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the death of a most meritorious officer and
P. 565. A handsome and appropriate excellent man--the late Recorder, Sir John
monument has within a few days been erect- Silvester. That worthy person had, by the
ed in the Abbey Church, Bath, as a tri- will of God, been removed from a world in
bute of respect from several friends who which he had done much good, to another
highly valued the professional zeal and pri- in which nothing but good could be done.
vate character of the late Rev. Josiah Humanity was one of his most conspicuous
Thomas, Archdeacon of Bath. The de- virtues. The laborious and awful duties he
sign and execution reflect great credit on had to perform were always executed with
the talents of the sculptor, Mr. Gahagan, abundant feeling, and on those painful oc-
of London—a figure of Truth holding the casions when he had to receive the Royal
shield of Faith in one hand, and in the Order with respect to those who had vio-
other a Bible, resting on a pillar emblematic lated the laws of their country, he always
of the Church, and bearing on its shaft a approached the Throne with the hope that
Greek quotation from Timothy, c. 3. v. 15. mercy would season justice.' Never had
The entablature bears the following inscrip- he failed in recommending that the rigour

of the law should yield to that other prin-
Josie THOMAS, A. M.

ciple which became the Throned Monarch
Archidiacano Bathoniensi,

better than his Crown, and that those
Regiae Majestati a Sacris,

who had forfeited their claims to remain
Residerii ac Reverential. Cavssa longer in society should be again put to the
Fecere Complvres.

In the course of his observations

the Lord Chancellor seemed much agitated.

When he spoke of the late Recorder his
P. 183. In Sept. last, was erected in the eyes filled with tears.

P. 472. The Will of the late Countess
Church at Witham, co. Essex, to the me-

Fitzwilliam was proved in the Prerogative
mory of the late Archdeacon Jefferson, a
handsome but simple monumental tablet, Earl Fitzwilliam, who, as the husband, be-

Court in Doctors' Commons, 26th June, by
executed by Mr. J. Soward, of Tottenham-
court-road, and inscribed with the following there being no executor appointed ; nor is

came administrator, with the Will annexed,
just and appropriate Epitaph from the pen it stated by what deed or power her ladyship
of the Rev. George Preston, M. A. Rector

was enabled to execute such an instrument.
of Lexden, Essex:

It contains but very few legacies, the chief
“ In memory of

of which is 2,0001. to Lady Caroline Dun-
the Venerable and Reverend

das. The personal estate is sworn by his
Joseph Jefferson, M. A. and F.A.S.

lordship to be under 20,0001. but there is
Archdeacon of Colchester,

no disposition of residue. The Will is
Rector of Weeley, and Vicar of this Parish, dated Wentworth, 30th July, 1817.
who departed this life December 28th, 1821,

P. 562. The Will of the late Right
aged 61 ycars ;

Honourable Countess Dowager Grey has
and was buried at King's Langley,

been proved in the Prerogative Court in
in the County of Kertford.

Doctors' Commons, by the oath of the
His public virtues let his works attest; Right Hon. Charles Earl Grey, the son,
Lo! yonder Schools for village youth sole executor. The personal estate was

sworn to be under 30,000l. value. The
Lo! too yon Hospital dispensing rest

leasehold house in Hertford-street, May-
To the diseas'd, and maim'd, and halt, fair, (her ladyship’s town residence) she has
and blind!

bequeathed to her son, the Hon. Lieut.-

Gen. Henry George Grey, with the excep-
His private virtues need no record here,
For long shall mourning memory proclaim her son, the Hon. Sir George Grey, Bart.

tion of the plate, china, and pictures. To
His fervent picty, his faith sincere,

Commissioner of his Majesty's Dock-yard
His deeds of mercy that endear his name.'

at Portsmouth, 2,0001. To the widow of
Sir John SILVESTER, BART. her late son, Col. William Grey, 5,000l. for
P. 371. The Lord Chancellor, on com- life, with reversion of the principal to her
municating to the Lord Mayor, his Ma- children. To her son, the Rev. Edw. Grey,
jesty's approbation of his election, took 8,0001. in addition to the sum advanced him
the opportunity of paying the following on his marriage. Her daughters Lady Eli-
well-deserved compliment to the memory zabeth Whitbread and Lady Hannah Ellice
of the late Sir John Silvester, Baronet. are the residuary Legatees. Liberal pro-

“ It was impossible to advert to the last vision is made for servants. Date of the
Mayoralty without making some allusion to Will April 21, 1821.


