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Index to Essays, &c.

Silk, Miss Rhodes on length and weight Tesselated Pavement, discovered in
of 548

Hampshire 631
Silvester, Sir J. character of 659

Theatrical Register, 79, 176, 463
Slave Trade, queries respecting the abo. Thomas, Rev. J. monument erected to

liticn 194, motion for the abolition of 652

Thomson, James, Shenstone's character
Smith, Ald. T. death and character 47% of 227. inscription to ib.

- Henry, biographical notices of T'hornton, Col. memoir of 567
108.. public charities of 295, 414, 500 Thorp, Samuel, death of 183
Smut in Corn, method of preventing 633 Thorpe, Mr. Sheriff of Dublin, parlia-
Smyth, Sir W. memoir of 469

mentary charges against 455, 457, 458
Snow Storms, account of 173

Tides, new theory of 152
Soldiers of China, described 606

T'intern Abbey, on the ruins of 114
Somersetshire, Compendium of History T'ithes, origin and defence of 197. on the
407, 493, 583

liability of glebe lands to 213. plan of
Southampton, improvements in 78

collecting disapproved 213, 519. state
Spain, intelligence from 74, 170, 267, of in Ireland 262, 263. meeting to ·

361, 459,556, 639. ammunition sent repeal the act relating to the London
to 270. account of the bull fights in Clergy 270. right of the Clergy to
299, 387. ancient manners of 386. on 397. Commutation Bill for Ireland
the situation of 423. public dinner in 459, 552, 553, 554

honour of the Ambassador of 270 Torrington, l'iscountess, death of 468
Spring Circuits 175

Toulon, siege of 54
Stage, mockery of religion on 29

Towers, Octagonal, general date of ? 98
Stamford Free Grammar School, account Townley, R. G. death of 186
of 580

Trade, prosperous state of 78, 364, 559
Standish, Capt. Miles, biographical no- Tread Mili, conducive to health 269.
tices of 518

adopted by the Royal Marine Corps 641
Family, noticed 321

Trcbarea, visit to 323
Stanley Abbey, account of 24, 98

Tumuli, discovered near Amberg 352
Steam Engine, newly invented 162 Tunis, visit to 393
Steam Navigation, to India 353

Tupholme Abbey, co. Lincoln, described
Steam Ship, in America, described 162 17
Stepney Chapel, description of 5

Turkey, intelligence from 67,268, 462,640
Stocks, prices of 96, 192,288,384,480,576 Twining Family, notice of 139
Stone Indians, anecdotes of 430

Umbritii Cantiani Poemata, who the au-
Stonehenge, origin and purposes of 127.

thor? 194
observations on 317,509. opinions of Urns, Roman, discovered near York 633
early writers on 319. number of stones Vaccination, remarks on 104
noticed 386

Valerius Maximus, ancient anecdotes of
Stothard, C. A. anecdotes of 251

40, 503
Strother Papers, notice of 98

Venice, Englishmen buried at 328, 413,
Stucley, Sir Lewis, anecdotes of 333 Ventry, Baroness, death of 468
Sun, dimensions of 162

Verona, Congress of 74. parliamentary
Surnames, on the origin of 33

discussion on 358, 360, 456
Surrey Institution, dissolution of 353. Vice Chancellor's Court, meeting of soli-
library sold 451

citors respecting 175
Susa, description of 324. visit to 325 Wakefield, G. bagatelles of 15.

on the
Suspension Bridge, across the Tamar 559

poetry of 215
Swallows, natural history of 209, 401 Wakefield's Character of Rev. R. Wood-
Swedenborg, curious circumstance rela- deson 225
tive to 365

Walsh Family, notice of 386
Swift, natural history of the 401" Walton's Complete Angler, beauties of 416
Switzerland, intelligence from 363 Warburton, Bp. defence of 302. mis-
Sykes, Sir M. M. memoir of 375. family statement of 3
of noticed 482

Water-proof Cloth, discovery of 548
Symes, J. epitaph on 120

Watmough, G. death of 571
Syria, earthquake in 100

Webb, Sir T. death of 471
Talbot, Rev. C. memoir of 379

Wellesley Family, ancestry of 40
T'amar, suspension bridge across 559 Wesley, Mrs. death of 91
Tute, Dr. monument to 133

West Indies, intelligence from 77
Taunton, literary institution at 163 West, T. death and character 183
Taxation, reduction of 169. observa. Westminster, ancient royal palace of de-
tions on 609

scribed 391
Taylor, G. W. sale of pictures 547 Weston, Richard, notice of 216
Mrs. death of 571
Westons, Earls of Portland, notices of 413


