfolk, lamented, respected, and be."

surgeon. loved, in his 82d year, the Rev. James May 25. At Stockwell, aged 14, Cathe Lambert, M. A. Senior Fellow of Trinity rine, dau. of Col. Macleod, C.B. Bengal Artil. .' College, Cambridge, where he took his

May 29, By the overturning of his car. degree of B.A. in 1764, M. A. 1767. riage, in his 79th year, Osgood Gee, esq.

April 29. At a very advanced age, the of Lower Seymour-street. Rev. S. Bennett, Vicar of Hatfield Peve- June 1. At Bermondsey, in his goth year, rell, Essex, to which he was presented Mr. Abraham Passmore. in 1775, by J. Wright, esq.

June 2. Henry-Byng, youngest son of May 2. At Cheltenham, aged 51, the Sir W. C. Flint. Rev. W. Buyley Cocker, M. A. Vicar of Aged 61, Mr. Edw. Arnold, late of Ner.. the contiguous parishes of Bunny and street, Spring-gardens, after a service of Ruddington. Ile was of Magdalen Cols nearly 30 years in the Barrack Departmenta

June 5.


573 - June 56 in Gloucester-pl. Mary, widow tha, wife of John Jones, esq. of Salisburys of Jacob Preston, esq.of Beeston Hall, Norf. square, Fleet-street.

June 10. In Judd-st. aged 71, Thonias June 10. At Clifton, aged 20, Gresley, Watson, esq.

only son of Paul Tatlock, esq. of Gower-st. June 12. At Paxton-place, the widow of HAMPSHIRE.--May 20. At Southampton, the late H. P. Standly, esq.

Catharine, wife of the Rev. Willoughby June 20. Aged 69, the wife of Robert Crewe, of Warmingham, Cheshire. Hillier, esq. of Lambeth.

May 29. At the seat of Admiral Purvis, Berks.--May 7. Aged 74, Wm. Pitt, Lymington, aged 50, Renira Charlotte, wife esq, of Windsor

of Geo. Purvis, esq. of Blackbrook House. June 14. At Newbury, aged 77, the June 2. At Alton, Rebecca, widow of widow of Richard Baily, esq. banker, of that Wm. Parker Terry, esq. and dau. of late place; and mother of Francis Baily, esq. Benj. White, esq. formerly of Fleet-street, the celebrated mathematician and astrono- and of Selborne. mer. Mrs. B. has left three other surviving HEREFORDSHIRE. - May 3. Aged 65, sops, and one daughter.

John Meredith, esq. of Kington. CORNWALL.--May 16. At Penzance, aged HERTFORDSHIRE.-May 19. At Hoddes32, Philothea, only dau. of Thos. Thomp- don, aged 36, Mrs. Easter Jones. son, esq. banker, of Hull.

Kent. - April .. At Dintor Rectory, May 26. At St. Brioke Rectory, after Philadelphia Elizabeth, wife of Rev. Wm. giving birth to a fourth son, who survives, Tournay, Rector of that parish, and dau. of Katharine, wife of Rev. W. Molesworth. She late John Stephenson, esq. leaving a disconwas the eldest daughter of Paul Treby Treby, solate husband and five children to lament esq. of Plympton,

and of Lætitia-Anne, sis- the loss of a most excellent wife and mother, ter of Rev. Sir Harry Trelawny. By this May 8. At Bromley, Frances Anne, dau. event, Mr. Molesworth is deprived of a most of Rev. J. J. Talman, M. A. Chaplain of excellent wife, with whom he had passed Bromley College. nearly six years of uninterrupted happiness; June 10. Sidney, third son of Henry her infant sons of the tender care of an anx- Streatfeild, esq. of Chiddingtone, Kent,

priious and vigilant mother; - and all her vate Secretary to the Rt. Hon. Robert Peel. acquaintance of one, whose lively fancy and June 12. At Margate, in his 60th year, artless manners diffused a charm around her. Mr. J. Dickins, of Jamaica Wharf, London.

CUMBERLAND. --May 29. At Wigton, LANCASHIRE.—May 18. Aged 93, Mr. aged 85, Mr. Thomas Wilson.

Hen. Blacow, of Barton, near Preston. DevonshiRE.-May 27. At Cove, Lieut. May 28. At Everton, S. Beetenson, esq. Thomas Andrews, eldest son of late Capt. M. D. Andrews, both of the 48th Foot.

