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30. Friday, {


27. Tues. Thirsk

half past 6. 4. Sund. Halifax.

28. Wed. Brafferton

.. half past 6. 5. Mond. Sowerby Bridge .half past 6.

29. Thurs. Boroughbridge .

alf past 6 6 Tues.

High Harrowgate ... 12
Brighouse and Illing.
.half past 6

Easingwold.. ..half past 6 7. Wed. Halifax

12, and hf. past 6. 8. Thurs. Luddenden

.half past 6. 9. Friday,Ripponden ..half past 6.

Durham and Northumberland.

Yorkshire, 8c.

18. Sind. Sunderland, &c. June

19. Mond. Ditto...

half past 6. Richmond, Middle

20. Tues. Houghton-le-Spring. ..half past 6. 11. Sund ham, &c.

21. Wed. Monk wearmouth half past 6. 12. Mond Middleham.

half past 6
22. Thurs. C ester-le-Street

half past 6. 13 Tuus. Richmond

half past 6

23. Friday,South Shields .........half past 6. 14 Wed Kirby Ravensworth

.half past 6 15 Thurs. Romaldkirk

half past 6.

25. Sund. Alnwick and Berwick. 16. Friday, Laithkirk

.....half past 6.
26. Mond. Alnwick

27. Tues. Berwick

half past 6. Darlington and Aye

28. Wed. Wooler..

half past 6. 18. Sund cliffe, Barnard Cas

29 Thurs. Wark worth & Blythe ..half past 6. tle and Brough. 19. Mond. Barnard Castle

half past 6.

30 Friday,Bedlington & Morpeth ..half past 6. 20. Tues. Darlington

half past 6.

July 21. Wed. Northallerton.

.half past 6. 22. Thurs Cleveland

1 Sund. { Ovingham and Stam23 Friday, Ditto.

2. Mond. Ovingham..

half past 6.

3 Tues Stamfordham. ..half past 6. 25. Sund Thirsk and Whitby

4 Wed. Cramlington

.half past 6. 26. Mond. Whitby....

.12, and lif past 6.

5. Thurs.


West- Africa Mission - The Rev. G. A sidence of nineteen year's in India, left. Kissling left Sierra Leone, on the 6th of Madras, on account of ill health, on the March last, on board the “ Ruth," Capt. 21st of January; and arrived in London Corrigall, in consequence of ill healthı; on the 2d instant landed at Portsmouth on the 1st instant; The Rev. W. J. Woolcock arrived in and arrived in London the following day. London, from his Station at Cochin, on The Missionaries were in their usual tlie 20th instant. health at the time of his departure.

We regret to learn, by a Letter from the Mediterranean Mission - By a Letter Rev. J. Tucker, dated Madras, Jan. 13, from the Rev. J. R. T. Lieder, dated Caï 1937, that the Lord Bishop of Madras ro, April 22, 1837, we learn that the Rev. has been bereaved of Mrs. Corrie, who C. H. Blumhardt (p. 50) safely arrived died at Madras on the 20th of December at Massowah on the 9th of December last: her remains were interred on the last; and intended to leave, for Abyssinia, following day. on the 17th of that month. The Rev. Ceylon Mission - The Rev. G.C. TrimC. W. Isenberg and Mrs. Isenberg were nell and Family are on their way to Nuwill on the 2d of December.

wara Elia; where they purpose to remain The Rev. S. Gobat, in a Letter dated for two months, for the benefit of their Beuggen, Switzerland, May 13, 1837, in healt!ı. forms us that he sailed from Malta (p. 95) South-Africa Mission — The Rev. F. on the 30th of March, and reached Beug- Owen, in a Leiter dated Cape Town, gen on the 13th of May: his health was March 2, 1837, informs is that he and improved, but precarious.

party arrived in health and safety at the South-India Mission—The Rev. John Cape on that day. Thomas arrived in safety at Madras on I'est-Indies' Mission - The Rev. J.G. the 24th of December last.

Mühlhauser was united in marriage to The Rev. Bernhard Schnid, aster a re Miss Pasché on the 3d of March last.

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From April 20th, to May 21st, 1837.


67 00 Bedford Chapel, Bloomsbury

23 18 0 Camberwell, Peckham, and Vicinity..... 114 12 5 Chelsea : Park Chapel

20 0 0 Clerkenwell: Pentonville Ladies ...

12 1 2 Islington

58 15 9 Ladies : St. Mary's .. 58 15 8 Chapel-of-Ease.......58 2 6

116 18 2 St. Paul's....