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Index to the Essays, and Books reviewed.
Wheel, impelled by the wind 364 Wooddeson, Richard, memoir of 181
Whiteboys, outrages of 364

Rev. R. character of 325
Wilford, Col. death of 567

Wookey Hole, described 588
Willoughby, Lord Hugh, heirs of 194 Worthies of London, account of 108
Wilson, Sir R. reception in Spain 557 Writing of Ladies, censured 130. de.
Windsor, Lord Edward, biographical fended 216
notices of 216, 328

Wynn, Sir R. anecdote of 147
Wolverhampton Deanery, ancient seal of Young, Charles, memoir of 183
described 306

Zea, Don. F. A. memoir of 84
Zealand, New, cannibalism in 364


Actress, The 449

Classical Literature, remarks on 153
Affection's Victim 159

Clias, P. H. Gymnastic Exercises 694
America, Geography of 524

Clissold, F. Ascent to Mont Blanc 626
Anglo-Saxon Grammar, Elements of 346 Collet, S. Relics of Literature 159
Antiquities, Encyclopedia of 342

Columbian Loan, remarks on 159
Apocalypse, Exposition of 441

Coronation of Charles II. account of 57
Badely, Dr. Narrative of the extraordi. Crabbe's Technological Dictionary 331
nary Cure by Prince Hohenlohe 623

Davison, William, Life of 521
Barker, E. H. Cause of the Greeks 437 Deism compared with Christianity 627
Barnett, F. Memoirs of 616

D'Israeli's Curiosities of Literature 45,
Beckmann's Antient Institutions, &c. 332

Don Carlos 245
Bible Society, Letter on 145

Dorset, J. Montezuma 615
Bicknell, J. L. on purity of Election 626 Downes's Letters from Mecklenburg 527

Blaquiere on the Spanish Revolution 66 Draper's Company, Reports of 57
Bond, T. History of Looe 233, 330 Druids Song 441
Booker, Dr. Euthanasia 65

Durham Tract 440
Borrestein's Tables 346

Ecclesiastes, on the Book of 144
Bosworth's Anglo-Saxon Grammar 346 Election, Purity of, Mode of securing 626
Botany, Elements of 146, 242

Elizabeth, Queen, Progresses of 531
Britton, J. History of Canterbury Church Enchanted Flute 247

Enfield, History of 425, 535, 619
Brougham, H. Letter to 341

England, Letters on 614
Buonaparte, Life and Conversations of Euthanasia 65

55, 253. History of France 51, 154 Fancy, Pleasures of 159
Burgess, Bp. on the Greek Original of Forman, Capt. on the Tides 151
the New Testament 529

Fosbroke's Encyclopedia of Antiquities
Burns, Pilgrimage to the Land of 528 342
Butler, S. Genuine Remains of 246 France, History of 51, 154
Byron, Lord, Heaven and Earth 41. Franklin, Capt. Journal to the Polar Sea
Life of 149

Cabrera, Dr. P. F. Description of an Freemasonry, Antiquities of 617

Ancient City in Spanish America 329 George IV. Poem of 159
Cain, Another 439

Ghost Stories 541
Campan's Memoirs of Marie Antoinette Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Luke,

authenticity vindicated 144
Canterbury Church, History of 236 Greeks, Cause of vindicated 437
Cappe, Mrs. C. Memoirs of 146

Guatemala, Description of the Ruins of
Carey's Geography of America 524

an Ancient City in 329
Castles, Ancient, Views of 50

Gymnastic Exercises, Cause of 624
Character, Outlines of 149

Hannibals Passage over the Alps 443
Charles II. Coronation of 57

Harmonicon, The 59
Chichester, E. Deism compared with Hawkins, Miss, Anecdotes, &c. by 137
Christianity 627

Hayley, W. Life of 538
Christian Knowledge, Report of the So- Heaven and Earth 41
ciety for promoting 618

Heraldic Anomalies 694
Christianity, Deism compared with 627 Highgate Free Grammar School, Ac.
Christian's Duty 343

count of 238
Church of England, Patronage of 247 Hillary, on Preservation from Ship-
Classical Collector's Vade Mecum 346 wreck 617


Index to Reviews.

