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Brodie, Rev. William, of Trio. Coll., to Denniss, Rev. Edwin Proctor, to the R. the C. of Ewell, Surrey.

of Clifton, Notts. Browne, Rev. D. A., to be the Minister Denny, Rev. Richard, to the P. C. of

of the newly-erected church of the Ingleton, Yorkshire. Holy Trinity, at Salterton, in the Dobinson, Rev. L., of Wadham Coll., parish of Woodbury, Devon.

Oxf., 10 the C. of Twigworth, GlosterBrunwin, Rev.P.M., of St. Peter's Coll., shire.

Camb., to be C. of Chesterford, Dodwell, Rev, G. B., of Clare Hall, Essex.

Camb., to be Second Assist. C. at Bull, Rev. H. J., of St. John's Coll., Finchley, Middlesex.

Camb., to be Assist. C. of St. James Donne, Rev. Benjamin, to the R. of the Gt., Bethnal Green, Middlesex. Hinxworth, Heris. Burr, Rev. G. F., of St. John's Coll., Drury, Rev. Hy., to the V. of Bremhill,

Camb., 10 the C. of Frittenden, Kent. with the Chapelries of Foxham and Byers, Rev. S. B., of St. Peter's Coll., Highway, Wiltshire. Camb., to be Assist. C. of St. John's, Dry, Rev. W. J., of Wadham Coll., Walham Green, Fulham.

Oxford, to the C. of Brightwaltham, Campbell, Rev. John J., to the V. of Gt. Berkshire.

Tew, Oxon. ; pat., N. P. W. Boulton, Easum, Rev. Rob., of Lincoln Coll., Esq.

Oxford, to be Assistant C. of Bocking, Cardale, Rev. G. C., to the C. of Wood- Essex.

Walton, near Sawtrey, Hunts. Eden, Rev. J. P., R. of Redmarshall, to Cave, Rer. W. C. R, V. of Hope, Der- the v. of Stockton-upon-Tees; pat.,

byshire, to the P. C. of Derwent, in Bp. of Durham. the saine county.

Edge, Rev. Chas. Fane, of St. John's Christopherson, Rev. Arthur, to the C. Coll., Camb., to be Assistant C. of

of the Parish Church of Lancaster. St. Andrew, Holborn. Clarkson, Rer. C. R., of Elworthy, to Edgell, Rev. H. Ffolkes, to the C. of

the R. of Ringsfield, with Little Red- Langford Budville, Somersetshire.

isham, Suffolk ; pat.,C. Rowcliffe, Esq. Edwards, Rev. D., to the P. C. of CapCollin, Rev. John, jun., V. of Rickling, pel Garmon, Llarwst; pat. Rev. T. G.

to the R. of Heydon, with Little Chis- Roberts. hall, Essex ; pat., Lord Braybrooke. Egerton, Rev. T., to the R. of Middle,

near Shrewsbury. George's, Douglas, Isle of Man, to the Evanson, Rev. Charles, to the P. C. of C. of Harborough Magna, near Rugby, the newly-constituted district of St. Warwickshire.

Andrew, Montpelier, in the City and Costobodie, Rev. Hugh P., to the V. of County of Bristol ; pat., the Bishop

King's Norton, with Little Stretton C., of Gloucester and Bristol.

Everard, Rev. Salisbury, to the V. of Cowburn, Rev. A., to the R. of Humber, Swaffham, with the R. of Threxton anHerefordshire ; pat., the Queen.

nexed; pat., the Archbp. of Canterbury. Cox, Rev. Charles, to the C. of Chapel Fell, Rev. G. H., of Magdalen Coll., to Allerton, Yorkshire.

the C. of South Moreton, Berks. Cox, Rev. Charles Henry, to the C. of Firminger, Rev. Thos. Augustus Chas., Oulton, Suffolk.

of Pembroke Coll., Cambridge, to the Cursham, Rev. Curzon, to the P. C. of C. of Sittingbourn, Kent.