7 5 1

182 190 Percy Sunday School Boxes

1 16 10 Rotherhithe.

9 15 0 Southwark Ladies

12 4 9 St. John's, Bedford Row ....

45 14 6 St. Stephen's, Coleman Street

21 12 11


10 14 2 Dorchester

4 5 6 Henley-on-Thames

5 13 2

20 12 10 Shropshire

57 14 1 Surrey : Clapham..

.42 0 0 Ladies..

23 8 6

65 8 6 Mordon

5 19 9 Dorking...........

1 12 6 Egham...

80 0 0

153 09 Sussex : New Shoreham

13 4 0 Warwickshire : Stratford-on-Avon

46 10 0 Wiltshire: Cricklade, Latton Branch

1 17 0 Yorkshire: Holderness, North .

19 0 0 Ripon.....

51 10 0 Whitby

45 16 3

116 6 3

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5 0 0 Bristol

1622 13 2 Buckinghamshire : Great Missenden .........

15 0 0 Mursley.

4 6 9
Pitchcott............. 2 11 10

2 7 6 Whitchurch

0 13 2 Quainton ............ 0 10 10

6 3 4

25 10 1 Cambridgeshire :

Town, Country, & University ..325 00
Tydd St. Giles.

6 0 0

331 0 0 Cheshire: Poynton

O 16 0 Dorsetshire : Lyme and Charmouth.

22 7 8 Essex: Lambourn

10 8 8 Glamorganshire : Swansea

14 00 Hampshire : Portsmouth

18 14 7 Huntingdonshire

39 2 3 Kent:

Bromley and Beckenham .......... 31 4 6 Kent, East

73 2 9 Kent, West : Aylesford..

7 5 0) Blackheath...

40 00 Cranbrook..

...... 24 92 Gravesend.......

15 0 Rochester and Chatham .... 35 0 0 Rolvenden.....

5 13 0 Staplehurst.

12 8 3 Sundries

0 4 7

100 00

204 7 3 Lancashire: Manchester and East Lancashire

249 00 Leicestershire......

150 0 0 Lincoln

55 16 7 Middlesex : Kilburn

15 18 4 Harrow

41 4 2

56 12 6 Monmouthshire : St. Arvan's and Vicinity....

14 13 10 Nottinghamshire. Southwell

27 12 0 Nottingham

85 0 0

112 12 0

BENEFACTIONS. Chichester, Right Hon. Earl of, Presi. dent

.(add.) 25 0 0 Friend, by Miss Eddingford, Gatesford .... 20 0 0 Fryer, Miss, by Rev. J. Fenn

5 0 0 Irvine, Miss, Luddington House, Staines . .250 0 0 Mountsandford, Right Hon. Lord....(add.) 10 0 0 Per“ Record" Newspaper: Bishopp, Dr. and Mrs.......... 50 00

2 0 0

52 0 0 Ponsonby, Hon. John, Cavendish Square, 5 0 0 Simpson, G., Esq , Lincoln's Inn

10 10 0 Smith, Sir Culling Eardley

25 0

( Sprot, Miss F., Clapham Common.......

10 10 0 Wyatt, Mrs., Holloway

10 10 0


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The undermentioned Packages have also been received during the month :

Two Boxes of Toys from Mrs. Doran; a Parcel, containing Fancy Articles, from several Young Persons in the neighbourhood of Shrewsbury, by W. R. Stokes, Esq., for New Zealand; a ditto, containing Frocks, for ditto, from Miss Watkins and Friends ; a Box of ditto, from some Young Children in the neighbourhood of Cambridge, by Rev. W. Caru8; and Two Cases, containing Books, from Rev. W. Carus Wilson, Kirkby Londsdale.

No. 6.]

JUNE, 1837.

[Vol. VIII.



CALCUTTA AND NORTH-INDIA MISSION. From the Twentieth Report of the Calcutta Corresponding Committee, which we have just received, a series of Extracts is here given, exhibiting the enlarged views and operations of the friends of the Society in that Presidency. The account of the Mission is continued from p. 141 of our Volume for 1836.

mittee have many causes of encourage

ment; and they entertain little doubt, The introductory part of the Report that when they shall have given a detail enters more fully than usual into a

of past occurrences, their friends will variety of important topics. In their discover many reasons leading them to

look forward with pleasing anticipations. opening passage, the Committee ad

The Committee, by their Resolutions vert with much feeling to

of the 16th June 1836, have established Past Unmerited Mercies, viewed as a Quarterly Conferences; in which all