June 2. At Liverpool, aged 50, Mr. EdDURHAM.—May 15. At Haughton-le- ward Griffith, solicitor. Skerne, in her 47th year, Margaret, widow LINCOLNSHIRE. - April 3. Dr. Wright of Rev. T. Le Mesurier, late Rector of Mason, of Coningsby, near Horncastle. that place. Mrs. Le Mesurier was the sis- April 7. At Grimsby, aged 23, the wife of ter of the Rev. Dr. Bandinel, the Bodleian James Preston, esq. eldest dau. of Alderman Librarian at Oxford.

Goulton, of Hull. She had not been marEssex. — May 13. At Barking, Johnried three quarters of a year. Thomas, esq. of Grampound, in Cornwall, April 10. At Crosby, near Brigg, Mary, many years Chief Clerk in the Office of wife of J. Chatterton, esq. and dau. of late Ordnance at the Tower.

Jonathan Barnard, esq. of Epworth. May 17. At Dedham, aged 81, Robert April 11. Aged 79, Mr. Wm. Johnson, Woodgate, esq.

of Barton-upon-Humber, formerly a builder, May 22. Ai Laytonstone, aged 55, Sam. and lately engaged as a manufacturer of Jones, esq. one of the partners of the Lime Paris White. house Brewery.

May 7. Aged 82, William Teanby, of May 24. At Walthamstow, Charles Henry Barton-upon-Humber, a well-known cha- . Thorp, esq. 4th son of late Samuel Thorp, racter for his peculiar oratory, as town crier. esq. and brother of Mr. Alderman Thorp. MONMOUTHSHIRE.- April 3. At St. Ar

June 1. Aged 76, Mary, wife of Rev. T. van's, near Chepstow, aged 26, Emma, dau. W. Westeru, of Rivenhall-place.

of late Claude Philip Guyon, esq. June 13. Aged 82, Peter Du Cane, esq.


- May 24. John of Braxted Lodge; and of Horsham, Sussex. Buxton, esq. of Northampton, aged 64. In

GLOUCESTERSHIRE.—May 12. At Ciren- religiou a Dissenter, and in politics a Whig, cester, aged 79, Thomas Master, esq. he was of the most retired and unassuming

May 14. Thomas Frampton, esq. of' habits, except when roused by a sense of Clifton.

public duty, on which occasions he sup-, May 22. At Bristol, Elizabeth, wife of ported his principles with a zeal, an energy, Mr. Jobin Thomas, and sister of the late and a perseverance which will be long reRear-Adm. Gregory.

membered. In private life he was amiable May 27. At Cheltenham, aged 37, Mar- and benevolent; feelingly alive to the wishes

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(June, and happiness of his family and friends, and 8d dau. of John Morrice, esq. of Southhis purse and his time ever open to the street, Finsbury-square. public institutions and private calls of cha- June 8. At Eastbourne, Jane-Eliza, wife rity.

of Rev. Richard Wake, Rector of CourNOTTINGHAMSHIRE.--May 27. At East tenhall, Northamptonshire. Retford, aged 91, John Suter, gent, many WARWICKSHIRE.— - June 3. At Leaming. years a hat-manufacturer of that place. Mr. ton Spa, 67, John C. Weguelin, esq. of Ś.'s age, together with the ages of his three New Broad-street, late of the firm of J. sisters and a brother now living in the same Thompson, T. Bonar, and Co. Austin-friars. place, amounts to 410 years.

June 12. At Whitby, Mary, widow of May 29. Aged 75, Francis Clater, gent. the late Richard Bury, esq. of East Retford, farrier, cattle-doctor, che- WiltshiRE. — Lately. At Semley, aged mist, and druggist ; author of “ Every Man 105, Mr. C. Coward : he retained his fahis own Farrier,” published in 18mo, 1783, culties to the last. 21st ed. and the “ Cattle Doctor,” 8vo, June 7. In the Close, Salisbury, Lieut

gen. Layard. OXFORDSHIRE.—May 27. At Banbury, Worcester. — June 5. At Worcester, Thomas, infant son of Rev. Geo. Smalley, the relict of Elias Isaac, esq. banker. M. A. Vicar of Debenham, Suffolk.