Hartwell, Northamptonshire, vacant by Fiske, Rev. Geo., late V. of Walsall, to the cession of the Rev. E. R. Pem- the P. C. of Christ's Chapel, St. John's

berton; pat., H. Castleman, Esq. Wood, London. Cuthbert, Rev. W., D.D., F.L.S., Chap- Foster, Rev. John, C. of Kempstow, Bed

lain to the Earl of Airlie, to be Minis- fordshire, to be Domestic Chaplain to ter of Duke Street Chapel, St. James's. the Earl of Sefton. Daniell, Rev. Raymond Saml., of Mag- Fowke, Rev. F., late C. of St. Paul's

dalen Hall, Oxf., to be Assist. C. of St. Church, Wolverhampton, to the In

Leonard's, Shoreditch, Middlesex. cumbency of the new district of Pense De la Hooke, Rev. J., to the C. of Tri- nett, near Dudley.

nity Church, Bridgewater, Somersetsh. Frazer, Rev. Kenneth, to the new Eccle

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siastical District of Astley Bridge, of the Grammar School, Bolton, LanBolton-le-Moors.

cashire. Gee, Rev. W., to the Archdeaconry of Hodgson, Rev. A. Octavius, of Magda. East Cornwall.

len Coll., Oxford, to the C. of Yeovil. Glenie, Rev. John Melville, to the P. C. ton, Somersetshire. of Mark, Somersetshire.

Holt, Rev. Geo., to be Chaplain to the Goodenough, Rev. Sam., Prebendary of Horsley House of Correction, Glou

Carlisle, to the living of Aikton, Cum cestershire. berland,

Hosken, Rev. Cuthbert Edgcumbe, to be Gorton, Rev. John, of Wadham Coll., Minister of the Chapelry of St. Blayse,

Oxford, to be Assistant C. of Harrow. Cornwall. Gray, Rev. Chas. Edwd., to the P. C. of Hoskins, Rev. H. J., of University Coll.,

Princes Risborough, Bucks ; pat., the to the R. of Blaby, Leicestershire. Duke of Rutland.

Huddleston, Rev. Geo. James, to the Green, Rev. James, of Corpus Christi R. of Turnworth, or Tunworth, near

Coll., Camb., to be Assistant C. of Andover.

Howe, Rev. R. Bontein, to be Chaplain Grey, Rev. Henry, late C. of Jarrow, to of H. M. S. “ Eagle.'

the Living of Trent Vale, Stafford - Humphreys, Rev. Robert, of Queen's shire.

Coll., Camb., to the C.of Newborough, Haigh, Rev. John, to the Incumbency of Anglesea.

St. Paul's Church, Huddersfield. Hunt, Rev. Wray R., to the Ministry of Hanmer, Rev. Henry, to the R. of Gren St. Saviour's Church, Liverpool. don, Warwickshire.

Hutton, Rev. Edw., of St. Catherine Harris, Rev. Joseph, of Pembroke Coll., Hall, Camb., to be Assist. C. of St.

Camb., to be Assistant C. of St. Matthias, Bethnal Green.
Peter's, Globe Lane.

Ingram, Rev. Edwd. Winnington, to the Hart, Rev. John, to the P. C. of Soul R. of Stanford-on-Teme, Worcesterbury, Bucks.

shire; pat., Sir T. E. Winnington. Hatchard, Rev. Thos. Goodwin, of Bra Jackson, Rev. Wm., D.D., R. of Low

senpose Coll., Oxford, to be Domes ther, Westmoreland, to be Domestic tic Chaplain to the Marquis of Conyng Chaplain to the Earl of Lonsdale. ham.

James, Rev. Mark Wilks Wm., 10 the Havergal, Rev. Henry E., B. A., Christ C. of Tickenham, Somersetshire.

Church and New Coll., to be Chaplain James, Rev. Henry Daniel, of Magdalen of New Coll., Oxford.