Stimulus to Increased Exertion. Missionaries in and about Calcutta are The period has once more arrived for invited to take a part, and in which suglaying before the friends of the Church gestions for the promotion of Missionary Missionary Society the results of ano objects, from their Missionaries and ther year's labours.

friends at a distance from Calcutta, will In somming up those results, more be considered. The first Conference will than a brief notice of which does not take place in January next [1837]. come within the scope of this Report, it is the earnest desire of the Corresponding must attend the measure just alluded

The spiritual advantages which Committee to state each circumstance which has chequered the past year, to, if punctually and wisely followed whether of an encouraging or a depressing up, are too obvious to require further nature, with fidelity and truth.

remark. The Report next alludes to The Committee hasten to recognise, the actual with thanksgiving and praise, their many advantages ; particularly the full tolera

Progress of Conversions to the Christian

Faith. tion for the undisturbed prosecution of Missionary labour, with which, under From more than one quarter, your Divine Providence, the Society has been Committee have encouraging accounts of 80 signally favoured.

the success of the Gospel in the converAt the same time, when they cast a sion of souls. retrospect upon the operations of the Their friends must have marked, with Mission during this period, and call to infinite joy and gladness, the successive mind, that in proportion to those ad- additions to the Church of Christ in Calvantages should have been their own cutta ; and will not have failed to refaithfulness and devotion, their brotherly cognise in one of those converts, who reunion and affectionate co-operation, one cently was admitted to the rite of Baptism with another, in the furtherance of the in the Mission Church, a persecuted youth, glorious work, they are conscious that a who, on his first profession of Christianity, sense of deep humiliation, for their many was forcibly removed by his misguided short-comings, should bow them to the parents ; but in whom the good seed was earth; and that a spirit of prayer, for not sown on stony ground, since, through more zeal and more diligence in future, much suffering, he has been enabled should predoininate over any feelings of once more to throw himself into the arms self-gratulation connected with the past. of his Saviour. For him, and for his

Mingled with such feelings, your Com brethren generally, the Committee would RECORD, June 1837.]


earnestly crave the prayers of the Chris. the Education Report describes as sunk tian community. Young converts in this in the grossest ignorance, will be sucland of Heathenism are beset by many ceeded by a still more earnest craving temptations, and exposed to much per- for that only instruction which can elesecution, from which our tender years vate the national character, and which were happily exempt; and they have alone teaches every duty toward God great need of all the strength and support and man, and, through the blessed Jesus, which our supplications, united with their brings life and immortality to light. own, will assuredly draw down from Him

The subject of Education in India who alone is able to save to the uttermost; naturally leads to the important conand who has promised, Ask, and ye shall sideration, how an adequate proporhave ; seek, and ye shall find ; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.

tion of the educated classes of the

community may be advantageously It is added, concerning the

brought forward, with a view to the Disappearing of Caste,

preparation of Native Catechists and The barriers of Caste are rapidly Missionaries. This subject has ocbreaking down; and the Missionary who cupied much attention, both with the goes forth into the bazaars or villages Home Committee, and the Correto preach the Gospel, while he finds little difficulty in assembling an auditory, sponding Committee at Calcutta. In and in engaging their attention, now

the present Report, the result is so comparatively seldom experiences that fully stated, that it will suffice to vehement and malignant opposition which present our Readers with the followin former times was unhappily prevalent. ing Extracts, exhibiting the

The Corresponding Committee next advert to the important ad- Design and Commencement of a Mission

Seminary. vances made at this Presidency in the

The Corresponding Committee are happy Promotion of Religious and Secular to report, that, within the last few months, Education.

they have been able to carry into partial The increasing spirit of inquiry about effect the directions of the Parent Society Religion, and the advancing desire for with respect to the establishment, in this moral instruction, which is so strongly city, of a Seminary, having for its object manifested by the educated classes of the the training of Native Christian Youths, people, may be mentioned as one of as Catechists in the first instance, and those encouraging symptoms.

eventually, they trust, as Ministers of It is one that is eminently calculated the Gospel. The plan, which they beto cheer the Missionary in his spiritual lieve to be fraught with extensive benefit labours, and, humanly speaking, to give to the Missionary Cause, has been, as him increased facilities in the great work they have stated, but partially deveof evangelizing the Heathen.

loped, for their means are small; but it A deep-rooted prejudice against Reli- is something, to have been permitted, by gious Education is now no longer general; God's