To Essays, DISSERTATIONS, and HistoRICAL Passages.

* All the leading Names of the OBITUARY are distinctly entered in the

Index to the Essays."

ACCENTUATION of proper names in Audits, Quarterly, intention of 497
English 136

Austria, censorship in 452
Accidents: at Malta by suffocation 363, Bagatelles, or poetical trifles 15

at Calcutta by floods 462. by Baiæ Bay, description of 448, 420
a cannon ball 581

Bailey, Old, two Courts adopted at 642
Africa, discoveries in the interior of 163. Bailey, Peter, memoir of 473

intelligence from 462. extended inter- Balloon, ascension from Oxford 641
course with recommended 501

Bampfylde, Sir C. W.memoir of 469
Agistment T'ithe, case of 174

Bank Stock, interest of reduced 270
Agricultural Distress, speculations on Basaltic Rocks, near Catania, described 17

noticed -2. county meetings on 79. Bath, literary and scientic institution at
remarks on 135, 212

364, 560
Aikin, Dr. A. memoir of 85

Bath, Roman, found at Farley 113
Air, on different currents in the 399 Bayning, Paul, notice of 108
Aldborough, Earl of, death of 372 Barham, Baroness, death of 468
Aldus, typographical productions of 348, Barley, ports opened for 559

Baronetages, ancient, notices of 290
Alexander, Dr. A. memoir of 84.

Baronets, recent creations of 40, 204
Allen, Sir J. notice of 109

Barry, H. death of 571
Allibond, Dr. John, feast of 307

Bartlam, Rev. J. memoir of 281
Altar Piece, curious one described 9 Beauchamp, Earl, death of 466
Altitudes, new method of taking 351 Beckwith, Gen. Sir G. memoir of 372
Amaranthus, derivation of 602

Beer, Sale of, bill for 26 1
America, intelligence from 77, 172, 268, Bellamy, J. on the age of Christ to

363, 559, 640. climate of 525. po. Belt Family, of Bossal, account of 489
pulation ib.

Benbow, Col. notice of 194
America, South, description of 527 Benton, Northumberland, account of 18
Amethyst, derivation of 602

Bernadotte, character of 55
Ancient Anecdotes, 40, 503

Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis,"commended
Angerstein, J. J. memoir of 377

Angler, Walton's Complete, beauties of Bingley, Rev. W. memoir of 472

Birds, curious, killed 173
Anglo-Saxon Church, at Kilpeck 2 Bizerta, description of 323
Animals, on cruelty to 589, 598. sug-

Black Vomit, on contagion of 399
gestions to prevent cruelty to 599 Blagdon, Sir C. memoir wanted ?
Anne, Queen, statue of at St. Paul's Ca- Blair, Mr. notices of 213
thedral 504

Blantyre, Lady, death of 83
Anniversaries, of Charitable Institutions, Blood, circulation of 163
intention of 499

Blow-pipe, newly invented 162
Annual Biography," corrected 491 Blunt, Arundel, descent of? 194
Antiquaries, Society of, annual election Bonaparte, St. history of noticed 633

Book Plates, remarks on 198
Apple Trees, method of grafting 633 Borthwick, W. M. case of 553
Apprentices at Sea, bill for protecting Botanical Words, derived from Greek

322, 601
Arms, Coats of, utility of 313

Botany, advantages of 243
Arts and Science, on the mutability of Bouchier Chair, arms on 400

National Grandeur in 113, 226, 309, Bowyer, William, biographical notice of

Arts, Society for encouraging, meeting of Breos, Reginald de, Lord of Brecon, ac-

count of 394
Arundel Canal, opened 560

Bridge, London, new one to be erected
Ashburton, Lord, memoir of 372.

tice of 482

Bridge, Suspension, across the Tamar 559
Ashton, John, descent wanted 328 Bridges Family, notices of 2
Asia, intelligence from 172, 462

Briefs, remarks on 194
Asiatic Society, objects of 352

Bristol, Philosophical Institution at 68
Assuye, battle ur, described 133

Britons, Ancient, houses of 69





Index to Essays, &c.
Browne, Sir J. notice of 108

College of Arms, utility of 313
Buckingham, Duke, original letters of 99 Colley Family, notices of 40

Dukedom of, queries re- Colley, Major, notice of 194
specting 286

Colombia, trade of protected 174
Church, heraldic window Conder, James, memoir of 648
at 163