Hall, Oxford, to be Assist. C. of All Havergal, Rev. W. H., formerly R. of Saints, Gordon-square, London.

Astley, to the R. of St. Nicholas, Jenkins, Rev. Wm. James, of Balliol Worcester.

Coll., Oxford, to be one of the DomesHawtery, Rev. Henry Courtney, to the tic Chaplains

to the Earl of Cardigan. C. of Trinity Church, Windsor. Jennings, Rev. Thos. Fryer, to the P.C. Headley, Rev. Wm., of Corpus Christi of Flax Bourton, Somersetshire.

Coll., Camb., to the C. of Hazeleigh, Johnston, Rev. Edw., to the Royal Essex.

Parish of Hampton, Middlesex; pat., Hensman, Rev.John, to the Incumbency the Lord Chancellor,

of Ch. Ch., Clifton, Gloucestershire. Jones, Rev. D., C. of Deptford, Domestic Hill, Rev. Alfred Bligh, of Jesus Coll., Chaplain to the late Lord Saye and

Camb., to the V. of Morebath, Devon Sele, to be Chaplain to the present shire.

Lord Saye and Sele. Hill, Rev. Melsup, of Jesus Coll., Jones, Rev. Francis, P. C. of Moreton

Camb., to the Incumbency of St. Pinkney, Oxfordshire, to be Head MasJohn's Church, Kidderminster; pat., ter of the Grammar School, Uffculme. the Vicar.

Kempe, Rev. Jas. Cory, to the R. Hill, Rev. John Wilbraham, of Brough of Huish, Devonshire ; pats., the Trus

ton, Flintshire, to the Incumbency of tees of Frexfield College. Waverton.

Kewley, Rev. Thos. Rigby, of Magdalen Hodgson, Rev. Diston Stanley, of Corpus Coll., Camb., to be Assistant c. of

Christi Coll., to the Head Mastership Trinity Church, Halstead, Essex,

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Kirby, Rev. Henry Thomas Murdoch, to Coll., Oxfd., to the P. C. of Kentish the C. of Mayfield, Sussex.

Town, St. Pancras, Middlesex. Lawrell, Rev. John, to the Incumbency Philpotts, Rev. W. J., to the Archdeaof St. John's Church, Cove; pat., the

conry of West Cornwall. Bp. of Winchester,

Phabayn, Rev. J. Finden Smith, to the Le Maistre, Rev. Wm. Brine, to the C. V. of Charlton Horethorne, Somersets. of St. Peter's, Jersey.

Poigndestre, Rev. George, to the C. of Lethbridge, Rev. Thos. Prowse, to the Gorey Chapel, Jersey, R. of Draycot Foliatt, Wilts.

Price, Rev. R., to the V. and Parish Ch. Lewis, Rev. Walter Sunderland, to the of Eardisley, Herefordshire; pat., T. C. of St. Werburgh's, Bristol.

Perry, Esq. Lipscomb, Rev. Henry Curtis, to the C Prior, Rev. John Laurence, to the C. of of St. Mary, Lambeth.

Monmouth. Loundes, Rev. Richd., of Christ Church, | Puckle, Rev. B. Hale, of St. Peter's Coll.,

Oxford, to be Assist. C. of Heydon, Cambridge, to the C. of Little Brickwith Little Chishall, Essex.

hill, Bucks. Lowder

, Rev. Chas. Fuge, to the Chap-Pugh, Rev. J. B., to the Head Masterlaincy of the Axbridge Union Work- ship of the Free Grammar School of house.