's good providence, to make a benor does that strong antipathy, on the ginning, and to place themselves in a sipart of the people, to sending their youth tuation to take advantage of the critical to be educated at the Mission Schools, state of Native Society arnong the eduwhere the Sacred Scriptures form the cated classes of the rising generation ;basis of instruction, any longer manifest and they are grateful for the day of small itself, to its former extent.

things. The promotion of Secular Education The following passage from a Letter is, also, one of the leading characteristics which the Committee addressed to the of the past year. The state of Educa. Parent Society on the 12th of November tion, generally, has been submitted to a 1834, and of which their late beloved scrutinizing examination ; and your Com Secretary, the Bishop of Madras, kindly mittee indulge a prayerful hope, that, undertook to be the bearer to England, at no distant period, the call for a higher will explain, generally, the principles grade of moral instruction, to ameliorate upon which the Seminary has been the miserable condition of the lower founded, and the hopes which they enclasses, whom the intelligent writer of tertain, in reliance on the blessing of

the Great Head of the Church, that it the Hindoo College, which excludes, by may be rendered a principal instrument a fundamental rule, Christian Miniin the promotion of His Cause :

sters from its Professorships; and that Being fully persuaded of the truth the Lectures delivered by your Tutors of these positions,* while, at the same on Natural and Moral Philosophy, and time, not a doubt arises to affect our con kindred subjects—themes unknown withviction, that the empire of this vast and in the walls of the public institution populous country has been bestowed above named-should prove attractive, upon Christian England in order to its from their excellence, to every inevangelization, and probably to its be- quiring spirit among the unconverted coming the Mother Church from which Youth of Calcutta.” the light of the Gospel will irradiate the In a subsequent part of the same adfarthest extremities of Eastern Asia, we dress, the Committee state :-“All that are most anxious to impress upon your is requisite to the commencement of an Committee our earnest desire that the attempt to realize the splendid objects work of educating Native Youths in this within our view, are, Tutors of piety and city for the Christian Ministry should be learning; and such funds as may enable entered on, under your auspices, without us to maintain them, and to erect suitadelay.

ble buildings for the accommodation of We will gladly undertake the esta their pupils, upon the humblest possible blishment and supervision of a Seminary scale. Strict economy, with respect to of the nature contemplated; the object the diet and clothing of the Youths, is being, to bestow upon the Youths, selected the very essence of our plan, and would for their piety, steadiness, and ability, be so regarded even if our supply of the highest possible religious, moral, and money were unlimited; so that we are intellectual education, while they are under no temptation to undue expense. trained up, in all other respects, in the But we do earnestly crave Tutors of high same temperate and frugal habits as ability, with hearts devoted to the Cause their humblest brethren. By the syste of Christ, and purposing to seek His matic pursuance of this plan, we hope and glory by labouring to confer on others the believe that it will be found practicable necessary qualifications for the ministry to raise up a body of Catechists and of the Word. Talent and learning would Ministers upon a level with the people avail us nothing, if the spirit which inin regard to all their physical wants, duces their devotion to the dissemination while they will possess all the advantages of the Gospel be wanting. The estaover their countrymen, which knowledge, blishment will be under our immediate tempered by a long course of scholastic eye; and no care or vigilance shall be discipline, can confer. Such men will be wanting on our part to ensure its comable to travel from village to village, impas- plete efficiency.” sive to most of those causes which prostrate The Parent Society having cordially European energies in this uncongenial acquiesced in and sanctioned these views, climate; to lodge, without a sense of directing, that, “in order to the prepaprivation, beneath the shed of the poor- ration of Native Youths for Religious est ryot; and to communicate the glad Teachers, and especially with a view to tidings of Salvation in a language and the raising up Ordained Missionaries for idiom intelligible to the most illiterate of the work of the Mission, a Head Semitheir rustic audiences ; while they will nary for the Mission be formed in Cal. be competent, at the same time, to cope cutta for the reception of pious Native successfully with the most learned of Youths; and that they be there placed their idolatrous or Mahomedan country- under a course of instruction calcumen, in every conflict of argument. It lated to qualify them for different deis our ambition, indeed, if our views be partments of Missionary labour, and that honoured with your support, that the in a mode not tending to disqualify them Young Men educated at your Seminary for intercourse with their countrymen, by should prove superior, even as respects an undue change in their habits, as to secular learning, to those brought up at diet, habitation, &c.;"—having promised

to send out, as soon as practicable, a * Referring to the opinion which the Correspond Missionary duly qualified to condact the ing Committee had urged upon the Parent Society, of the hopelessness of evangelizing the millions of

education of the Youths received into this country by unaided European Agency.

the Institution ;--and having earnestly

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