YORKSHIRE.—At Undercliffe, near BradSOMERSETSHIRE.- April 14. Aged 48, ford, aged 19, Master Richardson, only child George Stuckey, esq. of Langport.

of Mrs. Charlotte Richardson, of York, auApril 24. Francis Fownes Luttrell, esq. thor of “Poems," &c. He was a youth of late Chairman of his Majesty's Board of much promise, and the little volume entitled Customs, brother to the late, and uncle to “ Practical Hints to Young Astronomers," the present John Fownes Luttrell, esq. is the product of his pen. M. P. of Dunster Castle, Somerset.

Feb. 15. John Carr, esq. of the firm of May 12, At Bath, Charles Arthur, esq. Ikin, Carr, and Co. of Leeds. formerly of Lodge-house, Kingswood.

Feb. 17. At Selby, aged 68, Capt. Rob. May 17. At Bath, Henry Lynch, esq. Mann, formerly of the Cambridgeshire MiM.D. of the Island of Barbadoes.

litia, and Barrack-master at Manchester ; May 23. Very suddenly, at Bath, in his above forty years in his Majesty's service. 80th year, John Bally, esq. late of Kings- Feb. 25. At Doncaster, aged 75, Isas ton-upon-Thames, and for many years in bella, widow of late Sir M. Pilkington, Bart. the Hon. East India Company's service. of Chevet.

May 26. At the Rev. J. Cockin's, Keyn- March 8. At Grimsby, aged 45, Mrs. sham, Susannah, relict of Robert Myners, Bawdwen, relict of the late Rev. Wm. Bawdesq. of Birminghain.

wen, Vicar of Hooton Pagnell, near DonMay 29. At Bath,

Agnes, dau. of Hugh caster, translator of Domesday Book, who Bogle, esq. of Calder Bank,

died Sept. 14, 1816 (see vol. LXXXVI. ii. May 29. At Bath, aged 95, Mrs. Gage, 286.) She has left a large number of orof Aughnacloy, county of Tyrone, Ireland. phans unprovided for. She was a resident of that City for 42 years. March 14. Aged 63, Frances, wife of

June 7. At Bath, the relict of W. W. Oswald Allen, esq. and sister to the late Dimond, esq.

Recorder, and Dr. Withers, all of York. June 13." At the residence of his son, March 17. In her 86th year, Ann, rew? at Shepton-Mallet, Sam, Burroughs, esq. lict of late Thomas Barker, gent. of Hull. aged 87.

March 20. At an advanced age, Mrs. SUFFOLK.-Lately, aged 85, Mr. Wake- Cayley, of Skerrow-lodge, near Ripon, relict ling, of Wickham Brook.

of late John Cayley, esq. May 20. In his 18th year, Charles, 3d March 25. At Northallerton, James, son of Lieut.-gen. Elwes, of Stoke College. eldest son of Mr. Langdale, bookseller. To June 4. Mary-Anne, only dau. of the him the public are indebted

for the existence Rev. N. Todd, of Tuddenham.

of Langdale's “ Topographical History of June 19. Isabella-Catherine, dau. of Rev. Yorkshire.” See


141. Dr. Forster, Rector of Shotley.

April 7. Aged 86, the widow of late SURREY.-April 24. At Petersham, aged Mr. Richard Wilson, ship-owner, and mo82, Elizabeth, widow of John Parish, esq. ther to Richard Wilson, esq. one of the and sister of Joseph Planta, esq. of the Bri- Magistrates of Scarborough. tish Museum.

April 6. Aged 31, Mr. James Tute, of May 9. Aged 25, Hannah, only dau. of Leeds, surgeon, of croup. the Rev. Charles Jerram, Vicar of Chob- At Spenithorne, aged 76, Turner Strauham.

benzie, esq. Vice-Lieutenant and a MaMay 13. Elizabeth, widow of late John gistrate for the North Riding, and Colonel Wightwick, esq. of Sandgates, Chertsey. of the First North York Militia.

June 1. At Lower Tooting, aged 69, Mr. April 8. At the Vicarage, Bradford, George Shillito, late of Upper Thames-st. aged 38, Anna, wife of Rev. Henry Heap, Sussex.-May 22. At Brighton, Emily, Vicar.


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