Queen Mary, Walsall, with the InMalan, Rev. Solomon Cæsar, to the C. cumbeney of St. Paul's, in the same of Crowcombe, Somersetshire.

town. Masters, Rev. Geo., of Worcester Coll., | Ralph, Rev. J., late Chaplain of the

Oxford, to the C. of All-Hallows, Model Prison, Pentonville, to the V. London.

of Adlingfleet, Yorkshire; pat., the Meade, Rev. Wm., of Balliol Coll., Ox- Lord Chancellor.

ford, to the C. of Walton, Somersetsh. Rawstorne, Rev. W. E., Student of Melville, Rev. D., to the Rectories of Christ Ch., to the R. of Galby, Lei

Shelsley Walsh, and Shelesley Beau- cestersh; pat., G. A. Legh Keck, Esq. champ, Worcestershire.

Reeve, Rev. E. Jas., of St. Peter's Coll., Mills, Rev. Robert Twyford, 10 the V. Cambridge, to be Assist. C. of Ide of Halse, Somersetsbire.

Hill, Kent Morgan, Rev. Wm., of Queens' College, Reynolds, Rev. J. Collett, to the R. of

Cambridge, to be C. of the Cathedral Beeston St. Andrew by Norwich ; Church of Bangor.

pat., F. R. Reynolds, Esq. Morgan, Rev. Edmund J., of Wadham Rhoades, Rev. James Peter, to the C. of

College, Oxford, to be Assist. C. of Trinity Walcot, Somersetshire. Trinity ch., St. Giles's in the fields. Richards, Rev. Wm. of New Inn Hall, Mountain, Rev. J. G., to the C. of to the C. of Theale, Berks. Clewer, Berks.

Roberts, Rev. John, to the R. of StockNash, Rev. Fred. Gifford, of Pembroke linch Magdalen, Somersetshire.

College, Camb., to be Assist. C. of Robinson, Rev. J. J., to the R. of Losa Clavering-with-Langley, Essex. tock, Cheshire. Neale, Rev. R., formely C. of Christ Robinson, Rev. Thos. James, C. of St.

Church, Bradford, to the C. of St. Thomas's Church, Birmingham, to the Matthew's, Brixton.

C. of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestsh. Newby, Rev. Geo., of St. John's Coll., Rogers, Rev. Foster, to the C. of Bright

Camb., to the R. of Wickham, Durham. well, Suffolk; pat., Sir J. K. Shaw, North, Rev. Isaac, to the Incumbency of Bart. Trinity Church, Greenwich.

Rogers, Rev. T., late C. of Stainsland, Nutting, Rev. George Horatio, to the C. Yorkshire, to the Chaplaincy of Nora of Charlinch, Somersetshire.

folk Island, in the dio. of Tasmania. Palmes, Rev. Wm. Lindsey, of Trinity Rust, Rev. G., of Pemb. Coll., Oxf., to

Coll., Camb., to the C. of St. Helliers, be Assist.C. of St.Giles's in the Fields Jersey.

Ryle, Rev. Frederick Wm., to the C. of Partridge, Rev. W. Edwards, to the R. Alverstoke, Herts.

of Horsenden, Bucks; pat., the Duke Sanford, Rev. Edward Ashford, to the of Rutland.

C. of West Buckland, Somersetshire. Paul,Rev.R.B.,formerly Fellow of Exeter Sankey, Rev. Philip, of St. John's Coll., Oxford, to the C. of Trinity Chapel, Tyler, Rev. Owen Blath wayle, to the C. Ash, Kent.

of Paulton, Somersetshire. Saunders, Rev. John, Domestic Chaplain Vachell, Rev. Geo. Harvey, to the R. of

to the Duke of Cambridge, and R. of Foulness, vacant by the death of the the united parishes of St. Mary Mag- Rev. J. Knight. dalen and St. Gregory-by-St.-Paul's, Vansittart, Rev. C., to the P.C. of Mar. (vacated,) to the R. of St. Luke's, Old- ket-st., Herts ; pat., D.G. Adey, Esq. street-road, Middlesex.

Vaughan, Rev.C.T., R. of St. Martin's, Seen, Rev. H., to the R. of Wokingham, Leicester, to the Head Mastership of Kent.