Congress of Verona, parliamentary dis-
Bucknall, Dr. H. death of 281

cussion on 358, 360, 456
Bull fights, in Spain, description of 299, Conscriptions, - Buonaparte's plan of

adopted in Europe 55
Buonaparte, anecdotes of 155. animad- Constable, Sir T. H. C. memoir of 470
versions on the character of 591

Cooke, Rev. Dr. J. death of 281.
Burleigh, Lord, original letter to 517 dote of 424
Cabriolets, introduction of 463

Rev. John, memoir of 572
Cage for Scolding Women 233

Cooper, Rev. T. memoir of 571
Calcutta, Mission House and Schools at 31 Copper Indians, anecdotes of 430
Cambridge University, Prize Essays 66, Copper Mine River, discovery of 429
160, 256, 541

Corbet, Bp. poems of 308
Campan, Madame, biographical notices

Sir Corbet, memoir of 470
of 239

Corn, Smut in, method of preventing 633
Campbell, Sir Ilay, memoir of 569 Coronation Expences, discussion on 555
Canal Shares, prices of 95, 191, 287, Cosmorama, description of 546
383, 479, 575

Cotton Trade, prosperous state of 78
Cannibalism, in New Zealand 364

Twist, great demand for 559
Canterbury, Abp. household of in the Cotton's Fishing House, described 603

16th century 533. hospitality of 534 County History, Compendium of 407,
Cappe, Mrs. memoir of 146

493, 583
Carthage, Modern, visits to 324

County Meetings, irregularity of 125
Castleconte, Baron, death of 375

Courtown, Countess of, death of 468
Cathedral Schools, account of 309

Cowper, Hon. E. S. death of 281
Catholic Claims, discussion on 360 Criminal Laws, discussion on 551
Caulfield, Lord, death of 383. character482 Cripples, on the cure of 528
Cavern, extraordinary in America 172 Criticism, False, evils of 511
Censor, No. XIV. Dr. Allibond's Feast 307

Periodical, observations on 219
Censorship, in Austria 452

Crown, on debts due to 120, 303, 304
Chancery, Court of, delays in 553 Crucifixion, age of Christ at 10, 406
Chanting, revival of recommended 398 Cruelty to Animals, remarks on 589, 598.
Characters of Nations 119

on the prevention of 599
Charitable Institutions, on the manage- Cumberland, soi-disante Princess of, bigh
ment 402, 497

pretensions 560. parliamentary inves-
Charm, wonderful effect of 214

tigation637. pretensions vindicated 649
Chaucer's Tomb, anecdote of 226

Curfew Bell, custom of tolling 582
Child, extracted from the womb after Currency, Mr. Western's Motion on 555
the mother was shot 581

Currents, in the Air and Ocean 399
Chimney Swallow, natural history of 209 Cyclopean Architecture, remains of in va-
China, intelligence from 268. state of rious parts of the world 109
the military of 605

Cyclops, account of 109
China, Old, dissertation on 597

Daniel's Seventy IVeeks, remarks on 10,
Cholera Morbus, progress of 118

Cholmeley, Sir Roger, memoirs of 238 Dartmoor, notices of 354
Christ, age of at the Crucifixion 10, 406 Davies, Tom, bookseller, anecdote of 139
Christian, E. memoir of 569

Davison, W. notices of 522
Christian Names, derivation of 32, 199, De Coster, anecdotes of 251

Dedburbury, where situated ? 482
Christiana, singular custom of giving a Deer, American Indian mode of killing
receipt 633

Christianity, superiority of 515

Delambre, Chev. death and character 29
Churchwardens' Rates, remarks on 130 Denmark, intelligence from 640
Circuits, Spring 175

Deodards, practice of, defended 191.
Clans of Scotland, list of 216

explanation of 396
Clergy, vindication of 98. right of to. Dionysius, anecdote of 503
tithes 397

Dissenters, society for protecting 520
Cloth, Water proof, discovery of 548 Dog-rib Indians, anecdotes of 430
Coats of Arms, utility of 313

Dorchester Church, Oxon, account of 297
Cochrane, Rev. J. A. death of 281

Dove, River, description of 603
Collectors for Charitable Institutions, du- Downes, the prompter, notices of 488
ties of 498

Downes Family, where existing? 290


Index to Essays, &c.