Hohenlohe, Prince, extraordinary Cure Prison Discipline, Report of the Society
by 623

for improvement of 618
Holden on the Book of Ecclesiastes 144 Prophecies, on the 441
Home, Pleasures of 159

Psalms, new Version of 541
Horæ Romanæ 624

Quentin Durward 448
Horncastle, History of 66

Ravenspurne, History of 139
Humane Society, Royal, Report of 617 Reform, Parliamentary, Strictures on 626
Ireland, Travels in 433

Reid, 7. Travels in Ireland 433
Isabella, a Novel 345

Relics of Literature 159
Jackson's Affection's Victim 159

Retrospective Review, No. XI. 337
Jeffery, F. Letter to 56

Rivington's Annual Register for 1798, 242
Johnson, Dr. J. Life of Hayley 538 Robinson, Dr. History of Enfield 425,
Jones, Rev. J. The Martyrs 440

535, 619
La Fontaine's Fables 247

Russell, Lord J. Don Carlos 245
Langdale's Dictionary of Yorkshire 141 Sabbath among the Mountains 345
Las Cases' Journal of the private Life of Scholefield on the Bible Society 145
Napoleon 55, 253

Scilly Islands, State of 435
Liberal, No. II. 158

Serious Musings 440
London 159

Sermons by Worthington 143. Turnour
Literature, Curiosities of 45, 332

438. Monk 439
Literary Societies, on establishing 541 Shipwreck, on Preservation from 617
London Liberal 159

Shoberl's World in Miniature 346
Looe, History of 233, 330

Slack, Rev, S. on Classical Literature 153
Lord's Prayer, Thoughts on 344

Snape, W. on Nervous Affection 157
Loves of the Angels 41

Soligny's Letters on England 614
Mansion, L. on Miniature Painting 346 Solomon Logwood, Epistle to 59
Marie Antoinette, Memoirs of 239 Spanish Revolution, Review of 66
Marriage, Essay on 540

Stothard, C. A. Memoirs of 250
Martyrs, The 440

Stroud, T. B. Elements of Botany 146
Mason's Political Essays 159

Taxation, Relative 609
Maxwell, C. Beauties of Ancient Elo. ' Technological Dictionary 331
quence 444. The Actress 449

Testament, New, on Greek Original of
Mecklenburg, Letters from 527

Miniature Painting, Art of 346

Thomson's Nursery Guide 159
Monk, Dean, Sermons by 439

Thomson, A. T. Elements of Botany 242
Mont Blanc, Ascent to 626

Thompson, T. History of Ravenspurne 139
Montezuma, a Tragedy 615

T'hyer, R. Butler's Remains 246
Moore's Loves of the Angels 41

Tides, on the Cause of 151
Nation, on the real state of 338, 445 Turner, D. Antiquities of Normandy 335
Neele, H. Poems 622

Turnour, Rev. E. J. Druid's Song 441.
Nervous Affliction, on 157

Sermon by 438
Nichols, J. Progresses of Queen Eliza- Usher's Version of the Psalms 541
beth 531

Vaux, T. on relative Taxation 609
Nicolas's Life of W. Davison 521

Venables, Dr. on Oxalic Acid 346
Normandy, Antiquities of 335

Walker, Sir E. Coronation of Charles 11,57
Nursery Guide 159

Watts, Dr. Miscellaneous Thougbts 445
Oliver, G. Antiquities of Freemasonry A. A. Poetical Sketches 432

Waverley, Author of, illustrated 346
Outlines of Character 149

Weir's History of Horncastle 66
Oxalic Acid, Nature of 346

Wicklow, Guide to 237
Park, J. R. on the Apocalypse 441 Wilkinson, T. on the Prophecies 441
Peace, Herald of 617

Wir's Plain Reasons 346
Peveril of the Peak 48

Wolferstan's Enchanted Flute, &c. and
Philpotts, Dr. Letter to Mr. Jeffery 56 Fables from La Fontaine 247
Polar Sea, Journey to 428

Woodley's State of the Scilly Islands 485
Political Essays 159

Woolnoth's Views of Ancient Castles 50
Polwhele's Essay on Marriage, &c. 540 World in Miniature 346
Pope's Customs and Excise Guide 438 Worthington, Rev. H. Sermons by 143
Porter's Pleasures of Home 159

Wright, G. A. Guide to Wicklow 237
Porteusian Index 157

Yates, Dr. on Church Patronage 247
Press, The 159

Yorkshire, TopographicalDictionaryof141

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[ 662 )


Adams, H. Dictionary of all Religions Daniell, W. Picturesque Voyage round

Great Britain 542
R. Religious World displayed 542 Daniell's Meteorological Essays 450