Harrow School. Sheppard, Rev. C. A., to the C. of Great Wake, Rev. Baldwin, to the V. of KetMilton, Oxfordshire.

ton with Tixover, Rutlandshire. Sheppard, Rev. H. Winter, 10 the In- Walcott, Rev. Mackenzie E. C., of Exe

cumbency of St. James's, Emsworth, ter Coll., Oxford, to be Assist C. of Hants ; pat. Rev. W. Norris.

Trinity Church, Tredegar-sq., Stepney. Shurt, Rev. Theodore, B.A., to the C. of Walton, Rer. D. N., to the C. of Perry

of Southery, near Downham-market, Barr, Handsworth. Norfolk.

Ward, Rev. Randall, to the Incumbency Smith, Rev. J. B., D.D., Head Master of St. Mark's Church, Jersey ; pat.,

of Horncastle Grammar School, to be the Dean of Jersey. one of the Domestic Chaplains to the Watson, Rev. A., of St. Catherine's Hall, Duke of Newcastle.

Cambridge, to the Chaplaincy of her Stevenson, Rev. Jos., M.A., Examining Majesty's ship“ Actæon."

Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Wor. White, Rev. C. H., of Oriel Coll., Oxfd., cester, and R. of St. Nicholas, Wor- to the C. of Timberscombe, Somersetcester, to the Rectories of Hallow and shire. Grimley, vacant by the promotion of Wilson, Rev. W., of Wadham College, the Rev. W. J. Philpotts, M.A., to the Oxford, to be Assist. C. of Staines and Archdeaconry of Cornwall.

Laleham, Middlesex. Swete, Rev. John D., to be Chaplain of Wood, Rev. R. F., to the C. of St. Bristol Gaol.

George's, in the Isle of Man. Sweeting, Rev. H., to the Living of Botus Woolcombe, Rev. Louis, M. A., to the Fleming, Cornwall.

R. of Petrockstow, Devon; pat., Lord Symonds, Rev. George Edward, to the Clinton.

C. of St. John the Evangelist, Bristol. Wren, Rev. T., of St. John's College, Sworde, Rev. T., R. of St. Peter's, Thet- Cambridge, to be Assist. C. of Great

ford, to be Domestic Chaplain to his and Little Chesterford, Essex.

Grace the Duke of Grafton.
Tattam, Rev. H., R. of St. Cuthbert's,

Bedford, to be Archdeacon of Bed- CLERGYMEN DECEASED. ford.

Aston, Rt. Hon. and Rev. Lord, at Taylor, Rev. T., Head Master of the Tardebigg.

Grammar School of Prince Henry, at Bayley, Rev. Wm. Fred., Canon of Evesham, to the Mastership of the Canterbury, and V. of St. John's, Grammar School at Colwall, near Mal

Thanet. vern, and to the P.C. of Little Malvern. Bennett, Rev. Thos. Leigh, late V. of Tickell, Rev. Edward Arthur, to the C. Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, and Inof Thurloxton, Somersetshire.

cumbent of the parishes of Nettlebed Townsend, Rev. James Smith, to the and Pisbill, Oxfordshire. P. C. of Brushsord, Devon.

Breeks, Rev. John, V. of Carisbrooke, Tryon, Rev. Chs. Alsager, of St. John's Isle of Wight.

College, Cambridge, to be C. of Wil- Charleton, Rev. Rob. John, D.D., V. lingale Doe and Willingale Spain, of Olveston, or Bristol. Essex.

Davis, Rev. Richd. Francis, D.D., R. Tucker, Rev. Wm. Geo., of Emmanuel of Pendock, in the county, and of All

College, Cambridge, to the Chaplaincy Saints', in the city, of Worcester. of her Majesty's ship “ Ceylon," for Dickes, Rev. Thos., Senior Fellow and service at Malia.

President of Jesus Coll., Camb., and

R. of Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire; | Murray, Rev. Chas., R. of Ashe, near pats., Jesus Coll., Camb.