Drogheda, Murq. memoir of 83

Fruit Trees, method of grafting 633
Drogo, Fountain of, inquiries after 98 Foulkes, Major Thomas, who? 290
Drownfont, St. Mary de, Abbey of, ac- Fundholders, cause of, defended 241
count of 25, 98

Gage, Sir T. biographical notices of 607
Ducket, Ralph, murder of 306

Galita, description of 323
Dudley and Ward, Visc. memoir of 466 Game Laws, Committee appointed for
Duloe, Cornwall, monumental inscrip- considering 265
tions from 516

Gaming Houses, convictions for keeping
Dumouriez, Gen. anecdotes of 608. me- 175
moir of 645

Gardner, Lady, death of 468
Dunster Castle, siege of 494

Viscounty of, noticed 290
Dupre, Dr. E. death and character 380 Garrick's Library, sale of 353, 451
Dyer's Privileges of Cambridge Univer- Gas, improvements in 163
sity ? 290

Gas Lights, report respecting 548
Dyke Family, biograph. notices of 580 Gascoigne, Thos. memoir of 184
Dysart, Countess of, death of 374 Geography of the Earth, remarks on 103
Eamer, Sir J. memoir of 471

George III. Library of, given by His pre-
Earth, on the figure of 627. on the sent Majesty to the Nation 547
stability of 634

George, Sir R. death of 471
Easter Dues, legality of 520

German Universities, licentiousness of
Edmonton Fair, abolition of 590

Edwards, G. death of 569

Germany, intelligence from 171
Egerton Family, notices of 482

Glebe Lands, whether tithable? 27.
Eglesfield, Robert, pedigree wanted 386

liability to tithes 213
Egypt, French army in 54. discoveries Glenbervie, Lord, memoir of 467

in 161. hieroglyphic writings of ex- Globe, on the figure of 627. on the
plained 352

stability of 634
Electric Fluid, experiment with 269 Gold, fluctuations in the prices of 340
Elizabeth, Queen, anecdotes of 536 Goletta, a Turkish fortress, described 323
Eltham Palace, Kent, dilapidated state Gordon, Lord Wm. death of 468
of 424

Sir Adam, anecdote of 444
Englefield, Sir H. C. character of 68

Sir W. D. death of 471
Englishmen buried abroad 216, 296,607. Gough, Richard, vindication of 537. his

at Rome 217,412. at Venice 328, 413 house il,
Enlistment Bill, Foreign, discussion on Gray, C. G. memoir of 89

Greece, intelligence from 77, 268, 462,
Epitaphs of Englishmen buried at Rome 557, 640, constitution of 557

Greek Adjectives, derivation of 322, 601
Esquimaux Indians, manners of 291 Greek Article, disquisition on 415
Eustace Family, titles of noticed 386 Greeks, Public subscriptions for assist-
Everton, co. Lancaster, account of 204 ing 463. character of in 1674, 492
Extents of the Crown, on the laws of Green, Amos, notices of 16, 124, 290.
120, 303, 304

letter from 303
Fabius Maximus, anecdote of 503 Grey, Countess, will of 652
Fairs, injurious tendency of 400, 590. Griffiths, Col. melancholy death of 642
act for suppressing 463

Gun Trade, improvements in 173
Fashions, origin of peculiar ones 424 Gunning, Sir G. W. death of 469
Finance, state of 169

Hall, Henry, curious anecdote of 331
Finch, Sir J. original letter from 492

Dr. J. notices of 502
Fire Engine, newly invented 548

Handwriting of Ladies censured 130.
Fires, theatre at Munich 171. at Can-

defended 216
ton 268. in Bedford-street 642

Harberton, Viscountess, death of 193
First Fruits, ecclesiastical revenue of 357 Harmonicon," song in, noticed 125
Fitzwilliam, Countess, will of 652 Harrocks, John, memoir of 378
Fly Leaves, No. VII. Rump Songs 23. Hart, Sir P. biographical notices 579

VIII. Old Scotch Music 122. IX. Havannah, description of 525
Chaucer's Tomb 226; Thomson the Poet Huwkins, Sir J. anecdotes of 138
227. X. Bp. Corbet's Poems 308. XI. Haydon's Pictures, sale of 548
Complete Angler 416. XI. Sbaks- Hearne, Samuel, expedition to the Polar
peare's son-in-law 502;Prior's Poems503.

Seas 429
Fonthill Abbey, furniture of 79

Hedingham Castle, notice of 108
Forman, Capt. W. on the tides 152.