T. R. Art of Painting on Glass Demosthenes and Eschines, Works of 67

Dibdin's Library Companion 67
Aikin, Dr. J. Memoir of 160

Disappointment, The 67
Artis, E. T. Durobrivæ of Antoninus Dorking, Promenade round 350
identified 543

Don Juan, additional Cantos 160
Baboo Ram Comul's Bengalee Version Doumouriez, Gen. Funeral Oration on
of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary 543

Bakewell's Residence in Savoy, &c. 67

Dove's Tales for my Pupils 430
Beckmann's Ancient Institutions, &c. 67 Dubois, C. on Genera of Shells 450
Bell's Manual of Mutual Instruction 160 Dumpton Cave, Hermit of 67
Biagioli's Decameron of Boccacio 543, Dunlop's History of Roman Literature
Bird's Poetical Memoirs 160

Blakewell's Residence in the Alps 542 Dwight on Education 450
Blore's Monumental Remains 67

Dyer's Privileges of Cambridge Univer-
Boaden's Life of J, P. Kemble 351

sity 290
Bonfigli's Travels in Egypt 161

Edward Neville, a Novel 450
Boone's Poetical Sketch 450

Elegant Extracts in Verse 350
Bowditch's Sketch of the Portuguese Es- Ellis, H. Original Letters 67
tablishment in Congo, &c. 160

Elmes, J. Life of Sir Christ. Wren 160
Brayley, E.W. on Meteorites 450 Emancipation, a Poem 543
Bridgnorth, History of 194

Faber, Rev. G. S. on the Patriarchal,
Britton's Canterbury Cathedral 160 Levitical, and Christian Dispensations
Buckler's Views of Fonthill Abbey 67 160
Bunce, W. Coronation, a Poem 257 Facetie Cantabrigienses 543
Burges, G. The Son of Erin 257

Faden's Map of Spain and Portugal 351
Cambridge Tart 257

Flora Domestica 450
Campan'sMem-virs of Marie Antoinette 67 Fosbroke, J. Affection of the Kidneys 67
Campbell, A. Appeal on behalf of the Foster, Dr. on Atmospheric Phenomena
Church 257

Card's Life of Bp. Burnet 450

France, W. The Faith once delivered to
Carey, Dr. Regent's Classics 160

the Saints 450
F. Bengalee Version of Dr. John. Franklin, Capt. Journey to the Polar
son's Dictionary 543

Sea 257
Carey's Tour in France 450

Gell, Sir W. Tour through tbe Morea 66
Cartwright, Major, English Constitution Glen, Rev. W. Tour from Astrachan to

Karass 66
Cary and Lea's Geography of America Godwin's History of England 67
and the West Indies 257

Gray, W. Remembrance 257
Cassan, Rev. S. H. Episcopi Salisburi. Gurney, G. on Crystallization 542
enses 257

Haslewood, J. Early English Poetry 67
Chalmers, A. Memoirs of the Founders, Hayden, Rev. J. Sermon by 66

&c. of Oxford and Cambridge Univer. Hayley's Memoirs 161
sities 67

Hazelwood Hall 450
Charles II. Memoirs of the Court of 67 Hermit Abroad 67
Church and Clergy, Vindication of 257 Highlanders, Popular Superstitions of 351
Cloutt's Edition of Dr. Owen's Works 350 Hindoos, Essays relative to 257
Collyer, Dr. Scripture Comparison 256 Holst's Musé du Nord 543
Corregio, Life of 542

Horæ Romanæ, 257
Correspondent's Assistant 543

Howitt's Forest Minstrel 257
Countess, The young 543

Hubert, Judgment of 160
Cor, J. H. Harmony of the Scriptures Humboldt, on Superposition of Rocks543
vindicated 449

Hunter, Rev. J. History of the Deanery
Cramp's Tribute of Affection 350

of Doncaster 351
Cruikshank's Points of Humour 450 Hut and the Castle 350
Cruise, Capt. Residence in New Zealand India, Central, Memoir of 450

Ionian, The 257
Cunningham's Mark Macrabin 450 Irving, Rev. E. Appeal for Religion 256

Index to Books Announced.