Overton, Hants. Frome, Rev. Geo. Clutterbuck, R. of Nash, Rev. Johu, of Corpus Christi

Pucknole and Winterbourn Clenston, Coll., Camb., at Lower Clarendon, Dorsetshire.

Jamaica. Gardener, Rev. Fred., R. of Lanvethe- Parsons, Rev. Henry, M.A., R. of Goatrine, Monmouthshire.

hurst, nr Bridgewater, and a PrebenGibson, Rev. Thos., V. of Barton, West. dary of Wells Cathedral. moreland.

Ray, Rev. Wm. Carpenter, V. of BoreHalliday, the Rev. E. T., at Yarde- ham, Essex, and Pakenham, Sufhouse, Taunton.

folk. Harrison, Rev. Thos. Bernard, R. of Sheepshanks, Ven. John, Archdeacon of Little Bardfield, Essex.

Cornwall, V. of the united parishes of Hebson, Rev. Hen., formerly of Queen's Gluvias and Budock, and" P. C. of

Coll., Oxford, at Ousley, nr Peorith. Trinity Church, Leeds.
Hunt, Rev. Wm., M.A., V. of Castle Smith, Rev. Abel, Resident Master of
Cary, Somerset.

the Grammar School in Hanley Hunter, Rev. Robt., M.A.

Castle. Jaw, Rev. John, V. of Bradworthy with Symonds, Rev. Thos., V. of Ensham, Pancraswhye, Devonshire.

Oxon. Jones, Rev. Thos., Minister of Creaton, Vaux, Rev. Wm., Prebendary of WinNorthamptonshire.

chester Cathedral. Mason, Rev. John, V. of Hayton, and Watkins, Rev. H., V. of Silkstone, P. C. of West Burton.

Yorkshire, and Buckingham, Notts.



Bachelors of Arts R. Stockdale,

Alban Hall; F. Gilbert White, Lincoln ; January 4th.

J. Spearman Wasey, Trinity. Christ Church. On the 24th ult.,

January 25. Messrs. Charles Rich and Charles J. In a Congregation holden on Thursday Fuller were admitted Actual Students of last, the following degrees were conChrist Church, having been elected from ferred :Westminster School in May last. At Doctor in Divinity:-Rev. R. Briscoe, the same time the following gentlemen Fellow of Jesus. were admitted Canon Students-viz. : Masters of Arts.- Rev. J. Mason, Messrs J. E. Coulson ; E. Renn Hamp- New Inn Hall; Rev. J. Morewood den; F. Trevelyan Buckland; John G. Gresley, St. Mary Hall; W. H. Awdrey, D. Engleheart; F. Pigot Johnson; and Magdalen Hall; Rev. F. H. Murray, H. T. Whateley.

Student of Ch. Ch.; R. Bickerton January 18th.

Penell Lyons, Ch. Ch.; Rev, R. AltIn a Convocation holden on Tuesday, wood H. Stroud, Wadham; Rev. J. the Rev. R. Parkinson, M.A., of Trinity Bellamy, Fellow of St. John's; Rev. J. College, Dublin, was admitted ad Grain Brine, Fellow of St. John's; Rev. eundem.

H. Harris, St. John's; Rev. H. Pigot; At the same time the following degrees G. J. Piccope, and Rev. E. Pedder, were conferred :

Brasennose ; Rev. S. W. Wayte, Fellow Doctor in Divinity.-J. A. Emerton, of Trinity; Rev. G. Goodenough Hayter, Magdalen Hall.

Oriel ; W. Popham, Oriel; J. Lea, WorMasters of Arts.- Rev. W. Grey, cester. Magdalen Hall; W. H. Scott, Fellow Bachelors of Arts.-Chichester S. of Brasennose; Rev. Howard Ashworth, Fortescue, Student of Ch. Ch., Grand Oriel ; Rev. H.Davis Heatley, St. John's. Comp. ; Beckford Bevan, Ch. Ch.,

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