Heraldry, on the utility of 506
the figure of the earth 627

Herald's College, advantages of 313
Frumpton Family,inquiries respecting 508 Herculaneum, public houses at, de-
France, intelligence from 170, 265, 361, scribed 256
459, 556

Heriots, explanation of 396




Index to Essays, &c.
Herschel, Sir W. genius of 68

Lambe, W. death of 570
Hess, Dr. J. L. Von, memoirs of 472 Lampedusa, description of 325
Heurtley, Archibald, memuis of 90

Lancashire, history of, wanted 320.
Hey, Wm. deatb of 89

early barons of 321. materials for a
Hibernian Society, anniversary of 463 history of 505. briskness of trade in
Hickman, Thos. biographical notices of 559

Landholders, defence of 135
Hieroglyphics, elucidation of 70. disco. Lane Family, notices of 2
veries in 352

Langton, T'hos. information requested 2
Hirundines, British, natural history of

Baron, notice of 320

Lascar, interment of one described 80
Hoblyn, Anne., death and character 650 Latham House, siege of 298
Holme, co. Norfolk, account of 393 Law, John, notice of 216
Holyroodhouse, Lord, inquiries respect. Lawson, Mr. death of 570

ing 200. biographical notices of 290, Lefevre, C. S. death of 570

Leigh, Lord, notices of 281, 326
Horses, cruelty to 589

Lenoir, Mrs. poetical productions 582
Houses of the Antient Britons 69

Lewis, William, memoir of 185
Horse-shoes, practice of nailing to the Library, Royal, given to the Nation 161.
foremast of ships noticed 16

Parliamentary Report respecting 347.
House of Lords, new entrance described

Dr. Johnson's letter relative to dis-
210. censured 589

pusal of ib. 357
House Signs, on the origin of 600 Lilford, Lady, death of 375
Humbert, Gen. death of 471

Lincoln Cathedral School, account of 309
Hundred, derivation of 112

Lindsey, Mr. anecdotes of 148
Hurd, Bp. elegance of his writings 4 Linosa, description of 322
Hutton, Dr. C. memoir of 228. character Literary Fund, anniversary of 451
231. memoir corrected 296

Literary Residences, remarks on 45
Hydrophobia, fatal instance of 269 Literature, modern, remarks on 219
Ibbetson, Mrs. A. death and character 474

Royal Society of, objects of
Indo-Latin Orthography, specimen of, 413, 543. defence of 530
noticed 632

Lithography, stone quarry found for 634
Jona, Island of, account of 211

Liverpool, ancient and modern history of
Ipswich Priory, ancient crypt discovered 18, 105, 201

Llorente, Don Juan, memoir of 566
Ireland, state of the established Church Lockswell, Wilts, remarkable spring at 25

of 263. volunteer corps of 264. Tithe London, worthies of 108
Composition Bill discussed 361, 459, London Bridge, new one to be erected
552. disturbed state of 364, 463, 559, 642
639. education recommended 422. Long, Lady C. T. death of 183
expenses of paupers from 641. marble Looe, East and West, description of 233.
quarries found in 559, 641

ancient seals of described 306
Isabella Colour, origin of 423

Lords, House of, new entrance to, de-
Iturbide, abdication of 363

scribed 210. censured 589
James I. Progresses of, queries respect- Lord's Prayer, importance of 344
ing 294

Loring', Archdeacon, memoir of 376
Jefferson, Archdeacon, monument to 652 Louvain Arms, remarks on 401
Jenner, Dr. anecdotes of 104. memoir Lucy, Rev. John, descent of 194
of 179

Lullingstone, Kent, account of 577
Jerba, visit to 325

Lupinus, derivation of 601
John the Baptist, a head of, noticed 295 Macclesfield, Countess, death of 83
Johnson, Dri letter respecting the library M Nab, Dr. death of 378
of George III. 347

Madrid uccupied by the French 556
Keith, Lord, memoir of 273. baronies Magnetism, Polar, remarks on 123
of noticed 386

Maiden Bradley Priory, ancient seal of,
Kemble, J. P. memoir of 227

described 306
Kempe, John, death of 569. memoir of Malta, melancholy accident at 363, 461

Mamelukes, military skill of 54
King, Sir A. B. examination of 551 Manners, Gen. R. memoir of 567
King's Property Bill, discussion on 537 Mannix, Sir H. memoir of 84
King's Weir, notice of 418

Mansel, Bp. biographical notices of 491
Kingsmill, Sir R. death of 471

Mantuan Vase, description of 548
Kingston, Countess of, death of 374 Manuscripts, ancient, described 632
Knighthood, depreciation of 138

Marble Quarry discovered in Ireland
Ladies, hand-writing of, censured 130,

559, 641
defended 216

Marcet, Dr. A. character of 68


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