Isabel de Barsas, 857

Quin, M. Visit to Spain 54%
Jackson, Dr. R. on the Political Organic Rapp, Gen. memoirs of 450
zation of the Human Race 450

Read, J. Words of the Lord Jesus 256
James's Naval History of Great Britain Rents and Tillages, Art of Valuing 16

Ringan Gilhuise 351
Joplin's System of Political Economy Robinson, Dr. History of Enfield 257

Ronald's F. on Electrical Telegraphs 542
King of the Peak, 257

Roscoe's English Version of Sismonde's
Knight, R. P. Alfred, a Poem 257

History of Literature 67
Landor's Conversations of Eminent Ross, J. Transiation of the Gulistan 67
Statesmen 450

Ross, Thoinasina, Translation of Bou-
Landseer's Lectures on Hieroglyphics tenock's Spanish and Portuguese Li-

terature 66
Lathom House, Journal of the Siege 67 Rudge, Dr. Lectures on Genesis 257
Le Keux's Views of Churches 543

Russia, New 257
Liberalism, Essay on 350

Sabbath among the Mountains 67
London, Architectural Illustrations of St. Mary Magdalen College, Oxford, Ar-
the Public Buildings of 160

chitecture and Innovations of 160
Louis XVIII. Journal of his Flight 351 Schleusner, J. F. Novus Thesaurus Phi-
Lounger's Common Place Book, 543

lologico-criticus 67
Macleod, Dr. A. Ellen Gray 543

Scoresby's Voyage to Greenland 68
Marriott, Rev. H. a Sermon by 350 Scott's History of England 66
Marsden's Numismata Orientalia 350 Serjeant B-Life and Travels of 450
Marsh, Bp. Vindication of 257

Skelton's Oxonia Antiqua Restaurata 350.
Martyn, Rev. H. Elegy to 67

Illustration of Oxfordshire 351
Meikleham, R. on heating Buildings, &c. Smith, Sir J. E. English Flora 257

Soldier, Life of 257
Milner, Dean, on Human Liberty 450 Soligny, Count, Letters of 67
Mirth, for Midsummer, &c. 450

Σωματοψυχoνoολογια 67
Monro, Rev. G. Plea in behalf of a Southwell's Mary Magdalene's Funeral
Christian Country vindicated 450

Tears 257
Moore's Life of Sheridan 543

Spurdens' Translation of Longinus 257
Morres, on Claims of Dissenters 257 Stackhouse's Zoodiacal Chart 450
Napoleon Anecdotes 257

Stewart's Collections and Recollections
Nash's Views in Paris 450.

Neale's History of Westminster Abbey Sula Parga, History of 351
350. Views of Churches 543

Sulkowski's Tour in Egypt, &c. 160
Neale, H. Poems by 67

Swan, Rev. C. Sermons by 351
Nichols, James, on the obligations due Taylor's Arithmetical Notation 450
to the early Armenians 450

Tennant, W. Cardinal Beaton 351
Nicolas's Life of W. Davison 257 Thessaly, Flood of 67
Nixon, F. R. History of Merchant Tay Thornton's East India Calculator 450
tor's School 450

Tilloch, Dr. A. on the Apocalypse 351
Oliver, on Muscular Contraction 257 T'ownsend, F. on Baronies by Writ 67
Oliver, G. Antiquities of Freemasonry Turner, S. History of England 67

Two Broken Hearts, a Tale 351
Orme, W. Life of W. Kiffin 351

Ure, Dr. A. Berthollet on Dyeing 543
Overton, on the Apocalyptic Numbers 350 Uvedale's Cbart of the Hebrew Language
Panthemeron, The 160

Parga, History of 351

Vaughan, Rev. E.T. Translation of Lu-
Parliamentary Reform, &c. Strictures on ther on the Bondage of the Will 256

Vaux, T. on relative Taxation 351
Parmegiano, Life of 542

Vincent's Dictionnaire Classique 160
Peterborough, Bp. Vindication of 257 Warner, Rev. R. Illustrations of the No-
Petroni's Gil Blas 160

vels by the Author of Waverley 450
Peveril of the Peak, two Characters in Wate's, A. R. Specimens of the Living

Poets 194, 200. Poetical Sketches 542
Planch, J. R. Shere Afkum 351

West India Colonies, state of 257
Platt, T. P. Catalogue of the Ethiopic Westminster Hall, History of 542

Biblical Manuscripts at Paris 350 Whittingham's Pocket Novelist 257
Portraits, a Cabinet of 350

Wiffen, J. H. Translation of the Works
Pring's Principles of Pathology 160 of Garcilasso de la Vega 160
Progresses of King James 67

Wilkins's Antidote' to Scepticism 450
Pugin's Specimen's of Guthic Architec- Williams's Life of Pbilip Henry 450
ture 160

Willoughby, a novel 257
Quentin Durward 351

Wright's Mercantile Assistant 543

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